Saturday, March 22, 2008

I am not McLovin McCrabby

So when I get stressed out, tired or angry I throw myself into cleaning....I'm talking deep scrub the heck out of whatever is in my way cleaning. As we speak, my kitchen floor is so clean you could eat off of it....and my knuckles are not only bruised but raw. They had a little run in with the wall this morning when I came home from the 5 minute grocery store run for carrots and to my complete annoyance, Brody was up from his 30 minutes sorry wall, I had to punch something non living. Lonnie was on his way out the door with Baylor to go to the movie and I gave him the "if you leave me here with this screaming child there might be bits and pieces of me scattered amongst the floor when you return, " look. Can you drink this early in the morning? So I let him cry. There was no way he was going to take a 30 minute nap....and much to my dismay, after 45 minutes of fussing and crying he went back to sleep and I scrubbed the heck out of the floor while listening to LL Cool J's Mama said Knock you out very loudly. I know, not the best stress reliever, but you have to do something!!! It did get me thinking while I was on my knees in the kitchen, how God always takes the worst situations and makes you literally fall on your knees in reverence. I think this is God's way of saying, "hey you! I think you need to be on your knees for ME more often!" (just not scrubbing the floor...what about in prayer?) Very true. So instead of freaking out of McCrabby aka known as Brody Speidel, I will pray (for him, his sleep and me not to hurt anyone including myself)
So Easter is tomorrow....soooo early. I baked my famous carrot cake this morning for tomorrow and we're headed to Gramma and Papa Koser's for some swell Easter food. My Dad splurged and bought prime rib, not sure what got into him, but I will not argue with good red meat....just the way I like it, almost mooing. Baylor is stuck on this whole Easter egg thing...he is obsessed with "hatching" eggs. He makes a nest in his bed every night and when you ask him what he's doing he says, "Mom! I'm hatching an egg!" He carried around a real egg for a few hours yesterday until I heard another.."mom.....the egg hatched!!!" "hatched" all over my floor, thanks Baylor. I have great Easter memories. My brother barfing after eating too much chocolate bunny head and jelly beans, matching dresses with mom (they even matched my permed bangs!!! ouch) and hunting for eggs in the house and then finding them months later :) No, seriously I love Easter and we shouldn't forget that it's not all about the stale peeps (which by the way are almost done) but how Christ died for us and rose again! So look beyond the bunnies and maybe we can see the true meaning of Easter.
Speaking of Easter dresses. I was all excited to fit into some of my old dresses again (I was pregnant last Easter) and then I realized that in order for this to happen, people were going to see my legs. I will admit I have nice legs (at least my ego thinks so) the shape is perfect BUT they are covered in spider veins (genetics sucks) and so white that sunglasses may be necessary for viewing. So I've decided against the dress (it is only 34 today) and will try to wear something springy (even though I'd much rather wear jeans and a t shirt, that's the way I am) The boys have matching outfits, I had to do it now when I can get away with it. When they're older they will fight me tooth and nail and then I'll let them wear Elmo P.J's to school.....I'm all for dressing Independence, Baylor can't even take his socks off but he can name 12 dinosaurs including anklyosaurus and apatasaurus...go figure.

McCrabby calls. Have a great Easter!!! HE has RISEN!

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