Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jelly Beans for breakfast

My mama! What a pretty lady she is :)
This is the test of total toddler temptation....five seconds green peep had disappeared.
This photo was snapped two seconds before Baylor decided Brody needed his head squeezed like a stuffed toy. Baylor is giving you his "say cheese" smile which is slightly scary.
Two handsome devils.

Note to self: Do NOT hide Easter candy BEFORE eating a nutritious and healthy breakfast, kids will only want to eat jelly beans (duh, mom) I'm pretty sure all that Baylor has eaten today is a handful of jelly beans, a peep, some mashed potatoes and a biscuit, followed by some more jelly beans and a few Reece's Pieces. I told Lonnie if he barfs, he has to clean it up...I don't do barf (and most of the sugar...I mean "white poison" was administered by the daddy. So besides the fact that there is waaaay too much sugar in this house (and I like sugar) so you know there is a lot and I can feel my teeth rotting and my jeans slowly getting tighter, Easter was great. We dressed the boys in their matching country club polo shirts, paraded them around church to make sure everyone saw them :) and then went to my mom's for Easter dinner. I tried so hard to keep Brody awake in the car (which I failed miserably) because I knew he wouldn't take a nap at my mom's if he dosed in the car....and I was right. One crabbylicous, tired and overstimulated baby. Deep's OKAY, we'll get back on track tomorrow.
So our computer monitor self destructed last night. I think it's getting to that five year point (we'll be married five years in August) when all of the things that we bought when we were first married and actually had money, are dying. The blender, the computer name it, they're slowly blowing up. It was a nice monitor but apparently it had was an HP (I had an HP in college and had so many problems, my computer was nicknamed Satan) So I sent Lonnie to Wally world to buy a new one....ummm hello, like a kid in a candy store. We didn't need a fancy one, I just needed a monitor...but he came home with a HUGE wide screen monitor. It's very crisp and clear but everything is widened...including my butt, face and other body parts that shall remain nameless. I think it will take some time to get used to. Now all we need is to get the fast Internet to match the monitor :) I keep hinting, we'll see.

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Crazy Mom said...

Your mom's Diva Shirt rocks!
Have you shown the boys what happens when you put Peeps in the microwave? An Easter tradition at Oma and Opa's!