Sunday, March 30, 2008

Brothers don't shake hands, brothers got to hug...or bite or wipe snot on your face

This photo was clearly taken before they were sick with ear infections and their snot runneth over. I do believe they're on the mend in the pain department but if they sold snot on eBay, we'd be taking a Hawaiian vacation next week. Too bad snot doesn't serve some magical medical remedy like making stretch marks disappear or abs reappear? If that were the case, I'd be bathing in it nightly....having said that insanely disgusting comment, I will now retract the statement that I just made mention to the fact that I would bathe in snot...probably the lack of sleep talking. So we played hookie from church this morning because I think when the snot is green they are banned from nursery anyways (which is where we probably caught it in the first place) so we'd be hanging out in the lobby like most Sundays. I haven't heard an entire sermon since before Baylor was born I think. Anyhoo, I escaped this morning with the dogs and took them on a long walk while Brody took an amazingly long nap, the poor kid was just exhausted. It was gorgeous out and we took the opportunity to let them play outside while we raked, picked up insane amounts of doggie doo and picked up sticks from the very first ice storm. Much to my dismay, Brody liked the grass, I was hoping he'd just sit there freaked out by the texture of the grass. In the time it took me to walk to the shed, get a rake and return, he had already eaten a chunk of dog food (swiped that one out) then a piece of chalk, a leaf, dead grass and was working on a twig. That will make his bowels move..a little tree fiber.
I had great visions for my vegetable garden and flower beds in the front. In case you don't know me....I don't have a green thumb, in fact, it's rather black. I kill things. I can even kill plants that are "hearty" and aren't supposed to die. Can't believe our children and dogs are still alive. I want to plan something easy and that requires little sun in the front bed and some creeping vines along the fence line. As for veggies go, I think I'll stick with the tomatoes (Roma for my salsa and big boys for my big boys) green beans (they got eaten by strange bugs last year) zucchini (bugs again) lettuce or spinach and Baylor wants to plant a huge pumpkin (which also got eaten by strange bugs last year) Okay all of you garden freaks, I need some help here. I need some good full shade flowers or bushes for the front and please tell me how to get rid of squash bugs or whatever the heck ate all of my beans and gourds last year.
Okay, funny Baylor story. So on Friday, I had been going all day and had only sat to pee (and of course that wasn't alone) so I was sitting in the kitchen trying to feed Brody who was screaming and I turned the t.v on. Baylor comes running in from the living room, gives me this stern look and says, " We don't need t.v mom, I said turn it off." Then he pulled up a chair, pushed it off and said, "I said no." and proceeded to walk out of the room. I tried to keep a straight face and apologize for "misbehaving" but it was so darn cute. Is that what I really sound like? At least he got the fact that we don't need t.v!! Hooray, it's working.
I also took today to reflect on how wonderful my kids are, even when they don't sleep or they have gallons of snot pouring out of crevices. What a huge blessing they are and I love that they are pretty much imperfect and their different personalities shine bright. They have taught me more about myself, my marriage and God than anyone. They are really just "on loan" from God, but I can't imagine life without them. Thanks God, you did good.

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Janice said...

Ahhhh, flowers, I can help ya out there! I am excited to see that mine are starting to come up! Those yucky bugs got my rhubarb too grrrr.