Monday, March 31, 2008

A taste of summer....

One of my most favorite things in the world is waking up to thunder. It would be even better if it was after a full night's sleep, but who am I kidding!!! We had some thunderstorms this morning and they were wonderful and hopefully will give our brown grass a jump start to green. The weather quickly turned amazingly warm, in the 60's and humid. Perfect thunderstorm weather. I took a walk with the boys in our rain boots as we sought out large puddles to jump in. Brody wanted to jump so badly, he just about launched himself out of the stroller. I think being outside made them happy...for at least five minutes. No naps in this house...for anyone (grrrrr)

I need spring. I loathe winter grossness and cold weather. I need to get out of this house for fear of losing all sanity. I need to smell the wet cement and flowers. I need to bust out my short and Capri's and show off my extremely white legs and ugly toes. I need a heating bill that does not cost a small fortune. I need mud instead of salt on my shoes. I need more than four hours of sleep. I cut Lonnie's hair..he's beckoning right now.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Brothers don't shake hands, brothers got to hug...or bite or wipe snot on your face

This photo was clearly taken before they were sick with ear infections and their snot runneth over. I do believe they're on the mend in the pain department but if they sold snot on eBay, we'd be taking a Hawaiian vacation next week. Too bad snot doesn't serve some magical medical remedy like making stretch marks disappear or abs reappear? If that were the case, I'd be bathing in it nightly....having said that insanely disgusting comment, I will now retract the statement that I just made mention to the fact that I would bathe in snot...probably the lack of sleep talking. So we played hookie from church this morning because I think when the snot is green they are banned from nursery anyways (which is where we probably caught it in the first place) so we'd be hanging out in the lobby like most Sundays. I haven't heard an entire sermon since before Baylor was born I think. Anyhoo, I escaped this morning with the dogs and took them on a long walk while Brody took an amazingly long nap, the poor kid was just exhausted. It was gorgeous out and we took the opportunity to let them play outside while we raked, picked up insane amounts of doggie doo and picked up sticks from the very first ice storm. Much to my dismay, Brody liked the grass, I was hoping he'd just sit there freaked out by the texture of the grass. In the time it took me to walk to the shed, get a rake and return, he had already eaten a chunk of dog food (swiped that one out) then a piece of chalk, a leaf, dead grass and was working on a twig. That will make his bowels move..a little tree fiber.
I had great visions for my vegetable garden and flower beds in the front. In case you don't know me....I don't have a green thumb, in fact, it's rather black. I kill things. I can even kill plants that are "hearty" and aren't supposed to die. Can't believe our children and dogs are still alive. I want to plan something easy and that requires little sun in the front bed and some creeping vines along the fence line. As for veggies go, I think I'll stick with the tomatoes (Roma for my salsa and big boys for my big boys) green beans (they got eaten by strange bugs last year) zucchini (bugs again) lettuce or spinach and Baylor wants to plant a huge pumpkin (which also got eaten by strange bugs last year) Okay all of you garden freaks, I need some help here. I need some good full shade flowers or bushes for the front and please tell me how to get rid of squash bugs or whatever the heck ate all of my beans and gourds last year.
Okay, funny Baylor story. So on Friday, I had been going all day and had only sat to pee (and of course that wasn't alone) so I was sitting in the kitchen trying to feed Brody who was screaming and I turned the t.v on. Baylor comes running in from the living room, gives me this stern look and says, " We don't need t.v mom, I said turn it off." Then he pulled up a chair, pushed it off and said, "I said no." and proceeded to walk out of the room. I tried to keep a straight face and apologize for "misbehaving" but it was so darn cute. Is that what I really sound like? At least he got the fact that we don't need t.v!! Hooray, it's working.
I also took today to reflect on how wonderful my kids are, even when they don't sleep or they have gallons of snot pouring out of crevices. What a huge blessing they are and I love that they are pretty much imperfect and their different personalities shine bright. They have taught me more about myself, my marriage and God than anyone. They are really just "on loan" from God, but I can't imagine life without them. Thanks God, you did good.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

No rest for the weary

Oh what a night...or weekend rather. Our adventures began on Thursday with some snot and then some fevers and coughing and more fun in the snot department. I bought another nasal aspirator (aka the booger sucker) one for upstairs and one for downstairs. I was up every two hours with Brody crying and so I took both boys to the Dr this morning. Ear infections for both kids!!! (can I get a refund for those tubes now?) I'm glad I went though, now they are both on fancy medicine and on the mend....or we can only hope. To make matters worse, Lonnie was out of town at a track meet. Luckily, mama K came up and helped me or I probably wouldn't be around to show Lonnie his sick kids when he returned. I looked like I'd been hit by a mac truck, snot smeared on my shoulders, pink penicillin dripped down my shirt and bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep. Isn't motherhood wonderful? :) I didn't need to say anything when Lonnie walked in the door, I was nearly passed out in the rocking chair and just gave him a, "help me now" look. He's gotten to know that look very well. Needless to say, I am very thankful for his return and thankful for Tylenol, ibuprofen, ear numbing drops, booger suckers, saline nose spray, Vick's vapor rub, humidifiers, coffee and friends who bring me coupons for free pizza (my friends rock) Tomorrow is another day and tonight is...well, tonight. I'm off to catch a few hours of zzz's before Brody wakes...again.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Welcome to Snotapalooza 2008, where the snot over floweth and the sneezing, watery eyes and boogers are in superabundance. Where, if you are an eight month old and can't breathe through your nose, you are up every hour on the hour to get your nosed sucked out by a gigantic bulbous scary thing....and if you are a two year old, you think wiping your nose and everything and anything is cool. Tickets are free to anyone who wants to be contaiminated by the free flowing snot and be in the company of a extremely exhausted mother. Fun times all around.

And that is all I have to say about that. Pray for me!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We've got a climber

This is the look and laughter of pure joy...Brody's first time in a swing...and loving every second!
Yes, those are stickers on his
I wondered where his food was going....I thought he was eating rather quickly, turns out he's a bit of a sneak.

It was glorious out today, much warmer and NO wind. I took full advantage of this weather by shutting Baylor outside. He was absolutely driving me crazy. Our yard is big, fenced, locked and pretty safe, so I have no problem sending him outside (and watching him through our enormous kitchen window) So I turned around to feed Brody and couldn't find Baylor....panic set in until I realized he was half way up the lilac bush. Looks like we have a climber. I knew he loved trees, he hugs them occasionally on walks. I asked him if he was okay and he yelled back, "yea mom! I'm just a squirrel!" Yea, you're nuts. He was SO naughty today...threw sand at the window, threw sand at me, pushed Brody and threw a large hard orange ball at his head after I said, "don't even think about it, if you throw that ball at Brody, I will spank you." and then he threw the ball at his head (he's got great aim though, maybe he'll be a pitcher) So inside we went and spankin he got. He found every button that he could possibly push with me and pushed it...twice. (I hate spanking by the way, but it works with Baylor and it's biblical so we do it when needed and I really don't have to explain myself, but it makes me feel better)

Last night was a bit rough, it started out with crying at 9:30...let him cry, went back to sleep. Cried at 12:30...not a little cry, but more of a "I'm in pain" high pitched shriek. Got him, fed him and put him back down. 3:30am cried, pulled himself up...let him cry...he actually put himself back down and had stopped crying...until Lonnie came in (he had a bad dream on the couch) great timing dear :) Then all hope was lost. Was up for AN HOUR!!!! and then finally fell asleep at 4:30. He did sleep until 8am though...that was nice. Tonight, I did our bedtime routine, bath, bottle, book, songs and then put him down awake...he fell right asleep! Now I keep telling myself I will not get him if he cries, but end up giving in after ten minutes of crying...looks like I'm the wussy. Maybe tonight will be different. One can only hope.

