Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thou shalt not compare

This is called the "sexy baby" pose. He's working on a career in modeling.
Okay, so I was told never to compare children and so on and so forth, but I busted out the Baylor's baby book to see how he compared with the sleeping (or lack therof) patterns of his little brother. Much to my suprise, I found that Baylor was only waking once at sixth months(even though he didn't sleep through the night until around 18 months)...and his crazy little brother is waking 2-4 times. Not cool. I let him cry through the first waking (3 hours after he went down at 7pm) and he put himself back to sleep after about 10 minutes of fussing (not wailing) Then, back up at 12:30 and then 2:30 and then 4:30 (I think, at this point it was a blur) So I sit here very confused and exhausted as to why my children refuse to sleep. I have accepted the fact that I will not sleep again for another 20+ years, but I still get a little frustrated. I'm going to try some new things and see how that goes. Brody is going to be running before we know it. He pulled himself all the way up to the crib yesterday and started stepping on the bumpers looking as if he was ready to launch himself out of the crib. Looks like we'll be taking those out. He's also sitting very well and he and Baylor took their first bath together, "unassisted" (which means me in the tub holding Brody or covered in water from holding him up) We only put a little bit of water in the tub and they both had a blast. Brody wanted to attack Baylor and crawl all over him. Baylor couldn't stop laughing. It made for great evening entertainment and giggles.

I made Baylor some bean bags this morning and used an old box, cut a hole in it and put a face on it for him to throw the bean bags in. He is very entertained...for the moment. I also had another mom mush moment. Went to store for milk.(I had to get out of the house or someone was going to get hurt) Bought milk. Bought diapers and flour too. Brought diapers and flour inside. Left milk in car in sub-zero temps. Now we have one frozen gallon of milk. Yum.

So I have found another new passion/addiction. Scrabulous (scrabble) on facebook. My brother and I have scrabble dates every night. Very cool..very addicting. I see it as a mind building exercise and a way to work on my vocabulary.

An in conclusion,let me re-emphasize this blog's purpose..

1. Family and friends updates on the boys and our life

2. Laughter, sarcasm and the occasional political jab

3. Photos baby! Love taking them, love sharing them

4. What it's NOT...perfect (i.e spelling, grammar, whatever)I may be a stay at home mom, but I'm not an idiot...I just type fast and the letter "p" sticks which occasionally throws my words for a loop. Plus, you mind turns to mush after children.....

5. Sanity, needed for mine and maybe yours

6. Ideas for you (crafty, advice, inspiration etc)

6.5 Learning experience...for you and for me

6.75 Communicating with the outside world (think bubble boy)

7. Happiness and world peace :)

So if you like what you read, comment (no grumps please) if you don't...don't read it and never have children.

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Crazy Mom said...

I don't really get any good artsy Ideas because I can't do it(I'm missing THAT gene-to borrow your phrase). I do however, LOVE seeing and reading about what other people can do, but instead of being inspired, I'm just really a little jealous . Sigh....

You have great ideas. You're such a good mom. I just throw some Power Rangers at them and yell "Play Nice" all day.

Hats off to you girlie! :-)