Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just sit and stare

That's what I did. Sat and my two sleeping boys in the backseat. It was one of those perfect mom moments. No crying, no whining, just pure amazing silence in their perfect peaceful slumber. I soaked up every second I could. I'm pretty sure I sat in the car for about ten minutes. How wonderfully amazing they are. They are two of the most perfect gifts....and even nicer when sleeping :) I love watching them sleep..and since we all know that rarely happens, this was the icing on the cake. My God, He trusts me with them? Am I doing a good job? Am I doing things right? No time for regrets, must work on the future....that happens to be sitting in the backseat sleeping peacefully right now. *deep breath and sigh*

Please pray for our future and doing God's will without interjecting my own agneda. How amazingly hard it is to pray for God's will, when you so desperatly want things to go the way you want.

The boys, my mom and I went to Sam's Club this morning. What a crazy store...these people are nuts...and die hard bulk shoppers. Where else can you go and buy an enormous (and by enormous, I mean you can't get your arms around it) bin or cheese balls, a trampoline, enough laundry detergent for six months and sample your way through lunch on toothpicks and ladies with crazy white hair nets. No, I would not like to sample your terryaki salmon on a stick thank you. Once again, crazy people using abnormally large carts as weapons...on a Saturday when the majority of people are grumpy (except for our checkout lady, she was a ray of sunshine, I wanted to hug her, but I refrained) . I only bought diapers.....and socks (trust me, needed the socks)......and wine (needed that too) What an adventure, but then again anytime I leave the house with both kids is always an adventure.

Date night...t-minus 19 hours and counting....hooray. Red Lobster here we come. Can't wait.


Sharon said...

i love reading your blog. oh, did i say that last time i left a comment? it is fun to read about your day and your thoughts of life as a domestic goddess. and yes, you are doing a great job, keri. there is no one right way to do it. and when we screw up, we confess it, apologize and let God do the work of redeeming it. yeah, kids are one of our greatest's still too amazing for us most days. you are one of those blessings! oh do i remember the days....but then that's another blog. hang in there, dear friend.

Brianna said...

First of all, this is Bri- I was debating how to let you know it was me since I don't have an account, and then it dawned on me-oh I could just say it is Bri...Oh my goodness my students must be draining my brain. (And I just scrolled down and found out I can use my google info, but I am not deleting all that typing!)Anyhow- my mom loves Sam's Club and Costco (which I tease her about), but I found out much to my dismay that it must be genetic, because I distinctly remember being excited when Kort said something about Costco in Colorado Springs :) I guess it grows on you!