Sunday, March 16, 2008

It ain't easy being green

Baylor helping cover the doggie bombs in the backyard...soooo happy to be OUTSIDE!!!

...or the grass in our yard. BUT I'm thrilled to see grass instead of massive piles of ice and snow. Baylor has been busily working in the backyard covering the piles of dog poo (what a great helper) and he actually got to use his swing set for the first time in a very very long time. Spring is teasing us with sunny days but frigid winds. I believe the first "official" day of spring is this week. Great, now I can bust out my open toed white sandals. In case you were wondering, I don't own white open toed fact, I don't own many shoes at all. My husband, on the other hand, is a shoe snob. He has about 13 pairs of different running shoes, I have two. I've never been a big shoe fan, except my Chaco sandals, in which I recently wore a hole all the way through (but they lasted 5 years) I wear them everywhere. I've had a pair since I was in high school, wore them under my dress to prom and would wear them in the winter if I could. It makes me laugh when I see people who spend hundreds of dollars on shoes and they're ugly and uncomfortable. Who really notices shoe anyways? Do you?
Speaking of green. I'm down with saving our planet, God gave it to us, so we should keep it clean and green BUT I'm not down with paying lots of money for "Green" cleaners, sheets, hamburger and floor tiles. If you want people to "go green" you have to make a little more appealing to the masses. I do however believe that we should save the people before we save the owls.
So Lonnie and I were reading through the classifieds for fun and came across this hilarious but so true want ad.
To save us both time we hire responsible, honest, personable people that like to have fun and don't mind work. That's why it's called work. No Losers. No Whiners. No Diva wannabes. Experience not needed-We work hard and have fun doing it and make good money.
Checkers Tavern
So true. Where has America's work ethic gone? We have become lazy slobs that want things fast and cheap and don't want to work for anything. We want things handed to us and want the easy way out. We have to be in and out of our jobs at precisely the time it says on our contracts....not a minute less or more....and if we work too hard...oh, heaven forbid! And then comes the whining and selfishness and I'm better than you attitude. Kids don't even know what the word responsibility means anymore, let alone use it in their everyday life. My sons will work hard, earn money, pay for their own cars, gas and anything that is not a necessity. They will respect their employers and learn that money doesn't just grow on trees or fall out of Dad's pockets. I say this all praying that we can actually teach these lessons to them. I will now step off of my soap box.
It's floor mopping feet are sticking, so it's waaaay overdue.

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