Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grocery shopping heaven

Three words.



I may be one of the most creative people you know when if comes to artsy craftsy decorating fun, heck...give me a cardboard box and I'll give you twenty different toys you can make out of it. Unfortunatly, when it comes to the creativity in the mind goes a blank. I make meal plans and detailed grocery lists and then when I get inside the store...BAM! I panic....throwing random food into the cart, dismissing lists and staring at boxes and cans like I'm in preschool learning to read. I do the same thing with the fridge. I just can't seem to put food together or think of what to have for dinner. It's not that I can't cook, although I prefer baking :) but you can't eat cake for every meal. I also have plenty of resources. I have food in my fridge and just don't know what to put with what to make a meal....grrrrr Must be a gene I'm missing...just like getting lost in my hometown ( I can't find my way out of a paper bag) Plus, people are grumpy when it's cold out and find that freezing their booties off is an excuse to use their shopping cart as a weapon. All I wanted was to get to the green beans, lady......

It's cold....really cold. Looks like tomorrow will be stay in warm P.J's all day day. Slippers and coats all around. Spring where are you? Both boys took good naps while I was out (of course) for dad. Not looking forward to next two weeks, Lonnie has late practices so I'll be putting both boys to bed alone, one of my least favorite activites. One, it's not exactly fun to chase naked two year old while screaming sixth month old wants to nurse and two, Lonnie and I really enjoy putting them to bed by reading, snuggling and spraying for monsters, bears and other large scary creatures. I'll survive, but not so much looking forward to it!!


Crazy Mom said...

Usually I have to grocery shop with all 3 kids. I have to go in spurts since 2 kids go in the cart so not much room for groceries.

The simple things, such as grocery shopping alone...or wandering aisle after aisle at Target....Bliss.

Wish we could stay in and in our jams today. Unfortunately, there's the whole preschool 3 days a week thing... BUMMER!!!

Good luck w/ the cold weather and cooking....

Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

You take dessert, Keri. I'll take care of the main meal. I can't bake worth a damn. Go team!