So it's sprinkling right now and I have to admit, one of my favorite smells in the world is......wet pavement. Seriously. I just stood outside and took a huge whiff of wet cement, bring it on spring. Some of my other favorite smells's cologne (makes the lady weak in the knees) pine trees, dryer sheets and clean baby.

On that note, I bid you Ado.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Window into the soul

I couldn't resist posting this photo of Brody. Dressed by me (can't you tell...conflicting stripes in awful colors...we dress for warmth, not success) We went to the park and he kept trying to crawl up the slide. It was hilarious and kept him busy for a while until he decided that eating leaves was much more entertaining. The boys and I had a blast and it was great to be outside...finally! I also tried to de-terd the backyard and gave up after ten minutes and one large bucket full of dog crap. I have never seen so much doggie poo, and I'm sure you love hearing about it too.

So they say that your eyes are a window into your soul. I agree, but also think that my enormous kitchen window gives the neighbors a glimpse into our souls too! Now that it's getting a tad warmer, I have to remember that people actually take walks at night and I need to tone down the crazy pj's and scary hair. I also have a tendency to break into song and dance in front of the window at will....gonna tone that down too :) I am no Patrick Swayze, but I can shake my butt with the best of them. Back to being serious as I read my friends blogs or random strangers blogs, I admire openness and transparency. You really put yourself out there when you reveal your inner workings, fears, greatest loves and passions....and what you're having for dinner. You all probably know more about me than you ever wanted to know and for that I apologize :) but I feel that honesty is the best policy. No one ever got anywhere faking it (at least not in the long run) I realize that people my cringe, laugh, get pissed or love me even more for that, so I will tell it like it is. Maybe my dreams of becoming an aspiring author will come true....I'll need to work on the spelling thing huh? Thank God for spellcheck!

Gone with the wind

....eave spouts....plastic yellow shovel....garbage can lids.....beagle....that is what is flying across the yard as we speak. It's marvelous out, but a bit breezy :) You should see the dog's ears, they look like the flying nun (for you oldies that remember that movie) They have also taken up their favorite springtime activity...rolling in dog crap, bird poo or dead things. Yum. I think I've figured out why no one wants to hang out at my house...they are all dog haters. C'mon people, show the doggies some love...and show me some love, I need human contact. I will enjoy every second of this weather because we're supposed to get snow Thursday...poo. Lonnie will be in St.Louis Thursday-Saturday for a decathlon meet at Wash U. We went two years ago and took Baylor with....once again, hotel rooms and babies don't mix.
Last summer they re-did the road outside of our street. They also did the curbs and took our grass with it. They sprayed this funky green fluff that was supposed to grow grass but now we have these huge bald spots in the front. Now, Lonnie is a bit of a grass Nazi. He loves his lawn and he loves his grass to the point of making me, the diaper bag, groceries and a child walk all the way around (the long way) just so I don't step on the "baby grass" As soon as the weather warms up, he'll be out there with his hose, rake and a big bag of grass seed. If only he took the time to put the toilet paper roll on as he did with the grass.....*sigh*

OPERATION SLEEP: I should probably call it, operation don't hurt the baby when he wakes you up two times a night....because he's obviously NOT SLEEPING. The last two nights, I let him cry through his first waking (usually around 11pm) and he made it and it only lasted a few minutes. Last night it was not crying it was screaming and it was at 12:30 and then 5:00am. I seriously think I get him in my sleep and don't realize it until the morning. He's also doing what Baylor did and take freaking 30 minute naps. That my friends, is what makes me go crazy. There is nothing worse than running around the house and warp speed, trying to clean, pick up and do everything you need to in 30 minutes. He's so overtired from taking power naps that he just whines all afternoon. I'm still wondering why two people can create such sleep haters. It's making me want to stop having kids. I KNOW it's only a season in my life, but this is the longest season I've ever been through. I know some of you know what I'm talking about!! It did get better with Baylor, but I don't think I can wait that long. I want sleep to be my friend again, actually I just want Brody to sleep better for his sake. Baylor is giving up his afternoon nap already. He will still have quiet time in his room until he's in school. He does a great job of staying in bed and reading, but last time I went up there I caught him doing a headstand on the bed and he was naked from the waist down..hmmmmmm there's a nice picture.
I got a few groceries today and bought some soy milk. I have to admit it's pretty's not organic :) but it's good. I also bought some steak to make a Philly cheese steak (lonnie loves them) but the problem is, I've never made one before. It can't be that hard, but leave it to me to mess it up. I used to be really good about planning the meals for the week, down to the snacks. I've gotten lazy and need to get back on that, it really saves in groceries and with grocery prices the way they are, that is a good thing.
Okay...need to clean, boys are actually napping simultaneously!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh, llama llama library drama

So I tried to upload a video of Brody sitting on Baylor's trike and laughing like a fool, but obviously it failed. Funny story though...we got the trike last year second hand from my aunt and hid it in the shed over the winter because Baylor's feet couldn't reach. I dug it out in desperation, trying to find entertainment while Iowa makes up it's mind on the weather situation. Baylor had seen it last year and loved it but apparently forgot it was his and when I brought it in he yells, " oh wow! a present for me!! thanks mom!" That's right buddy, all yours. Looks like I'll be hiding toys more often and wrapping up some of his less used toys for his birthday. Anyways, the second this video stops, Brody tipped over and slid off. He's fine and as always he thinks he can fly.

So I look forward to life's little adventures and any excuse to get out of my house. With one car, it's been quite a challenge and I end up walking blocks in wind, rain and snow. So I was super excited about visiting the library this morning after Brody's power nap (seriously child, these are getting old fast) so I bundled the boys up, strapped on the backpack with Brody and held crazy man's hand. We walked two blocks to our library and Baylor talked the entire time about getting a new Veggie Tales video (we let him get one video a week and we have seen NOTHING BUT Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber!!) We round the corner and see a sign on the door that the library is closed ALL THIS WEEK for repairs!!! Nooooooooooo, drama on the street. We managed to make it home and call dad to come get us with the car and drop us off at the Cornell library. Hey, at least I got to leave my street.

Today it's a little nicer, around 45 (which I'll take over sub zero temps any day) and I'm going to clean out the car. Like I said before, having one car with two kids means absolutely no room what so ever in the backseat except for car seats, books, toys and an ice scraper. I think there is something hiding in the cracks though...there is a stale french fry odor mixed with sour milk or something I can't quite put my finger on. I'm pretty sure there is enough sand in there to fill Baylor's sandbox. We don't have a garage either so the trunk is filled with strollers, lawn chairs, blankets, first aid kit, jumper cables and who knows what. Someday though we'll get another vehicle. I have to admit I'm very anti mini-van. (sorry mini-van driving friends, that's your choice...we can still be friends) I want a huge station wagon...a woody (you know, giant wood panel on the side...who the heck puts wood on a car anyways?) very old school, or a cross-over SUV (like that is ever going to happen in the next ten years) but I swore to Lonnie and myself that I would never drive a mini-van. I will be a soccer mom, just not one in a min-van. BUT if we decide to add to the brood, it might be our only option...grrrrrr. Then again, I could always get a truck (my dream car) and strap Baylor in the back :) I think mini-vans are giant marshmallows on wheels that mom's use as weapons!! I understand that people need them with lots of kiddos and old people like them for God knows why. Maybe I'll get that motorcycle I've always wanted with a little side car? Now there's the picture of safety. I love my 35 mpg Corolla, but it is small and now that everyone and their mama drives a mini-van or SUV, I feel so unsafe and I do not skimp on safety when it comes to cars/car seats/driving/helmets. I'm sure I'll be writing in a few years bragging about my new mini-van :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jelly Beans for breakfast

My mama! What a pretty lady she is :)
This is the test of total toddler temptation....five seconds green peep had disappeared.
This photo was snapped two seconds before Baylor decided Brody needed his head squeezed like a stuffed toy. Baylor is giving you his "say cheese" smile which is slightly scary.
Two handsome devils.

