Friday, February 22, 2008

Nap Nazi and Man-date

Yes, it's true. I have become what I said I would never become...the nap nazi. I plan my day around my children's nap and sometimes...yes, sometimes don't leave the house because it will interfere with Brody's morning, but very sacred nap. Oh dear. I will now try to defend the reasoning behind my nap crazed life. You see, when Brody misses his morning nap the whole darn day is totally thrown off. Missed morning nap...takes early afternoon super-di-douper cranky all afternoon and evening (especially when fixing dinner) Then he gets overtired and wakes up more at night (not that is a big surpise to anyone) So I guess, until he is down to one nap in the afternoon, I will be the nap nazi. Who knew that your life would be controlled by a sixth month old who rarely sleeps anyways!
Baylor and his daddyeo went on a Man-date tonight. (you have to say it in a very manly voice too) Yes, you heard me It was precicely that.....manly (trying to make up for the play kitchen in bright pink that someone let us borrow for a while...hey, the kid likes to cook!) So they went and did manly things like shop at the hardware store for new garbage cans (ours froze to the ground and then split down the middle and we can't find the lids under two feet of ice and snow) then they went to the video store and Lonnie grabbed the most manly movie that was available...300 (I said manly, not the best) Lots of fighting, gnashing of teeth, blood, sweat and testosterone (Baylor and I will be long in bed before this gets going) Then, after their fill of power tools and hardware, they did what any normal manly man would do....get ice cream. I asked them to bring me some home....I got Baylor's left-over melted sundae...thanks guys. They had a great time and I got to spend some quality time with my mama. We drank tea, looked at girlie magazines, talked kids and baby poop. Nothin better to end the day than talking about the consistancy of your son's stools. Priceless.

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Sharon said...

i LOVE reading your blog...very entertaining. and yes, amazing but true, a baby can rule one's life. you are my hero, keri!!