Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Sunday

Practically a national holiday, Super Bowl Sunday is an excuse to skip dinner, eat lots of hot wings and yell really loud at an oversized flat screen. Since we do not own a t.v with HD or is flat for that matter, we scooted over to the assistant coaches house to partake in the football watching festivities. Baylor got to play with their daughter Laura and jump in a big blow up jumpy thing (wayyyyy cool) but his highlight was the kitchen set and play food, go figure. Brody got to try out his first swing, which he laughed and smiled the whole time...and then spit up all over it. At this point, the game isn't over, but I got the drop off to put the boys to bed and Lonnie went back to finish watching the game. That is what moms do best :) I'm all footballed out, so it's off to dream land for a few hours until munchkin number two wakes with gassy cries.

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