Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Look mom, I'm sleeping....

Riiiiiight. Is that a smile I see Baylor? What a happy kid to be smiling in your sleep :) He also decided to put "space hats" on himself and his little brother.

Let's see...rundown of morning adventures....

1. Painted wooden train found at goodwill for 1.50....more paint on Baylor, chair and table than train. He found it more entertaining to paint the newspaper (it was the obituaries, he liked painting their faces...sorry Mildred)

2. Re-arranged more furniture....gosh darn it...can't get outside so I have to do something to spice it up in here every once in a while. I'm going to write a book someday...124.6 ways to rearrange your house in a week.

2.5 I tried to read a little bit of a magazine, but Baylor tells me, "mom, put that magazine down!" Sorry kid.

3. Dishes.....Mt.Laundrymore....seriously, how many more clothes can a man wear in a week? I like wearing jeans until they can stand up on their own :)

4. Cookie for breakfast before the healthy whole grain oatmeal and almonds....yum.

5. Brody took power nap BUT he slept for 10 straight hours!!!! That is one for the record books.

6. Played hide-n-seek (or more like just hide) with Baylor and then he "made" me lunch in his new kitchen set

7. Looked at the dirty floor and walked right past the mop

8. Lunch...grapes, bananas, easy mac, carrots (which were gagged and spit out...but at least he tried) Brody liked them though.....maybe I'll raise one good eater.

9. Went through Baylor's pants and shirts...I swear this kid grew over night, he had a few high water jeans and tiny tees in there.

10. Saved Brody from the stairs...yes, the stairs...he's found the stairs!!! Yikes.

This afternoon, after naps is Library and post office....if it's not too cold...which I believe it is. The library is only two blocks away, but without a car in winter it becomes quite the adventure. Since there is about ten feet of snow piled up to our mailbox, we've had to get our mail at the post office, which isn't bad, we just keep forgetting to pick it up. I was telling Lonnie how I feel like I'm in the movie Groundhog Day...you know, when he wakes up every day and it's the same day over and over and over again.......I'm not complaining, because I'd much rather have that then get up and take my kids to daycare, but I can see why mom's minds turn to mush quicker than most :)

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Crazy Mom said...

1 thing I learned from my kids...when you hear a toilet flush followed by an "Uh Oh" it is never a good sign....