Note to self: Do NOT hide Easter candy BEFORE eating a nutritious and healthy breakfast, kids will only want to eat jelly beans (duh, mom) I'm pretty sure all that Baylor has eaten today is a handful of jelly beans, a peep, some mashed potatoes and a biscuit, followed by some more jelly beans and a few Reece's Pieces. I told Lonnie if he barfs, he has to clean it up...I don't do barf (and most of the sugar...I mean "white poison" was administered by the daddy. So besides the fact that there is waaaay too much sugar in this house (and I like sugar) so you know there is a lot and I can feel my teeth rotting and my jeans slowly getting tighter, Easter was great. We dressed the boys in their matching country club polo shirts, paraded them around church to make sure everyone saw them :) and then went to my mom's for Easter dinner. I tried so hard to keep Brody awake in the car (which I failed miserably) because I knew he wouldn't take a nap at my mom's if he dosed in the car....and I was right. One crabbylicous, tired and overstimulated baby. Deep's OKAY, we'll get back on track tomorrow.
So our computer monitor self destructed last night. I think it's getting to that five year point (we'll be married five years in August) when all of the things that we bought when we were first married and actually had money, are dying. The blender, the computer name it, they're slowly blowing up. It was a nice monitor but apparently it had was an HP (I had an HP in college and had so many problems, my computer was nicknamed Satan) So I sent Lonnie to Wally world to buy a new one....ummm hello, like a kid in a candy store. We didn't need a fancy one, I just needed a monitor...but he came home with a HUGE wide screen monitor. It's very crisp and clear but everything is widened...including my butt, face and other body parts that shall remain nameless. I think it will take some time to get used to. Now all we need is to get the fast Internet to match the monitor :) I keep hinting, we'll see.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


This is what happened when dad watches the boys. Yup, that's a pickle.
Yea Brody, that's how I feel sometimes too!!!
Who knew a big blue toy crate could be so entertaining.
Trying to escape from the bath turtle....this was before he could crawl, now he tries to crawl out of the tub. What a nice little tush...must take after dad.
Someday you're going to get in big trouble for sticking your tongue out...but it's super cute right now.

In case you were wondering.....I escaped from the house this afternoon while all three Speidel boys napped. I found me some fast and free wireless Internet and thought I'd take advantage of the high speed (since we are still living like cavemen at home with dial-up) Hooray for fast Internet!!! and double hooray for alone time with caffeine.

This is the pose that anytime we say, "hey Baylor, hug your brother!" happens...poor Brody. Someday he'll get big and beat up on Baylor, now he just drools on him.

I am not McLovin McCrabby

So when I get stressed out, tired or angry I throw myself into cleaning....I'm talking deep scrub the heck out of whatever is in my way cleaning. As we speak, my kitchen floor is so clean you could eat off of it....and my knuckles are not only bruised but raw. They had a little run in with the wall this morning when I came home from the 5 minute grocery store run for carrots and to my complete annoyance, Brody was up from his 30 minutes sorry wall, I had to punch something non living. Lonnie was on his way out the door with Baylor to go to the movie and I gave him the "if you leave me here with this screaming child there might be bits and pieces of me scattered amongst the floor when you return, " look. Can you drink this early in the morning? So I let him cry. There was no way he was going to take a 30 minute nap....and much to my dismay, after 45 minutes of fussing and crying he went back to sleep and I scrubbed the heck out of the floor while listening to LL Cool J's Mama said Knock you out very loudly. I know, not the best stress reliever, but you have to do something!!! It did get me thinking while I was on my knees in the kitchen, how God always takes the worst situations and makes you literally fall on your knees in reverence. I think this is God's way of saying, "hey you! I think you need to be on your knees for ME more often!" (just not scrubbing the floor...what about in prayer?) Very true. So instead of freaking out of McCrabby aka known as Brody Speidel, I will pray (for him, his sleep and me not to hurt anyone including myself)
So Easter is tomorrow....soooo early. I baked my famous carrot cake this morning for tomorrow and we're headed to Gramma and Papa Koser's for some swell Easter food. My Dad splurged and bought prime rib, not sure what got into him, but I will not argue with good red meat....just the way I like it, almost mooing. Baylor is stuck on this whole Easter egg thing...he is obsessed with "hatching" eggs. He makes a nest in his bed every night and when you ask him what he's doing he says, "Mom! I'm hatching an egg!" He carried around a real egg for a few hours yesterday until I heard another.."mom.....the egg hatched!!!" "hatched" all over my floor, thanks Baylor. I have great Easter memories. My brother barfing after eating too much chocolate bunny head and jelly beans, matching dresses with mom (they even matched my permed bangs!!! ouch) and hunting for eggs in the house and then finding them months later :) No, seriously I love Easter and we shouldn't forget that it's not all about the stale peeps (which by the way are almost done) but how Christ died for us and rose again! So look beyond the bunnies and maybe we can see the true meaning of Easter.
Speaking of Easter dresses. I was all excited to fit into some of my old dresses again (I was pregnant last Easter) and then I realized that in order for this to happen, people were going to see my legs. I will admit I have nice legs (at least my ego thinks so) the shape is perfect BUT they are covered in spider veins (genetics sucks) and so white that sunglasses may be necessary for viewing. So I've decided against the dress (it is only 34 today) and will try to wear something springy (even though I'd much rather wear jeans and a t shirt, that's the way I am) The boys have matching outfits, I had to do it now when I can get away with it. When they're older they will fight me tooth and nail and then I'll let them wear Elmo P.J's to school.....I'm all for dressing Independence, Baylor can't even take his socks off but he can name 12 dinosaurs including anklyosaurus and apatasaurus...go figure.

McCrabby calls. Have a great Easter!!! HE has RISEN!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Stealth Beagle

Oh that sneaky little poo head. Nope, not talking about Baylor (although he is FINALLY taking a nap after one full week without one!!!!) I'm talking about one of our two obnoxious beagles. True, they may have won best in show at the Westminster Dog Show BUT as far as ours go, they are as dumb as rocks....sneaky yes, smart..heck no. Anyways, I had finally got Brody to fall asleep for his long overdue afternoon nap and about thirty minutes of crying while hanging on to the railing in his crib for dear life. I decided against the shower...who needs one, I'm pretty sure I can stick my hair up and it would stay there on it's own. I smell like flowers all the time anyways. Sooooo on the baby monitor I hear this shake and jingle (like a rabies collar being scratched) OH NO! I don't think I have ever ran up those stairs so fast. She had snuck around the baby gate which was not serving it's purpose because Brody made it to the fourth step today, and was hiding under our bed in the room where Brody STILL sleeps (that's another problem) She had come out from her hiding space and was scratching and making all sorts of noise...I was not going to let her spoil my only peace and quiet of the day. Needless to say, she is now outside in the blustery wind and flurries (yes flurries!) while I cool off.
So we let Brody cry last least one time. I was gone at band so I couldn't feel his pain and get him, Lonnie said he cried on and off for forty minutes BUT finally went back to sleep...until two...and then up for the day at 6am!! We have to stick with this, otherwise he'll get mixed messages, but it is SO hard to let him cry and SO hard because he is in our room (actually it's my room right now...Lonnie resides on the couch currently, not because he's been naughty, because he is a night owl, snores like a freight train and likes the couch) I simply cannot keep getting up twice a night with him!! I need sleep, he needs sleep and we need our room back. As soon as he starts sleeping through the night, we plan on moving him into Baylor's room..but our other problem is that it's a new crib, a new room and he'll probably get all freaked out again. I'm open to any and all suggestions at this point. I don't want him to wake Baylor up, because he'll never go back to sleep again and then we'll have two crying kids. How do people with more than one kid in a room do it!!!!

