Sunday, March 2, 2008

Brown snow is better than yellow snow...I think

Glorious 54 degrees!!! Oh, I can smell spring (and the diaper pail) from here. One of my favorite smells in the world, besides that of dyer sheets, newborn baby and clean man, is rain on concrete. Seriously, next time you're outside when it just begins to sprinkle, take a big whiff (steering clear of any pig farms, sewage plants or my diaper pail) It smells spring.
We did some major ice chipping/jackhammering today...made little progress, but now have forearms of steel. The snow is s l o w l y melting and it's raining, so that should melt some of it too...except for the fact that as we speak, we're under a winter weather've got to be kidding me. I went to the grocery store in a t-shirt (and pants of course, nobody wants to see these white legs) and no coat! It's funny because now I began to find things in the backyard that I couldn't previously find under major snow...Baylor's yellow shovel....the to the garbage can......a toy truck.....a frozen carrot (used for a nose)......a small child (just kidding) Let the great melt begin...please!! Unfortunately, I think we're getting more snow...once again. Might as well since we're only a few inches from the record. I will be very happy when I can no longer make posts about stupid snow...then it will be stupid mud and puddles :)

So Brody broke his five day streak of sleeping through the night by getting up every three hours last night, and now that I was totally spoiled from getting more than three hours of sleep, I was even more angry at him for waking up. Then he smiled at me...darn it, can't stay mad for long. He is SO happy to be mobile, and is even more happy to catch his brother (whom he adores) and drool all over him.
OPERATION POTTY: Still defiance on the home front. Bought a new super duper deluxe potty chair with padded seat and a must have with little boys...little splash guard for the pee pee. Last time we tried, Baylor shot about three feet missing my toes by a margin..."mommy, I did it, I peed in the toilet!" This is what I was thinking: Umm actually you sprayed all over the floor...This is what I said: Great job Baylor, I'm so proud of you!!! So I thought we needed to make an investment of a nice potty chair with a protective shield. I brought it home and told Baylor it was his present, hoping to get him all excited about being a big boy...not so much. "I no want that present, take it back." It was like watching teeth getting pulled. Ahhh, better luck next time. I might try jelly bean or m&m's...isn't bribery great?

p.s I'm really glad the spellchecker is working again, no one needs to see how badly I spell or fail to proofread

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