Friday, February 29, 2008

Is this heaven? No, it's called sleep.

Amazing. I'm pretty sure I forgot what sleep felt like...even to have him sleep for more than four hours..BUT the whole night, amazing!!! I'm still not sure what clicked in his abnormally small head, but I'm not going to ask questions, just continue thanking Jesus. His new name is snaggle tooth, because he has just one of the top teeth and slightly resembles a hillbilly. He also has this amazing head of puffy fuzz, which is starting to turn more blond. My hair on the other hand keeps getting darker with each child (and we won't talk about Lonnie's hair, even though I find grey hair very sexy)

This morning was play date (my day off!!) but we had to play musical car. So Baylor is playing (with a bunch of younger girls..way to go son!) Brody is sleeping, I'm at home with him, Lonnie is running errands before he leaves for the weekend conference track meet, then back to pick me up, drop him off, pick Baylor up....etc These are the morning that I wish we had another car...or a mo-ped :) I'm seriously considering getting fun would that be. I've always wanted to be a biker chick in leather and lots of tattoos (don't ask) but I'll have to settle for the less harsh version of a mom with a mo-ped. I want a huge orange flag on the back, and a basket and I want a skull cap helmet and goggles! It would be perfect for running errands in town, or maybe I would let Lonnie borrow it and go to work. We could save on gas and stress of playing musical car. Maybe we should just buy a front loader and then we could dig out of all this snow! We are four inches from the record of the most snow

Well, I must return to Mt.Laundrymore (it somehow reappeared) I told Lonnie he should just turn his underwear inside out and he could get another day out of it...he wasn't too thrilled. It's Friday! It's me and the boys tonight and tomorrow, with Lonnie gone for Conference track. Can you believe they start outdoor track soon? Looks like they'll be doing more digging than running. Have a great weekend!

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Crazy Mom said...

Two words girlie- Mini and Van. Don't fight it. Learn to love it. I did both (fought it and learned to love it). (Let go of the biker chick fantasy....)

Yay for sleep! I'm sure it totally does wonders for your "Momfidence" eh? Ya'll look so happy in this photo. I could never get one of me w/the boys like that.

And yes, in a very clinical sense, play doh is therapeutic. I use it in therapy sessions all the time, as do OT's. Great for fine motor development!!! :-)

Keep smiling and posting about your adventures. The snow will melt soon and then we can read all about what there is to do outside in Iowa! (Unless it's a really rainy spring and summer and it's MOIST out all the time! Ha!)