Friday, February 1, 2008


No. They say the average toddler hears that word a staggering 400 times a day!!! Good grief! I'm pretty sure that is true in our house but instead of Baylor hearing it, I seem to be getting the raw end of the deal and have to hear that ugly word over and over again..."No!!" grrrrrrrr We have entered the defiance-is-my-middle-name stage. We've drawn the line and Baylor has stuck his big toe over it. No one ever said parenting would be easy and there is no simple solution to life's little battles, such as the overuse of the word, NO. The spankin spoon, naughty chair and time-out in your room have been getting a lot of use lately, but they seem to work...especially when you use all three together :) I'm sure we'll look back and laugh later when Baylor is in high school and is arguing with us about his curfew and we stressed out about his use of the word NO.
Brody has lovingly been dubbed, " mr. happy" which amazes me based on the amount of (or lack therof) sleep he gets. He just giggles, smiles and makes super cute baby noises when I try to explain that sleep is good for him. He has also entered the grab anything and everything stage. I was letting the dogs out the other day and had Brody in my arms (facing out) and went about ten mintues without realizing he had grabbed a tin can out of the recycling box when I went to open the door. Good thing it was clean, what's a little tetnus shot? He especially likes grabbing Baylor's face and knawing on his nose....we do not knaw on the Baylor. He's eating like a champ and finally pooing like one too. We were having "plumbing" issues and had to resort to drastic measures involving the thermometer and vasaline...I'll let you figure that one out yourself. His reflux also seems a lot better and we've stopped all meds!! (which was part of the plumbing problem) He goes in Monday for his 6 month shots and to see how much the beefcake weighs. My guess is around 17lbs.
Lonnie has a huge home meet tomorrow (20 teams!) and as always, does a great job with organizing and running a meet. If only I could get him to use that superb skill around the house :) I am very blessed to have a man like him for so many reasons. I like to call him my quiet rock. He doesn't talk much, but when he does it's significant or hilariously outrageous and that's why I love him.

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