Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh, what a night

First of all. Happy V day...the most overrated and pointless holiday ever. Everyday should be Valentines day!!! We should show our spouses love all the time, why do we need one day to emphasize LOVE to one another. I boycott Vday. I have also accepted the fact that my lover will never embrace his inner romantic...which is okay. You know you're over flowers and teddy bears when you find doing the dishes or vaccuming very very sexy. I, however will never ever be over chocolate. Lonnie, if you're reading this....I like the dark stuff :) Although, I will always be a hopeless romantic at heart...loving the Jane Austin and I will never ever say no to a romantic dinner that I didn't have to cook. But, all in all, however you choose to spend this silly day, weather it be sending overpriced flowers or rushing to the card store at the last minute or making whoopie, enjoy it...but you should really do that stuff everyday (minus the whoopie part) Drop your loved one a handwritten love letter or do something spontaneous like cleaning the house or emptying the dishwasher, trust me...that is more romantic to some than a dozen roses!! (but do it tomorrow...very unsuspecting!)

So last night was the worst night in Brody history, even worse than the first night at home from the hospital. I wish he could talk and tell me what was wrong. He was up every hour, not sleeping for more than 45 minutes without waking up screaming. I know he was in some sort of GI pain, gas or tummy ache, I don't know, but whatever it was it was hurting him. Maybe teeth? I tried tylenol, gas drops, bouncing, rocking, you name...he wouldn't even nurse. He woke up at 3am with a fever and has had one ever since. He was pretty happy this morning despite the fact neither of us slept. I tried ibuprofin for the fever since he's old enough, so we'll see if his fever goes down. I hope it's not the flu, it's going around and he never got his flu shot. I just want to make him feel better!!

I just want to say thanks to friends and people for reading my blog. My goal is to make someone smile or laugh everyday, maybe even inspire you and keep everyone up to date with our family and the adventures of being a stay at home goddess :) It's been a wonderful creative outlet for me and I hope you continue reading and rock.


Anonymous said...

Glad to FINALLY find someone who feels the same way about Valentines Day as I do! Do people look at you like your crazy when you tell them you dont expect your hubby to do anything (it would be nice, but not necessary) too? Sorry to hear about Brody not feeling well, hope the ibuprophen worked. My little girls had fevers w/ their colds, so that is going around too. Yuck, Snot Snot and more snot in this house lately. Makes the kiddos so pleasant looking :) Janice

Crazy Mom said...

I want to send you some info that may help. I know you take advice with a grain of salt (and I totally agree with you on that), but the stuff I have might help....(It also probably pales in comparison to mother's instinct, so do not misunderstand me. You know what you are doing with your kids!! You're a GREAT MOM!!)

I'm in the baby biz-so to speak- as a developmental therapist(I work with ages 0-3) and hate to hear about a little one hurting. I'd love to help if I can.

Forgive me for overstepping boundaries, but if you're interested, send your info/address/etc. to my e-mail:

I hope baby feels better. I know how frustrated/tired/etc. you may feel. You'll get thru it. I always say that these little boogers survive in spite of us!

You're a good mom. I don't even know you, but from all you write, it is clearly evident....

Me, on the other hand, well, I'm losin' my marbles lately...