Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gone with the wind

....eave spouts....plastic yellow shovel....garbage can lids.....beagle....that is what is flying across the yard as we speak. It's marvelous out, but a bit breezy :) You should see the dog's ears, they look like the flying nun (for you oldies that remember that movie) They have also taken up their favorite springtime activity...rolling in dog crap, bird poo or dead things. Yum. I think I've figured out why no one wants to hang out at my house...they are all dog haters. C'mon people, show the doggies some love...and show me some love, I need human contact. I will enjoy every second of this weather because we're supposed to get snow Thursday...poo. Lonnie will be in St.Louis Thursday-Saturday for a decathlon meet at Wash U. We went two years ago and took Baylor with....once again, hotel rooms and babies don't mix.
Last summer they re-did the road outside of our street. They also did the curbs and took our grass with it. They sprayed this funky green fluff that was supposed to grow grass but now we have these huge bald spots in the front. Now, Lonnie is a bit of a grass Nazi. He loves his lawn and he loves his grass to the point of making me, the diaper bag, groceries and a child walk all the way around (the long way) just so I don't step on the "baby grass" As soon as the weather warms up, he'll be out there with his hose, rake and a big bag of grass seed. If only he took the time to put the toilet paper roll on as he did with the grass.....*sigh*

OPERATION SLEEP: I should probably call it, operation don't hurt the baby when he wakes you up two times a night....because he's obviously NOT SLEEPING. The last two nights, I let him cry through his first waking (usually around 11pm) and he made it and it only lasted a few minutes. Last night it was not crying it was screaming and it was at 12:30 and then 5:00am. I seriously think I get him in my sleep and don't realize it until the morning. He's also doing what Baylor did and take freaking 30 minute naps. That my friends, is what makes me go crazy. There is nothing worse than running around the house and warp speed, trying to clean, pick up and do everything you need to in 30 minutes. He's so overtired from taking power naps that he just whines all afternoon. I'm still wondering why two people can create such sleep haters. It's making me want to stop having kids. I KNOW it's only a season in my life, but this is the longest season I've ever been through. I know some of you know what I'm talking about!! It did get better with Baylor, but I don't think I can wait that long. I want sleep to be my friend again, actually I just want Brody to sleep better for his sake. Baylor is giving up his afternoon nap already. He will still have quiet time in his room until he's in school. He does a great job of staying in bed and reading, but last time I went up there I caught him doing a headstand on the bed and he was naked from the waist down..hmmmmmm there's a nice picture.
I got a few groceries today and bought some soy milk. I have to admit it's pretty good....it's not organic :) but it's good. I also bought some steak to make a Philly cheese steak (lonnie loves them) but the problem is, I've never made one before. It can't be that hard, but leave it to me to mess it up. I used to be really good about planning the meals for the week, down to the snacks. I've gotten lazy and need to get back on that, it really saves in groceries and with grocery prices the way they are, that is a good thing.
Okay...need to clean, boys are actually napping simultaneously!!!

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Kim said...

I have no idea how to make Brody sleep (other than sneaking a little Benadryl...I"m just kidding!...sort of), but we can solve the human contact problem. We've got Thursday and Friday mornings open...we can come over or you can come here. I'll bring the stale peeps we've been keeping for you.