Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brody's new do

Brody has grown up...a little. 1. He ate green veggies for dinner...GREEN!! 2. He let me cut his hair with the clippers and didn't do his famous freak out routine. ( you know, the one where the eyes bug out and the lip quivers) Now if he can just talk his older brother into eating veggies. He now has a new do and it makes him look so much better (well, at least his parents think so) Baylor says he looks, "sharp" I wish he would grow up in the nap/sleeping department. Still up twice a night and short naps....it's wearing on him and wearing on me. I can understand newborns up at night...but C'mon dude, you're almost 8 months old, you're crawling over everything and almost walking....heck, you even ate eggs for breakfast, that certainly constitutes cause for celebration and I do believe you should celebrate by sleeping through the night....please!? He has big black bags under his eyes from not sleeping...that match mine!
I haven't had the best of luck with joints and bones in my life. I've had major back surgery, knee surgery, numerous stress fractures from running, broken bones, bursitis, tendinitis...you name it, I've probably had it. Carpal tunnel runs in the family and apparently mine decided to come early. I've always had bad wrists since gymnastics, but it's gotten pretty bad. I have a constant throb in my wrist and it falls asleep all the time. I can't even open a bottle of water anymore with my right hand....grrrrrr. I'm going to invest in the dorky wrist brace and we'll see if that helps. Maybe it's all this blogging? Have to keep my mind sharp somehow.
Today Baylor and I bowled in the kitchen. He loved it. We set up some water bottle pins and then rolled the Nerf ball down the hall. "mom, i'm bowlin!" Who needs toys when you have empty water bottles?!
So you know that Suave commercial that say, "80% of mom's have let themselves go, 100% can get themselves back" Hello, please come save me. There was a time in my life that I would never step foot out of the house without makeup or at least mascara. Then I moved to, just mascara (blond eyelashes!) because I didn't want to scare small children, mine are just used to it. Now, I just throw on old grubby jeans a sweatshirt, spritz the hair with Baylor's no more tangles and make sure there are no leftover carrots smushed on my face from lunch. ...this is if I actually get OUT OF THE HOUSE. When I bought a very ugly pair of the knock off crocs in fire truck red, I swore that I would never wear them out of the house.....riiiiiight. They never leave my feet.....so comfortable. Makeup? What's that? I need some major help, a mommy overhaul, something.


Crazy Mom said...

This is a huge topic at girl dates. I think we all feel gross and have attributed it to the weather. Summer and tans need to come and quick! I never wore make-up Before kids though, so I don't really now either. I just look worse because I'm more tired, pasty, and have food and snot stuck in my hair.

Crazy Mom said...

PS: Per your previous blog regarding the boys eating dog poo--I have decided that it's okay as long as it's organic.

Is dog poo organic?