Saturday, March 1, 2008

I want some PBJ ASAP 10-4?

That's right. I feed Baylor PB and J (for those of you unfamiliar with cheap unhealthy food lingo...that is peanut butter and Jelly) and he likes it....a lot. In fact, he licks the jelly off...then licks the peanut butter off and chews little holes through the bread...just like his mom...I could never be prouder (my dad used to call me sandwhich destroyer) Do you know what else he likes? (shriek) Mac and Cheese....and hot dogs! Call me crazy, but we had that for lunch yesterday, mighty tasty. As I sit here watching Saturday cartoons in order to regain some sanity by actually sitting down for more than two seconds, and see the crazy commercials for FRESH, WHOLE, ORGANIC and NONFAT (I glaze over the nonfat..not part of my vocabulary...I like my butter) it just makes me laugh. What toddler eats a fresh leafy green spinach salad with whole grain crutons and fat free dressing? That's what I thought. We like our PB and J please, simple, easy, cheap and good. I know what you're, her kids are going to have rotten teeth, weight 200lbs and have heart attacks at age I'd like to clarify that we do eat healthy, but I want my kiddos to have a fun childhood enjoying sweets once in a while, PBJ, mac and cheese and pigs in a blanket (my favorite childhood meal) Okay, enough food for thought.

Baylor has been quite a little stinker these days because Brody is now moving....moving into HIS SPACE. He has been asking me if I could, "go put Brody in the kitchen" or " can Brody go away?" and poor little Brody just wants to crawl all over him and suck on his nose! My prayer is that they will be good buddies, sparing partners and only knock out a few teeth once in a while. I think the jealousy is finally setting in with Baylor, especially when Lonnie is away and can't spend quality dad time with him. C'mon Baylor, brothers don't shake hands, Brothers gotta hug!!


Sharon said...

yeah for pbj...50 and still eating it for lunch!! it doesn't get any better.

Crazy Mom said...

Amen to that! (Although, I have bought Organic PB and J to see if chemicals ie: high fructose corn syrup was the root of all evil behavior and sleeping issues. I can't seem to really tell a difference though). Sigh.

Thanks for the wall art eye-dea. Too bad you couldn't just come and say "Do this this and then This!". I'm just really really dumb with colors and decorating, but we'll get thru it. I could have worse problems!