Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thankful (yet frozen) hearts

This is the scene when you look out our mudroom door (which by the way is frozen open) I decided that they looked mighty deadly, so I got out my trusty broom and knocked them all down. Now I have a nice pile of ice on top of the two feet of snow, frozen garbage cans and snow filled recycling bin. Garbage day should be interesting. I feel for you Mister garbage man.

I knew that drilling "please, thank you and excuse me" into Baylor's vocabulary would prove to be very beneficial down the road...and I am correct. I can't tell you how amazing it is to hear, "thanks mom for the cinnamon rolls," or " thanks for the presents and the toys you gots me." come out of the mouth of a two year old (and this is without promting) He even told his father, "thanks for wrestling with me dad," last night before he left for practice ( I even saw a hint of tear in Lonnie's eye ) He's workin the gratitude thing very very well. We try to talk about having a thankful heart around our house, even though sometimes none of us have one. It doesn't need to be Thanksgiving to review what we are thankful for everyday. I will now take the advice of a small child and be thankful for the littlest things like cinnamon rolls and dinosaurs!! Right now, I am very thankful for both boys napping, the space heater at my feet and despite the fact it's -10, the sun is out!

Rough night again. Running on fumes. Lonnie stayed home this morning because he's gong all night..BUT these two weeks of crazy track practice are almost over. I am also so excited to announce that we have finally picked a day for our date (which we have been waiting almost two months for!!!) SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY. We have a giftcard to RedLobster (hooray!) and a giftcard to Starbucks (double hooray!) so our date will be free! (triple jump up and down hooray!) Boys will be at Gramma Kris and Papa's house. Ahhh, adult conversation, buttery fattening seafood plus caffeine....excellent.


Crazy Mom said...

Have fun on your date. I can't remember the last time hubby and I went out. I think it may have been October or September sometime, no lie!

Isn't the funniest thing about date nights that you go out for adult conversation and wind up talking mostly about the kids!!

Kim said...

I always think it's funny when I realize we've finally gotten a date and end up watching an animated movie. Hmmmm.