Did I mention that it's flurrying and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees...what happened to March? Spring? Ugh. and I'm sure I'm speaking for all the stuck in the house and going absolutely crazy mommies when I say....CAN SPRING PLEASE PLEASE GET HERE FAST! Temperatures are dropping while temperaments are raising. I am trying to be a good girl and control the need to pull my hair out and run around the house to set a good example and no scare the children :) Internally is another story. On a positive note, I do have Lonnie home Saturday (they cancelled a meet....c'mon spandex and 30 fun) so he is taking Baylor to Horton Hears a Who Saturday. This will be Baylor's very first movie theatre experience....we'll see how it goes. I'm totally jealous. He is only 2.5 but he does turn into a zombie when the idiot box is on (just like the other large male in the house) I will be baking for Easter and wishing that just thinking about being tan actually made you tan.

STALE PEEP UPDATE: In case you haven't figured out, the best snack in the world is stale Peeps. They're pretty amazing when you can throw them against a wall and leave a dent. I have a package opened (its on day five) and they are becoming marvelous crusty balls of sugar as we speak. Can't wait to eat them.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

If boogers were veggies

If boogers were veggies, we'd be set. I'd never have to stress over hiding peas in Baylor's food again.

I'd like to give a shout out to my great mommy friends....who brought me chocolate last night because they knew I was about to throw in the towel or self destruct. You rock my face off. I had it for breakfast :)

Too tired to write much, computer screen is blurry....but it's band night, joy!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No rest for the weary

Hey, it's spring! Get your umbrella!
...and that is what I am...weary. Not getting more than a few hours of sleep at a time makes you a zombie. Yes, he did give me ONE week of pure heavenly bliss, but I'm not sure what got into him (but I'd sure like to know so I can re-create the perfection) I'm trying not to let sleep or lack thereof control my life, but when your kids don't sleep or nap or doze or rest, it affects every single aspect of your life.
Okay, it was gorgeous today (a little on the windy side, but that's spring....and it has officially arrived now) so we decided to take the ghetto stroller on a walk so mom wouldn't implode. First, let me tell you a little about the ghetto stroller. It is exactly that...ghetto. I'm thinking it is from the 80's, nice navy teddy bear and heart fabric and missing some plastic here and there...and steers not like a dream, more like a nightmare. I have been known to slam into displays and sales associates shins when shopping with it... BUT it works and I am thankful for a stroller. Okay, so we walked a few blocks ( I had to stick Baylor in the stroller with Brody or we'd still be walking) walked to Casey's and got suckers and then hit the park. I'm pretty sure we were the first people to use the park since summer...minus the middle schoolers making out in the tunnel. Baylor sprinted up to the gigantic slide and after one slide, he was covered in snow, ice, mud and shavings as he was catapulted into a massive puddle at the end of the slide. He stood there with arms wide flailing, not quite sure what to do....and that ended our trip to the park. Good thing the park is a block from our house because I had to carry a screaming toddler with one arm and try to steer the ghetto stroller (which doesn't steer) with the other. Brody was also in rare form and wouldn't let me put him down...ALL DAY. Now, I love my kids and love snuggling and lovin but this was ridiculous. He cried, whined and whimpered all day, wouldn't eat and wouldn't drink. I'm thinking something isn't right, but I can't figure it out. No fever, no snot, maybe a tooth (but the others haven't affected him so far) a little loose in the stool department...wish he could just tell me what was wrong. Yo mom...I have a sore throat, I'm not hungry and I just want you to hold me. If only it were that easy. So now, one of my biceps is abnormally ripped from holding the 18lb weight (yes, he's a solid one) Tomorrow is another day....I'm praying a much happier and less baby holding day.
Brody is bound and determined to walk before this month is over. He won't sit still for anything and is pulling himself up to everything. He even found the walker/pusher toy thingy and was walking around the floor with it, that is until it went faster than his fat little feet would take him. He kind of drags his right foot and it's pointed to the right, but I think it's because he is only 7 month old and technically his feet haven't caught up with the rest of him. We'll just have to wait and see on that one. We'll just call him step-and-a-half (that was my nickname when I was in my body cast because I walked with a little limp, yea it was sad)

Operation Potty: has been put on hold until Baylor becomes even remotely interested. Right now there is complete and utter defiance and I'm sure he'd sit in poo before he'd pee standing up.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brody's new do

Brody has grown up...a little. 1. He ate green veggies for dinner...GREEN!! 2. He let me cut his hair with the clippers and didn't do his famous freak out routine. ( you know, the one where the eyes bug out and the lip quivers) Now if he can just talk his older brother into eating veggies. He now has a new do and it makes him look so much better (well, at least his parents think so) Baylor says he looks, "sharp" I wish he would grow up in the nap/sleeping department. Still up twice a night and short's wearing on him and wearing on me. I can understand newborns up at night...but C'mon dude, you're almost 8 months old, you're crawling over everything and almost walking....heck, you even ate eggs for breakfast, that certainly constitutes cause for celebration and I do believe you should celebrate by sleeping through the night....please!? He has big black bags under his eyes from not sleeping...that match mine!
I haven't had the best of luck with joints and bones in my life. I've had major back surgery, knee surgery, numerous stress fractures from running, broken bones, bursitis, name it, I've probably had it. Carpal tunnel runs in the family and apparently mine decided to come early. I've always had bad wrists since gymnastics, but it's gotten pretty bad. I have a constant throb in my wrist and it falls asleep all the time. I can't even open a bottle of water anymore with my right hand....grrrrrr. I'm going to invest in the dorky wrist brace and we'll see if that helps. Maybe it's all this blogging? Have to keep my mind sharp somehow.
Today Baylor and I bowled in the kitchen. He loved it. We set up some water bottle pins and then rolled the Nerf ball down the hall. "mom, i'm bowlin!" Who needs toys when you have empty water bottles?!
So you know that Suave commercial that say, "80% of mom's have let themselves go, 100% can get themselves back" Hello, please come save me. There was a time in my life that I would never step foot out of the house without makeup or at least mascara. Then I moved to, just mascara (blond eyelashes!) because I didn't want to scare small children, mine are just used to it. Now, I just throw on old grubby jeans a sweatshirt, spritz the hair with Baylor's no more tangles and make sure there are no leftover carrots smushed on my face from lunch. ...this is if I actually get OUT OF THE HOUSE. When I bought a very ugly pair of the knock off crocs in fire truck red, I swore that I would never wear them out of the house.....riiiiiight. They never leave my comfortable. Makeup? What's that? I need some major help, a mommy overhaul, something.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Would you like some cheese with your whine

That is one of my biggest pet peeves..whining, and both boys were on the verge of being put on ebay today (once again, just joking) From the moment they both got 6am! It was a high pitched whine fest in the Speidel house. I thought I'd let Baylor know what it sounded like when he whined to me so I did it right back. He just stared and actually stopped....I guess I should whine more often :)

I made one ginormous list of things to do today and didn't accomplish near what I wanted. In case I haven't said it before, I'm stinkin ready for Spring. Ready to open my windows, air the house out, hand laundry on the line (if I had a line) sweep the salt and sand out the door and let Baylor be the crazy boy that he is (outside) He is SOOOOO ready to be outside and run around, get dirty, eat dog poo, play with dangerous sticks and throw rocks.....and I'm ready to let him. I'm trying not to put a damper on his boy behaviors, because it's only natural for him to want to run around naked, wrestle and growl at me. Our society is too focused on smothering the boy right out of him....let them be boys!!! They need to be free, be wild ,but be respectful and polite.

