Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Persistant and strong willed

Within a week, Brody has managed to go from very careful crawling/ the worm to motoring across the living room floor. This morning, I ran into the kitchen to grab something and left him in the living room, came back and he was far from where I left him. He was over on the stairs trying soooo hard to get up that first step. Now, as a family, we aren't the tallest in the world. In fact, before we had kids we were sure they'd end up looking like nickname in college was stumpy if that gives you any indication. So crawling at 6 1/2 months is pretty impressive to me and so he is still pretty short and so he can't reach his chubby little legs up to that first step, but that doesn't stop him from trying. What a persistant child. I promptly picked him up and placed him back where he was in front of toys. Screw the toys mom, I want adventure, I want stairs....WE HAVE A CLIMBER. Within two seconds, he was back over to the stairs working his hardest and standing on his very tippy toes trying to get to that stair. He was not going to give up. Wow. If only we had such strong will and desire in our daily lives to keep trying and not give up so easily! Yet another thing I learn from my children.
This morning I grabbed Baylor to give him a hug and he felt thinner around the waist..hmmmmm no diaper? Where in the heck did it go? I felt all down his legs and then looked at his footy pajamas and there was this enormous squishy wet blob at the bottom of his foot. Gross. Apparently it didn't bother him that his diaper had fallen off and worked it's way down to his feet. It was hilarious though.

So my summer project is painting our kitchen cabinets. They are about three different shades and two different kinds of wood. I pulled out my idea file and got the paint chips out and started planning my attack. The backsplash tiles are cobalt, the counter is greyish purpleish blueish, the fridge is cream, walls are beige, stove and dishwasher are white....soooooo I'm trying to pick a color that won't make us dizzy and pulls it all together. I'm thinking a very light shade of greyish blue with new cabinet hardware (silver or black iron) Ahhhh so many choices.
Speaking of summer....oh, can't wait. I want to teach Baylor to swim before we hit the pool this summer because watching Baylor and Brody at the same time in water..not so much fun. That's not to say I won't watch my kids in the pool, but it makes it much easier when you know one of them can swim. I learned to swim around three and my mom threw me (literally) in the water at six months and watched me surface....I love water. I love watching the kids come to the pool with floaties, full body life jacked suits, flippers, goggles and a sun hat.....and then they sit in the shallow end(probably because they can't move) C'mon teach them how to swim, slather some waterproof spf50 on their body and you'll feel so much better! Last summer Baylor cried when he couldn't go off of the diving board...this summer we tackle the diving board and maybe even the water slide.

Hammy the squirrel, our newest annoying pet has a girlfriend. We shall call her peanuts and they both need to be shot. I asked Lonnie for a pellet gun, but he said I would either get arrested or hit the neighbors truck. You're no fun man. I guess I'll have to resort to throwing rocks and when the weather gets warmer, using the hose.

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