Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mall Rats

Brody helping me with the laundry....actually eating the laundry basket is much more fun.
With Lonnie gone on the weekends for track meets, I run out of fun and interesting things to entertain a toddler with. We went to dollar general this morning, but I always go in for milk and come out with pillows, a stegasaurus, kit-kat bar and tupperwear....that's how they get ya! So I was about ready to ship Baylor off to Aubudabi first class and decided to head to the mall where they have a germ infested play area. I totally psyched myself up for the trip (thinking, YOU CAN DO THIS!) , bundled the kids up, packed the diaper bag and headed to the mall. Bad idea. Let me give you a brief rundown on how our evening went.

1. Got to mall. Windchill in the negatives. Couldn't open stupid stroller...freezing butt off. Kids screaming.
2. Thought ahead, brought .50 cents for train. ONLY brought .50 cents for train. Mad toddler.
3. Play area fun. Gigantic toothbrush. Baylor actually licked it. Sick tomorrow for sure.
4. Got hit on by two guys (Seriously...I was carrying two kids!!!) But big confidence booster.
5. Fast toddler. Running faster than mom through Baby Gap. Passed up great clearance rack.
6. Angry toddler...not wanting food...wanting ice cream for dinner. FINE. Spills ice cream on new shirt.
7. Leaving mall. Throwing fit. ENTIRE mall watching me. Time out on park bench. Laying screaming on bench. Me ignoring. Lost hat. Found hat. Didn't want hat anymore.
8. Leaving mall. Crying. Got to push button to open door...happy now.

And so on and so forth. I did get out of the house and we did actually have fun, but I do not reccomend with two kids during dinner time. That is why I am a prisoner in my own house sometimes :) Can't wait for Lonnie to get home!!!! I missed him.

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Crazy Mom said...

Oh my gosh girl, you are preachin' to the choir on this one. Sometimes our best plans to entertain the little ones and get US out of the house....Well...not such good ideas.

I still find it so amusing that states away life for moms isn't so very different. My husband sometimes leaves at 4:30a.m., and returns around 8 p.m., so I feel like a single mom (ie: the entertainment committee counting down the minutes until daddy gets home!).

Keep strong. You are so good at what you do!!!