I had quite the day with both boys, they were in rare form. I got my bath water all ready, got my book, got my face mask (last time I tried to do it with Brody in the tub and scared the crap out of him, but who wouldn't be scared of a lady with green slime on her face? ) Got a glass of wine and put one foot in...."Wahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" "Moooommmmmmyyy!!!!" I pretended that I had lost all hearing for those few minutes and the crying actually stopped. I got to enjoy 15 minutes of pure bliss....and as Baylor says if he's in the bath too long, "I gots all pruney!!"

Happy St.Patrick's day!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

It ain't easy being green

Baylor helping cover the doggie bombs in the backyard...soooo happy to be OUTSIDE!!!

...or the grass in our yard. BUT I'm thrilled to see grass instead of massive piles of ice and snow. Baylor has been busily working in the backyard covering the piles of dog poo (what a great helper) and he actually got to use his swing set for the first time in a very very long time. Spring is teasing us with sunny days but frigid winds. I believe the first "official" day of spring is this week. Great, now I can bust out my open toed white sandals. In case you were wondering, I don't own white open toed fact, I don't own many shoes at all. My husband, on the other hand, is a shoe snob. He has about 13 pairs of different running shoes, I have two. I've never been a big shoe fan, except my Chaco sandals, in which I recently wore a hole all the way through (but they lasted 5 years) I wear them everywhere. I've had a pair since I was in high school, wore them under my dress to prom and would wear them in the winter if I could. It makes me laugh when I see people who spend hundreds of dollars on shoes and they're ugly and uncomfortable. Who really notices shoe anyways? Do you?
Speaking of green. I'm down with saving our planet, God gave it to us, so we should keep it clean and green BUT I'm not down with paying lots of money for "Green" cleaners, sheets, hamburger and floor tiles. If you want people to "go green" you have to make a little more appealing to the masses. I do however believe that we should save the people before we save the owls.
So Lonnie and I were reading through the classifieds for fun and came across this hilarious but so true want ad.
To save us both time we hire responsible, honest, personable people that like to have fun and don't mind work. That's why it's called work. No Losers. No Whiners. No Diva wannabes. Experience not needed-We work hard and have fun doing it and make good money.
Checkers Tavern
So true. Where has America's work ethic gone? We have become lazy slobs that want things fast and cheap and don't want to work for anything. We want things handed to us and want the easy way out. We have to be in and out of our jobs at precisely the time it says on our contracts....not a minute less or more....and if we work too hard...oh, heaven forbid! And then comes the whining and selfishness and I'm better than you attitude. Kids don't even know what the word responsibility means anymore, let alone use it in their everyday life. My sons will work hard, earn money, pay for their own cars, gas and anything that is not a necessity. They will respect their employers and learn that money doesn't just grow on trees or fall out of Dad's pockets. I say this all praying that we can actually teach these lessons to them. I will now step off of my soap box.
It's floor mopping feet are sticking, so it's waaaay overdue.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Girls gone wild.

Oh yea. Three generations (my Grandma, mom and myself) of sexy women taking on Sam's Club by storm. Hitting up the free sample tables, buying large quantities of wine, enormous boxes of diapers and wipes and all of this done WITHOUT CHILDREN. That's right, we've gone wild (and no, there was no boobie flashing) just fun with caffeine and a little Hungry Hobo. My grandma is probably the coolest grandma around. She is this cute little thing, but don't let her tiny frame throw you, she can wrestle Baylor with the best of us. She's also had just about every joint in her body replaced and still gets up at 5am to work horses out on the track. She's boogie boarded, rock climbed and is still amazingly beautiful. We had tons of fun today.

Must go now. Brody is having major crying fits, thinking it's plumbing related.

Friday, March 14, 2008

One block = half an hour

....and that is moving at "toddler" speed. Baylor insists on walking instead of riding in the stroller, which is fine because we don't have a double stroller, he just sits behind Brody in the "ghetto stroller" as we like to call it. We went on our morning walk this morning, got everyone all bundled up, rain boots on, grubby mud puddle splashing pants on, snacks and trucks in hand and headed off to meet dad half way to do our daily car drop off pick up. We live about 3 miles from Cornell and so I decided to start walking and meet Lonnie wherever we ended up. Ummmmm a block away, and it seriously took about a half hour. I think we have entered the totally distracted by flying fuzz, puddles, cracks on the sidewalk, passing short buses and pretty much anything that moves stage. He was moving slower than molasses in January or march. We splashed in a few puddles and then went to the track to burn off some energy. Oh, how thankful I am for a large enclosed area for him to run around in. The long jump pit serves as a wonderfully large sandbox and the exercise equipment makes a nice jungle gym, even if grumpy guy in tight sweatpants gave us ugly looks. This kid needed to get outside and run around. He's been cooped up all winter and it does his little soul good to run free....and it does my soul good too! We had a "picnic" with dad and the headed home for naps...hooray for naps!! It breaks up our day, which makes me VERY happy, sometimes the days can get so long and I begin to count the minutes until Lonnie gets home. It's Friday (which means nothing to a stay at home mom) BUT Lonnie is home this weekend, probably the only weekend until June. I will be taking full advantage of him in many ways (not that way! although he probably wishes it was that way) Got to go finish my iceberg chopping, it's almost gone!!

Happy Friday.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here's to having a cookie jar and keeping it full

Our little Cardinals fan. More like...get this hat off my head now.
Hooray for cookies. Baylor and I made a great big batch of chocolate chip cookies this morning as we practiced our measuring. I turned around to grab the flour and he had his entire mouth in the bowl with a huge mouthful or brown sugar...mmmm, anyone want some chocolate chip saliva cookies? At least it was better than last time where he ate a big spoonful of shortening. Nothing like a little Crisco in the morning. And nothing like cookies, homemade, and eaten in large quantities for breakfast. A little cookie never killed anyone.

Baylor went an entire morning without even mentioning the t.v No Sesame Street, No Veggie Tales, No nothing. We play hide the dinosaur, hide the ball and hide Brody. Brody wasn't so much into that game. Took a break to vacuum (holding Brody of course because the vacuum freaks him out) and then back to hiding toys. Brody is driving me bonkers with his lack of sleeping, napping or any activity involving closing his eyes for more than five minutes. I know he's exhausted, he yawns and rubs his eyes and is cranky, but yet refuses to nap and is still waking up at night. I'm pretty sure it's taken over my life....worrying, stressing and obsessing about his sleeping habits, but when you kids don't sleep well, nothing seem to go well. I'm cranky, he's cranky, Baylor's cranky and that makes Lonnie cranky. Might as well call us the Crankies.
I do believe I see grass in our lawn. It's not pretty and not green, but it's grass. Didn't know that existed. They said on the news this morning that this is the first time we've had 8 straight days without precipitation since November...craziness.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

