Monday, February 11, 2008

It's snowing....again.

Watch out look into those baby blues and batting of the long lashes and you'll be butter...Seriously. Could we stop with the snow already? I won't be able to find Baylor in the backyard soon, I'm already having a hard time finding the dogs :) We're expecting another 3-6 inches on to of the 18 inches already on the ground. Global warming my butt.
Today we reside inside with piles upon piles of toys, blankets, snacks and books surrounding us. We are listening to mom's "dance mix" that features an assortment of songs from Coolio to Grits to Run DMC (don't worry, no naughty words) We've already had a picnic on the living room floor and I got crafty and busted out the sander and started a few of my projects that couldn't wait until spring. I get major crafty fever in winter and bust out all of the paint, sewing machine, spray paint, sanding blocks, nails, glue, etc and go to town.
Brody actually made great strides today in his crawling and we practiced saying mama all weekend...but it sounds more like ba ma ah ba ba...hey, I'll take what I can get. Baylor said ball, dog and dada way before mom, I see where his priorities were. I did get a shower this morning and decided to put my pajamas back on...hooray for the sweatpants dance!! You laugh now, but when you have kids, you'll realize how precious bathing true, so true. I also blew up the inflatable bath turtle for Brody since he's sitting better, but not well enough to risk his life with his big brother in the tub. Both boys got a kick out of sitting in it and once again, Brody tried to eat it. He also loved playing with Baylors fake food...see questionable photo below. I'll let you judge for yourself and then giggle.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Wasn't it not to long ago when you mentioned that it is "freaking Iowa." And, that our neighbors in Minnesota don't complain when they get snow and cold??!!

Well, it's Iowa! And we have snow and cold!