Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Great Sitter Search

Holy cow. This is why we never go anywhere. Finding a babysitter. I am very spoiled and very lucky to have my mother close so she can watch the boys at a seconds notice. I did not know how hard it was to find someone to watch two sleeping kiddos. It turns out that both Lonnie and I are going to gone tonight and mom is not available. I started my search a few days ago, silly me. I should have started a month ago. So desperate for adult conversation and good music (it's band night!) plus I'm not supposed to miss rehearsals if at all possible (and darned if I was going to's my only night out!!) I had to unleash the dogs this morning....go on a mad sitter hunt. I called everyone I could think of and even had my band director looking for college kids to watch them. I was beginning to think that I would be spending my night like every other night these past two home....with my doggies....and two sleeping boys....playing scrabulous with Kort. (Lonnie has had late practices by the way...he still lives here...I think) Then, when I was about to throw in the towel, BAM! Three people called in a row that could babysit!! Hooray. Praise God. Way too much stress though. Another positive...Brody was only up once and he put himself to sleep on his own for his afternoon nap (this is big folks) Granted, he only slept for twenty minutes. Floors are clean, couches are de-haired, dishes done and laundry is drying! Take that! (invision me doing the sweatpants dance right now!) Oh yea!!! Baylor actually walked upstairs after lunch and said, "I'm going to go check for butterflies mom." Which is what we do before we go to sleep because for some strange and unexplainable reason, he thinks there are butterflies under his bed.....and I'm pretty sure the last time I checked, butterflies weren't deadly or scary (but maybe to a two year old they are) We read one book and he said, "goodnight." holy cow. There is silence in this house...actually, a little dance music for me playing in the background.

A friend told me this morning that in six weeks we'll be in April, which is very true. What a good way to look at it. Instead of counting the icky cold snowy days, think that in the time it takes to heal a bone...we'll have warmer weather and easter eggs! I got a great magazine today in the mail with pretty flowers and a picnic outside, which made me long for spring..heck, even summer! It will be here soon enough, so I will not sulk inside (okay, maybe whine just a little inside) but I'll make the best of what we got. Sunday will be great snow dino making weather, I'm thinking this time I might try a giant fish or lion. There is so much snow, I might even make myself a little igloo.

I also tried this new thing called GOOT. Garlic Olive Oil Treatment. Pretty cool, kind of smelly (if you like the smell of garlic bread you'll love it) but you mix olive oil, minced garlic, coconut oil together, strain and cool in fridge. Then you put it on your tootsies. It's supposed to help with all sorts of ailments like colds, tummy aches, etc. The garlic is good for you and so is the oil. I have rubbed it on Brody and myself and I can actually tell a difference. Pretty cool stuff. Thanks Janice!!

Have a delightful Thursday...almost Friday.

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