There's an elephant on my chest

Since we don't wear big boy pants on our butt, why not put them on our head? Check out his orange nose....think we should lay off the sweet potatoes and carrots?
Baylor, showing me his big manly muscles.
I guess you could say I have a chest cold....strange feeling in my chest and times. I feel okay, a little tired, but that could be from chopping ice or chasing kids. I did go to bed last night at 7:30....I tried to stay awake for American Idol, but got bored and fell asleep. I was also drugged up with sleepy pills. More fun times. I tried to practice my cornet today and between the coughing and Baylor wanting to get my old trumpet out and play but then deciding to accompany me on the piano instead, there was no point. I think Baylor is going to be my music lover, which thrills me to death.
It was a glorious day. We went on TWO walks today!!! One in the morning, still a little breezy and I forgot to put the "snow tires" on the stroller so I ended up in the street, but it was worth it. Then this afternoon when both boys decided to boycott their naps, I put Brody in the stroller and Baylor licked his snowman for about 30 minutes, while I chopped the melting iceberg. I was okay with the licking as long it was white not yellow or brown snow. He kept insisting that it was a giant snow cone. The Lisbon snowplow drove by two times and waved....I would have waved back, but mine would be with one finger instead of five. (just kidding, I'm not advocating flipping anyone or anything off)
I told Baylor the t.v broke was one of those "mommy lies" that are okay for a little bit. He has been on a veggie tales kick and that is all he wants to do.....not cool. I'm all for a little educational t.v once in a while, but he has been demanding the t.v and that is the last thing I want. My mom also thinks that ADD and ADHD are linked to television and sensory issues, with so much going on so fast, it's hard for them to process. I agree with that, but I do think some t.v is good for interaction and learning, like Sesame street. I like to have the t.v on in the background simply for noise because I never watch it, but I've realized that even having the t.v on is adding to Baylor's addiction. I limited the t.v before, but we are going to limit it even more.
On a happy side note: It's 7:15 and both of my kids are sleeping!!! We'll see how long this lasts.
I was tagged on MamaMiller's blog. The "game of tag" is that you're supposed to write down 7 facts (fun and strange) about yourself and then tag seven more peoples blogs. I think all of my 7 people are already tagged, but I'll give you my seven facts :)
1. I had major back surgery when I was 11 and was in body cast for 6 months. The Dr's didn't think I'd walk again, but I proved them wrong and even played two sports in college. I have a huge scar down my back that my brother has lovingly dubbed the "extended butt crack."
2. I'm afraid of drains and the telephone. I HATE THEM. I won't swim over them in the swimming pool and I won't touch them in the shower. I also don't like the phone and didn't order my first pizza until I was in college because I was scared.
3. I'm passionate about music. I play the cornet (trumpet) and played the piano for 10 years. I've always wanted to learn to play the cello and I love the weirdest combination of music, just pop in one of my mix cd's, from rap to classical to country to blues.
4. My dream is to live on a farm, in a old farmhouse with lots of land and horses and an art studio. I want a pond so my boys can swim and play and learn to grow things and get super dirty, and I can watch the sun go down from my kitchen window.
5. I'm a huge tomboy with a girlie side. I love sports, fishing, wearing sweatpants, getting dirty, fixing things, hardware stores, but I also love getting dolled up, putting makeup on and wearing a dress (like that is ever going to happen again) That is why I'm thrilled with two boys.
6. I married my track coach (well, he was the men's coach) it's a long story, ask me about it sometime!
7. I went into college pre-med because I wanted to be a Dr. but up being an art teacher! I can't do math to save my soul, but I would have been a great Dr. but I absolutely love being a mom and all of the exhaustion, frustration and craziness that comes with it!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brody's Law

An object (or baby) in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by another force (i.e mom, table, big brother) Holy buckets, this kid won't stop moving. It's go go go go from the time he wakes in the wee hours of the morn, until he sleeps and even then he would rather launch himself out of the crib. He is pulling up to everything. This morning, I thought I could get a quick shower before 1pm, so I put him on the bathroom floor, surrounded by toys galore. I was shampooing my hair and looked down to see his smiling little face, peeing through the shower curtain and dripping wet from the shower. Forget peeing in private, now I can't even shower in private.

Got groceries today (note to self: never shop hungry) but I was without children, I pawned them off (just kidding, someone offered to watch them) which by the way has been a HUGE blessing in my life! Grandma is sick with some cold/flu...she came up we are waiting for symptoms from all three of us....I have a scratchy throat and my ears hurt, but I can handle a cold...the flu on the other hand. We all got flu shots (not that that matters anyways) except for Brody because he was too young, so I hope we all just stay healthy, we've made it this far!!! Which speaking of spring (kind of) it's 45 today and tomorrow...even nicer!!!! Maybe this will melt the icberg in front of our mailbox and maybe, just maybe we can get our mudroom door shut (it's still frozen open) More goodies, including doggie bombs, are yet to be discovered in the back yard. I will take mud over snow any day.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The maid is off duty and the new kitchen cabinets

That's right. The maid (aka known as the mama) is officially on strike, off duty, calling it quits, whatever. Yes, I know I am a stay at home mom and it's my job to clean, cook, launder, organize, sort, feed, distribute, fold, iron, discipline, love on, let out, take in, take out, make, chauffeur, cut, wipe, you name it BUT I cannot do this without the help of the only other adult in the house that can actually carry a load of laundry down the stairs or simply put the dishes in the dish washer. I think this other adult in the house, would be amazed when he came home if I decided not to do any of the chores listed above....pure chaos. You would think that three large over flowing baskets blocking the entrance to the stairs, so they would NOT be missed, would deter the other adult in this house whom shall remain nameless, or at least make him stop and bring on of them down to the laundry. Absolutely not. Instead, they were simply shoved to one side, in order to reclaim the path leading downstairs....until, with mouth full of toothpaste, I managed to yell and throw some dirty socks at him. On to the kitchen....I make nice ham and cheese omelets for breakfast (what a good mom) and while trying to suck the coffee out of the machine before it hits the pot because I'm so tired, I feed Brody, feed Baylor and feed the other adult in the house whom shall still remain nameless, let the dogs out, let the dogs in and start a load of laundry that has finally..yes, finally made it downstairs. You would think that after a nice breakfast or any meal for that matter, you could at least put the dishes in the sink or even better....two feet to the right, in the dishwasher....ummm nope. So, after much consideration and talking with my agents, I (the maid) am on strike. I am not complaining about my job, I just need a little help from the other adult in the house that will remain nameless but I'm pretty sure you can figure out who it is. I know he works hard and is tired, but I can't begin to explain the exhaustion from being woken up every three hours. I cannot do everything by myself...and when I say everything, I mean everything, including re-painting the kitchen cabinets in one myself. One of these days, I am going to take photos of everything this "adult" has left out or left open or not put away (i.e setting the roll of toilet paper ON the empty roll....seriously, it takes two seconds dude) and post them on this blog for everyone to laugh at and say, " I feel your pain!" Okay, venting done. On to much brighter the new cabinets!!! Yippee.

So I finished the cabinets...finally! After many trips to Ace Hardware and Menards, one quarter inch drill bit, 47 different screws, one can of paint, one can of primer, hardware and painters tape later....they look fabulous (or at least I think so) They really brighten up the kitchen and make it much more homey...since I spend 89% of my day in there. It's on to my next project...the mudroom aka known as the garage or catch-all. I would like to turn it into the "laundry" room or a crafting room, but it has no heat, so that is a major issue. Plus, we would have to have someone who can do plumbing, hook up the washer/dryer because Lonnie and I are simply retarded with that stuff.

Baylor and I are going to decorate Easter eggs today....I can't believe Easter is in a few weeks!! Looks like we'll be hunting for eggs in with snow shovels. We started a chart for Baylor aka known as the "no crying at bedtime chart," he has recently been sobbing at night when we leave him (for major attention) and it's getting old. So with the use of good ole bribery, we hope to nip this growing problem in the butt. Five stickers equals one small toy at Dollar General. I'm also making a chore chart for him, because he is old enough to at least be picking up toys and brushing his teeth, this way it can be very visual to him and maybe it will become more ingrained in his head. That is yet to be seen. I am also banning the word, "NO!" from his vocabulary and making him reply, "yes most wonderful and beautiful mother" Think that will work? Can you tell that I'm exhausted from Brody up THREE times a night again!! Make it stop....please!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Take that Menards!

