Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Give it to me straight

You children can be brutally honest without even knowing what they're saying. If you ask Baylor a question, he will pretty much say what he's thinking. He told me the other day that he didn't like my shirt....okay, fair. Fortunatly Brody can't speak yet or I'm sure he'd be giving his opinion on my attire too. I think the whole world should operate with this mentality, not say what you're thinking (that could get your in a heap of trouble)....just be honest in a loving way. Like when you ask your husband if these jeans make my butt look big and he answers, "no, dear of course not you're skinny, " It's what you want to hear, but is it really what you want to hear? I think it might hurt but I'd rather hear, "actually they make your butt look a little plump, maybe you should hit the gym...oh, and I'll watch the boys!" I try to give it to people straight, be transparent and tell it like it is. Like when you have your first child, the things they never tell you!! They make it seem like a walk in the park and you'll come home with this perfect bundle of joy (which you do) that never cries (not gonna happen) and is cute (looks more like an alien than a baby) Then the baby gets older and starts smiling (and not sleeping) and crawling (and eating dog food) and eating solid foods (and puking them back out on your new shirt) and so on and so forth. They also don't tell you what a huge blessing your children are, because no one can prepare you for that, but it's the most amazing feeling in the world....being a mom. When your baby grabs your face and tries to eat your nose...priceless. Even through the tough times (like right now when Brody has decided to take 30 minute afternoon naps.!!!!) you still love your kids more than anything and can't imagine life without them. Even when I feel like a prisoner in my own house sometimes, I can't even imagine leaving my kids somewhere, I can't even leave them at church sometimes!! I started a journal of "why I like being a mom" and try to write down all the little moments, even if they're small, of why I love my job :) For example, when I get Brody in the morning and he looks up and me and laughs and smiles....love it! and when Baylor gives me kisses and says I love you mommy...love it!!! So next time someone asks you a question, hopefully you'll answer honestly, but lovingly :)

Today's adventures include: painting a huge box to look like a house for Baylor's dinosaurs, making a chocolate cheesecake (I broke down) and folding/putting away the major pile of laundry building up in our bedroom. I plan on taking Baylor outside in the snow (we're supposed to get about a foot) later tonight and maybe head to the library.

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Crazy Mom said...

Your boys are adorable. Two of them are always an adventure...wait til they're 2 and 4, the fun NEVER stops!!! (speaking from Experience).

You seem like such a great mom. Thanks for keeping me inspired!