Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shake your booties and quit your whining

So I finished the booties. Not too shabby for my real follow the directions sewing project. I never took home-ec, I was probably in the bandroom or running on the track, so I pat myself on the back. I tried them on Brody and they fit, although a little on the girly side, he tried to eat them like usual. I'm trying to make some out of felt now, we'll see how that goes. I'm channeling my inner Martha Stewart today, although she is a bit dry and uptight. I prefer the break the rules and fly by the seat of your pants approach. We probably wouldn't get along very well.

I'd now like to address the issue of anonymous posts. I recieved a rather grumpy one today and I think they need to simmer down. I believe it was because I addressed global warming...or the lack thereof in my blog a while back. Probably an angry liberal, what's angry liberal. This is my blog, not yours angry liberal person.
This blog is to make you happy and smile and maybe even laugh.
My in-laws bought us this great bird feeder and we have been watching the birds and trying to identify them in the mornings. So I went out and bought two cheapo bird feeders from "the evil empire" and put them in the two other trees in our backyard thinking we'd attract more birds. Not fact, the only creature I've been able to attract is Hammy the squirrel. He's quite an unattractive soul, with parts of his tail missing and he looks grumpy....but he's a smart little booger. He's already gotten the lid of the one birdfeeder, eaten all of the bird seed and is working on bird feeder number two! If I wasn't in town, I'd get the pellet gun out and make me a squirrel hat. (that will probably piss the angry liberal off even more) It's on Hammy.
Enjoy the day, make someone laugh!


Crazy Mom said...

Every once in a while I get weird comments too. Nobody is forcing anybody to read what I write, so what is the deal? Keep writing, I enjoy reading what life is like with 2 boys in Iowa when I definitely know what it's like in Chicago. Crazy all around.

Anywho, in Illinois we have "freaking cold and snow" too, and we are going stir crazy. And we also breed what we like to call crazy "Ninja" squirrels that my dad has made contraptions to defend his birdfeeders against. Maybe I'll take a photo and post it....Hmmm....

Enough rambling for now-good luck with your triathalon training. Mine isn't going so great, but I know I've got the swim down.

AND (one last thing-I promise) Daddy's are different with their little girls. I didn't think it could be true, but it is. The words sweet and tender come to mind, (followed by thoughts of barbecue)...

Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

Let it be known that this liberal loves your posts! They make my day after very long work day!

Anonymous said...

Yikes . . . give a little - take a little. Calm down! Take a breath, step back. No liberal and no global warming issues here. I simply found it ironic that in a past post you threw a fit about Iowan's not liking the cold; your comment to them was "it's Iowa." Well, miss Iowa mom, it was just a few days later when miss Iowa mom was, herself, "complaining" about the cold and snow. Simmer down lady, simmer down!

Alas, have no fear this will be the last of "anonymous" (nice turn off) posts from me.

On the flip side - I do enjoy your writings. Just think about who you are flooding down stream when you flush your toilet - sometimes it plugs and runeth back on you.

Next step, moderated comments (you can delete this). Woo-hoo! First we get rid of anonymous comments, then we shall move to moderating them - yet again, ironic that we "hope you continue reading and commenting" - only, . . . they must be happy commenting - like all your posts.

account deleted - no more grumpy posts