I think it's time we invested in a baby bra for this dude, don't you? Nice rack Brody.
Seriously. If I have to go back to that store (as much as I love hardware stores) I might throw a Baylor tantrum in the kitchen and bath isle. Once again (this would be trip #3) back to find me some nice cabinet hardware for my newly painted cabinets (looking sharp I might add, I put up a photo when they're all done) Found the ones I wanted and on sale too! Bonus. Bonus #2 would be that my mom came with so we could have one on one vs. zone defense on the midgets. So I got them home and they don't fit, apparently my old hardware was from the 70's and the newer stuff doesn't quite fit right with the holes in our drawers. Oh, so frustrated. Looks like another field trip to saving "Big" money at Menards. (In case you non-iowans are like, what the heck is Menards? Think Home Depot, Lowes but blue collar and slightly redneck at times and the only place you can buy 14 4x4's, a cordless power drill and milk in the same store)
WINGING IT. If I write a book on parenting, I think that might be my title. It's amazing to me that my kids are still alive, only one trip to the ER (with many more to come) teeth are in tact and they still love me. I seem to have misplaced my Compete Handbook to Raising Two Boys, have you seen it? Granted, the Bible is my #1 choice for all your parenting advice, but my handbook had nice pictures :) Remember I don't read, I look and draw pretty things.
I learn so much every day from these kiddos and suffer from a severe case of Momnesia once in a while ....okay, most of the time(while you laugh, that is a seriously real term!) I can't imagine a better job than being a mama.
OPERATION POTTY: I think I'm turning this one over to my mom. She got Baylor to go when I was at the store. In fact, she can get him to do just about anything, what's up with that? I just hope I can do as good of job as she did with us, with my boys. I think I turned out okay, a little nuts at times, but birthing children will do that to you.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My date with Jimmy

Jimmy John's that is. LOVE Jimmy John's!!! It's #1....The Pepe, for me all the way. That is where the Speidel family went on our "family" date tonight....then the mall where Baylor exclaimed, "I'm sighted mom, really sighted!" He loves the play area, I think it's crawling with germs, but we let him play. Brody actually liked it too...he was flirting with this other crawling chica, way to go son.

Still cold. Wishing for warmth and no more snow. Tomorrow it's cabinet painting time! Late...need sleep.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

All alone in Home Depot

Look mom, I found the tape.
I'm alone for two hours and what do I do? Yup, it's off to the hardware stores. First stop, Menards then Home Depot. I am admittedly a hardware store junkie, it gets the creative juices flowing. I was actually on a mission....cabinet hardware. You know me and patience when it comes to projects is like trying to hold a sucker away from a two year old. I had to start waiting for spring. I started priming the multi-colored fake wood/real wood cabinets and didn't realize what a huge job it was and what an enormous mess my kitchen would be. Baylor comes in and exclaims, "mom! Who made this big mess?!" Oh, it's all me son. So back to Home Depot.....kind of intimidating walking in and guys with bright orange aprons on scrambling to help the poor lost lady with a decaf skim latte in her hand. Stand back men, I'm on a mission. I told them what I was looking for and they seemed taken aback that I actually knew what I was talking about and the measurements, but of course they didn't have any. There happened to be a Gordman's next door, so I thought I might swing by check out some clothes. Now, I'm at the age where I'm in between Juniors and Misses but definitely not women's. Kind of like a pre-mid-life crisis only it's in the clothing department. So I headed to the clearance rack instead to avoid any confusion. Grabbed a handful of shirts and then headed to the dressing room (all of this done in record time because as a mom, you are always rushed) Drama in the dressing room. First of all, who the heck puts fluorescent lights in a dressing room!!! Pure whiteness. Along with a full length depression. I know having kids doesn't necessarily make you into a supermodel, but I was at least hoping for a little elasticity with some of my skin. So.... I am not eating....ever. I got so flustered that I just walked out and headed home. It's sweatpants and t-shirts for me for the rest of my life. I can't even imagine putting on a swimsuit...a wetsuit, maybe. I guess it will give me something to work for when I can start running outside again.

Last night, Lonnie and I were watching Super Nanny and it was with this family with seven kids! They had one son that was ADHD (which in my humble opinion is over diagnosed, but I'm no doctor) but this kid had some tantrum issues. Lonnie turns to me and to my horror says, "that's what Baylor does sometimes, he's going to be like that." Oh no. Just because we have entered the phase of tantrum every time we leave some place and he has also started saying, "No, don't say that!" oh yes, and how could I forget the fact that I got sucker punched this morning in the face. Doesn't mean he will grow up throwing chairs and punching walls. It's called discipline and that is why we work on it now, rather than fight it later. He has been in time out three times this morning and we got out the spankin spoon once. But despite the fact that he has his, "days" he is one amazing kid. His new thing is to say, "oh, I'm tired" or "I no feel good," when we give him a warning for his behaviour. He's getting pretty smart and very creative,but that's what he love about him.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Little chomper

Take time to smell the....rain boots. Yummy.
Ouch. All I have to say. Brody has two bottom teeth and now has all four top teeth, which make for very sharp bunny fangs. He uses them for chewing toys, chewing crib, chewing new rain boots and chewing mom. If any a time to think about weaning, it would be now. I think when you become a mother, you lose all consciousness of space and time. Like today when I called a friend who's birthday I knew was on Tuesday....I swear it was Tuesday, so excited that I remembered, I phoned her up. Wrong. Today is Wednesday. Birthday yesterday. Hello!!! Good news, it's Wednesday....tomorrow is Thursday and band day (a long awaited escape to normal adult conversation and release of stress through music) I am embracing the inner band nerd whole heartily and have high hopes for Baylor in the music department (this kid can make a sound on a trumpet already and plays the vacuum cleaner attachments like a pro)

So I was reading (yes, reading) an article on the best classes for toddlers. Hello?! You cannot put the words classes and toddler in the same sentence. The article went on to describe which art, music, gym classes were best and how much they would cost. Here's a about you teach them yourself?! You are the mom right? Gym class: playing outside, park, running on track, sandbox, jumping on couch. Art class (my personal fav): finger painting, play dough, glue, sparkles, crayons, ripping paper, chalk.....making an enormous mess. Music: spoons on pans, plunking on severely out of tune piano, vacuum cleaner attachments, singing Veggies Tales songs. So my point being, do we really need, "classes" to teach our kids this stuff? They are eventually going to spend a good chunk of their young life in "class" why not let them enjoy their freedom while they can. So many things can be learned inside the home and outside of the home with the best teacher of all...the mama (or the daddy) For example, yesterday at the library, mister curious pants found a dead wasp......which he was dead set was a beetle. So what a great opportunity to teach him about wasps, check out a bug book and learn from something crusty and dead. Now he thinks he has a stinger coming out of his butt (wouldn't that be nice?)

THINKING SPRING: Let the garage sale countdown begin. I've already started a list of the bargains I will be searching for. Can't wait. I'm actually thinking of having a little yard sale with a few friends. I have a few garage sale addict friends and I believe they have been foaming at the mouth, ready for the sales to begin. They are die hard though, I haven't reached the "wear biker shorts so you can try clothes on" stage yet. Lonnie just shakes his head when I leave at 6:30 in the morning in order to make it to the beginning of the sale...he's a rookie though, does not understand garage sale thinking, needs much training.

