Thursday, March 6, 2008

All alone in Home Depot

Look mom, I found the tape.
I'm alone for two hours and what do I do? Yup, it's off to the hardware stores. First stop, Menards then Home Depot. I am admittedly a hardware store junkie, it gets the creative juices flowing. I was actually on a mission....cabinet hardware. You know me and patience when it comes to projects is like trying to hold a sucker away from a two year old. I had to start waiting for spring. I started priming the multi-colored fake wood/real wood cabinets and didn't realize what a huge job it was and what an enormous mess my kitchen would be. Baylor comes in and exclaims, "mom! Who made this big mess?!" Oh, it's all me son. So back to Home Depot.....kind of intimidating walking in and guys with bright orange aprons on scrambling to help the poor lost lady with a decaf skim latte in her hand. Stand back men, I'm on a mission. I told them what I was looking for and they seemed taken aback that I actually knew what I was talking about and the measurements, but of course they didn't have any. There happened to be a Gordman's next door, so I thought I might swing by check out some clothes. Now, I'm at the age where I'm in between Juniors and Misses but definitely not women's. Kind of like a pre-mid-life crisis only it's in the clothing department. So I headed to the clearance rack instead to avoid any confusion. Grabbed a handful of shirts and then headed to the dressing room (all of this done in record time because as a mom, you are always rushed) Drama in the dressing room. First of all, who the heck puts fluorescent lights in a dressing room!!! Pure whiteness. Along with a full length depression. I know having kids doesn't necessarily make you into a supermodel, but I was at least hoping for a little elasticity with some of my skin. So.... I am not eating....ever. I got so flustered that I just walked out and headed home. It's sweatpants and t-shirts for me for the rest of my life. I can't even imagine putting on a swimsuit...a wetsuit, maybe. I guess it will give me something to work for when I can start running outside again.

Last night, Lonnie and I were watching Super Nanny and it was with this family with seven kids! They had one son that was ADHD (which in my humble opinion is over diagnosed, but I'm no doctor) but this kid had some tantrum issues. Lonnie turns to me and to my horror says, "that's what Baylor does sometimes, he's going to be like that." Oh no. Just because we have entered the phase of tantrum every time we leave some place and he has also started saying, "No, don't say that!" oh yes, and how could I forget the fact that I got sucker punched this morning in the face. Doesn't mean he will grow up throwing chairs and punching walls. It's called discipline and that is why we work on it now, rather than fight it later. He has been in time out three times this morning and we got out the spankin spoon once. But despite the fact that he has his, "days" he is one amazing kid. His new thing is to say, "oh, I'm tired" or "I no feel good," when we give him a warning for his behaviour. He's getting pretty smart and very creative,but that's what he love about him.


Sharon said...

you are sooo funny. i didn't know you were in love with hardware stores too! i'd rather browse through lowe's any day over a clothing store. in fact, i worked in one when i was in college. not too many women know what male and female cuplings are. i loved making keys too! the more i read your blog, the more i realize that we truly are mirrored-souls. the kitchen project mess...that is so me!! oh yeah, it's your turn!

Crazy Mom said...

First of all, WHO has 7 kids and then wonders why they can't keep track of them? I watched a bit of that episode too, and yes, I believe ADHD is overdiagnosed. Most of those kids are sensory integration messes, but that's another soapbox.

Here's your magic crystal ball of what you have to look forward to in 2 years, based on what Baylor is saying when he's busted. His name is my son Jack and he's almost 5. I wish you a lot of luck, cuz, well, you will need it! You love 'em, but somehow they outsmart and out logic you in the discipline dept. How is that possible?

Crazy Mom said...

What is Gordmans?