Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here's to having a cookie jar and keeping it full

Our little Cardinals fan. More like...get this hat off my head now.
Hooray for cookies. Baylor and I made a great big batch of chocolate chip cookies this morning as we practiced our measuring. I turned around to grab the flour and he had his entire mouth in the bowl with a huge mouthful or brown sugar...mmmm, anyone want some chocolate chip saliva cookies? At least it was better than last time where he ate a big spoonful of shortening. Nothing like a little Crisco in the morning. And nothing like cookies, homemade, and eaten in large quantities for breakfast. A little cookie never killed anyone.

Baylor went an entire morning without even mentioning the t.v No Sesame Street, No Veggie Tales, No nothing. We play hide the dinosaur, hide the ball and hide Brody. Brody wasn't so much into that game. Took a break to vacuum (holding Brody of course because the vacuum freaks him out) and then back to hiding toys. Brody is driving me bonkers with his lack of sleeping, napping or any activity involving closing his eyes for more than five minutes. I know he's exhausted, he yawns and rubs his eyes and is cranky, but yet refuses to nap and is still waking up at night. I'm pretty sure it's taken over my life....worrying, stressing and obsessing about his sleeping habits, but when you kids don't sleep well, nothing seem to go well. I'm cranky, he's cranky, Baylor's cranky and that makes Lonnie cranky. Might as well call us the Crankies.
I do believe I see grass in our lawn. It's not pretty and not green, but it's grass. Didn't know that existed. They said on the news this morning that this is the first time we've had 8 straight days without precipitation since November...craziness.

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Crazy Mom said...

What time is breakfast tomorrow? I'm on my way.....

Not sure how I feel about the Cardinals outfit though....Maybe in my next mailing I'll send the boys some Red White and Blue. That's the team to Root for!