Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sea of spandex

Ahh the memories of sporting tight fitting sleek spandex and running around in circles (although, not such a distant memory, just the other day....) just kidding. We trudged through the snow this morning and I ventured out to Cornell to take the boys to the track meet. It was one enormous spandex fest. There were so many people and Baylor just froze like a deer in headlights. I wasn't sure if he was tired, scared, amazed or mezmorized by the fine specimens sporting sausage casing like uniforms. The meet was going smoothly, I saw Lonnie for about 3.4 seconds and then we he was MIA. I do miss running competatively, but I do not miss needing tongs to remove the speed suit from the rear after a race. No one should have to witness nor have to endure that. I am still planning on training for a triathalon or road races this summer, but I've put my intense training on hold until spring because I can't get away without two midgets by my side. I'll have to stick with running on a treadmill when I can escape.
Both boys were up VERY VERY early this morning for God knows why. I long for the day that they are sleeping in the same room and sleeping until at least 7am. Then they can wake each other up and talk each other back to sleep.....or something like that. I'm still confused about Brody's napping habits. These 20-30 minutes afternoon naps really throw me for a loop and make him into a monster around 4pm. He refuses to go down for a third power nap, so I'm stuck with a zombie trying to make dinner. Ah what fun. Baylor made us breakfast the other day (yes the stove is on, but Lonnie is standing behind him) He is going to be my little cook. He loves helping me bake (mostly eating the dough) and make dinner. I made him his own stove and oven out of a cardboard box and he puts on his apron and "cooks me pasgetti" I can't wait for the day when he brings mom and dad breakfast in bed :)
I am starting a pile of projects for the spring. I have a habit of finding furniture on the side of the road ( or in other peoples garbage) and refinishing it. Why spend $250 bucks when I can do it myself. So far I have three end tables, one foot stool thing, a few window panes, large piece of driftwood and a chair. Let the painting begin.

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