Got another inch of snow...only three inches from the record. We also had a nice chat with the mail man this morning....told us we needed to chop about five more feet of six inch thick ice in order for us to actually get our mail in our mailbox. Good luck Lonnie, you're all over that. I'll walk to the post office.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Watch out Eli Manning

Well, I guess we can say he dresses like his father now :) He wanted to be a football player this morning and needed his "football" helmet (formerly known as a bike helmet) He ran up and down the hallway with a football in one hand and a brownie in another, with both dogs chasing him. One wanted the brownie and the other wanted the football. We started some major spring cleaning today and I still can't believe how much "stuff" we have. I started with the laundry closet, went through the cabinets, vacuumed behind and inside the dryer (a must for preventing fires in your lint trap) Organized the laundry soaps etc. Then it was on to the shoes and then went through just two of the many many Tupperware containers of clothes. I can't believe how many clothes these kids have, and so many that they never got to wear because they grew out of them faster than I could get them in their closets. I'll save most of the clothes until we are sure we're not adding to the Speidel brood, but we don't know what is in our fruitfully multiplying future is yet.

So Brody's last week amazing sleeping at night adventure has ended with an abrupt screech. He is up two or three times a night again and taking half hour naps....what is wrong with my children? Why don't they sleep? Both boys were up this morning 5am. I grabbed Baylor (still not sure why he was crying) threw him in our bed, then nursed Brody back to sleep (he totally didn't need food though) and tried to get another hour of sleep. Brody screamed for his afternoon nap before falling asleep for a half hour...just enough time for me to shower, dry my hair, start another load of laundry and finish the dishes. That is not what I planned on doing for my peace and quiet time. I just want to cry or punch a wall, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Okay, deep breath.

Monday, March 3, 2008

When Michael Jackson's Beat it calms the baby....

Yea. Let me set the scene for the baby drama. Driving in car. SCREAMING baby. Rocking car-seat, throwing toys at him, making Baylor make faces at him....NOTHING is working. Turn on radio....classical music, that's calming right? Wrong. Makes crying worse. Put in mix cd....push play....Michael Jackson's Beat it comes on....Brody stops crying and I start laughing. Too bad Mike's in jail or Abudabi or getting some more plastic surgery, I like his music anyways.

Well, let's see here. Yet another Iowa snow/ice/sleet/rain storm last night. It started out as 55 degrees, then came the thunderstorm with rain (love thunderstorms) and then the temp dropped to 20 degrees, freezing rain and snow. Iowa is bipolar when it comes to weather. Looking on the bright side, Easter is in a few weeks and that means lots of chocolate eggs. Hooray for chocolate. Maybe this year it will be warm and we can actually hide the eggs outside. It's very early this year, but I'm at least hoping for green grass. My favorite Easter treat are stale have to open the package, leave them out a few days and then they're in perfect eating condition.

I had an follow-up ultrasound on my breast this morning to make sure everything was still benign, and it was. They gave me the option of having the mass removed later, but I'm perfectly fine without being sliced open thank you....unless they can give my post nursing boobs a little lift and then I'm all over that. I'm pretty sure that was too much information....sorry. My mom went with me (she's such a good mom!) and then came to our house for lunch and entertainment provided by Baylor. I'm not sure what it is, but whenever Lonnie puts Brody down for a nap, he sleeps two hours....then I put him down....45 minutes!!! What is up with that. I'm taking Baylor to the track today to run run run run and more running, hopefully burning off some of his pent up aggrestion towards his newly mobile brother. I also got my haircut on Saturday....very short. The lady told me I looked 12....great, that was not the intent. It's very easy (that was the intent) and fun and good for summer, we'll see how long it lasts.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Brown snow is better than yellow snow...I think

Glorious 54 degrees!!! Oh, I can smell spring (and the diaper pail) from here. One of my favorite smells in the world, besides that of dyer sheets, newborn baby and clean man, is rain on concrete. Seriously, next time you're outside when it just begins to sprinkle, take a big whiff (steering clear of any pig farms, sewage plants or my diaper pail) It smells spring.
We did some major ice chipping/jackhammering today...made little progress, but now have forearms of steel. The snow is s l o w l y melting and it's raining, so that should melt some of it too...except for the fact that as we speak, we're under a winter weather've got to be kidding me. I went to the grocery store in a t-shirt (and pants of course, nobody wants to see these white legs) and no coat! It's funny because now I began to find things in the backyard that I couldn't previously find under major snow...Baylor's yellow shovel....the to the garbage can......a toy truck.....a frozen carrot (used for a nose)......a small child (just kidding) Let the great melt begin...please!! Unfortunately, I think we're getting more snow...once again. Might as well since we're only a few inches from the record. I will be very happy when I can no longer make posts about stupid snow...then it will be stupid mud and puddles :)

So Brody broke his five day streak of sleeping through the night by getting up every three hours last night, and now that I was totally spoiled from getting more than three hours of sleep, I was even more angry at him for waking up. Then he smiled at me...darn it, can't stay mad for long. He is SO happy to be mobile, and is even more happy to catch his brother (whom he adores) and drool all over him.
OPERATION POTTY: Still defiance on the home front. Bought a new super duper deluxe potty chair with padded seat and a must have with little boys...little splash guard for the pee pee. Last time we tried, Baylor shot about three feet missing my toes by a margin..."mommy, I did it, I peed in the toilet!" This is what I was thinking: Umm actually you sprayed all over the floor...This is what I said: Great job Baylor, I'm so proud of you!!! So I thought we needed to make an investment of a nice potty chair with a protective shield. I brought it home and told Baylor it was his present, hoping to get him all excited about being a big boy...not so much. "I no want that present, take it back." It was like watching teeth getting pulled. Ahhh, better luck next time. I might try jelly bean or m&m's...isn't bribery great?

p.s I'm really glad the spellchecker is working again, no one needs to see how badly I spell or fail to proofread

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I want some PBJ ASAP 10-4?

That's right. I feed Baylor PB and J (for those of you unfamiliar with cheap unhealthy food lingo...that is peanut butter and Jelly) and he likes it....a lot. In fact, he licks the jelly off...then licks the peanut butter off and chews little holes through the bread...just like his mom...I could never be prouder (my dad used to call me sandwhich destroyer) Do you know what else he likes? (shriek) Mac and Cheese....and hot dogs! Call me crazy, but we had that for lunch yesterday, mighty tasty. As I sit here watching Saturday cartoons in order to regain some sanity by actually sitting down for more than two seconds, and see the crazy commercials for FRESH, WHOLE, ORGANIC and NONFAT (I glaze over the nonfat..not part of my vocabulary...I like my butter) it just makes me laugh. What toddler eats a fresh leafy green spinach salad with whole grain crutons and fat free dressing? That's what I thought. We like our PB and J please, simple, easy, cheap and good. I know what you're, her kids are going to have rotten teeth, weight 200lbs and have heart attacks at age I'd like to clarify that we do eat healthy, but I want my kiddos to have a fun childhood enjoying sweets once in a while, PBJ, mac and cheese and pigs in a blanket (my favorite childhood meal) Okay, enough food for thought.

Baylor has been quite a little stinker these days because Brody is now moving....moving into HIS SPACE. He has been asking me if I could, "go put Brody in the kitchen" or " can Brody go away?" and poor little Brody just wants to crawl all over him and suck on his nose! My prayer is that they will be good buddies, sparing partners and only knock out a few teeth once in a while. I think the jealousy is finally setting in with Baylor, especially when Lonnie is away and can't spend quality dad time with him. C'mon Baylor, brothers don't shake hands, Brothers gotta hug!!