Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Little chomper

Take time to smell the....rain boots. Yummy.
Ouch. All I have to say. Brody has two bottom teeth and now has all four top teeth, which make for very sharp bunny fangs. He uses them for chewing toys, chewing crib, chewing new rain boots and chewing mom. If any a time to think about weaning, it would be now. I think when you become a mother, you lose all consciousness of space and time. Like today when I called a friend who's birthday I knew was on Tuesday....I swear it was Tuesday, so excited that I remembered, I phoned her up. Wrong. Today is Wednesday. Birthday yesterday. Hello!!! Good news, it's Wednesday....tomorrow is Thursday and band day (a long awaited escape to normal adult conversation and release of stress through music) I am embracing the inner band nerd whole heartily and have high hopes for Baylor in the music department (this kid can make a sound on a trumpet already and plays the vacuum cleaner attachments like a pro)

So I was reading (yes, reading) an article on the best classes for toddlers. Hello?! You cannot put the words classes and toddler in the same sentence. The article went on to describe which art, music, gym classes were best and how much they would cost. Here's a about you teach them yourself?! You are the mom right? Gym class: playing outside, park, running on track, sandbox, jumping on couch. Art class (my personal fav): finger painting, play dough, glue, sparkles, crayons, ripping paper, chalk.....making an enormous mess. Music: spoons on pans, plunking on severely out of tune piano, vacuum cleaner attachments, singing Veggies Tales songs. So my point being, do we really need, "classes" to teach our kids this stuff? They are eventually going to spend a good chunk of their young life in "class" why not let them enjoy their freedom while they can. So many things can be learned inside the home and outside of the home with the best teacher of all...the mama (or the daddy) For example, yesterday at the library, mister curious pants found a dead wasp......which he was dead set was a beetle. So what a great opportunity to teach him about wasps, check out a bug book and learn from something crusty and dead. Now he thinks he has a stinger coming out of his butt (wouldn't that be nice?)

THINKING SPRING: Let the garage sale countdown begin. I've already started a list of the bargains I will be searching for. Can't wait. I'm actually thinking of having a little yard sale with a few friends. I have a few garage sale addict friends and I believe they have been foaming at the mouth, ready for the sales to begin. They are die hard though, I haven't reached the "wear biker shorts so you can try clothes on" stage yet. Lonnie just shakes his head when I leave at 6:30 in the morning in order to make it to the beginning of the sale...he's a rookie though, does not understand garage sale thinking, needs much training.

Got another inch of snow...only three inches from the record. We also had a nice chat with the mail man this morning....told us we needed to chop about five more feet of six inch thick ice in order for us to actually get our mail in our mailbox. Good luck Lonnie, you're all over that. I'll walk to the post office.


Crazy Mom said...

I'm with you on the classes thing, although, sometimes it's better for some parents to go to them to 'learn' the skills that natural parents may already have. I sometimes take the little ones to a music class. It is a great social outing. They learn how to share things and be social and I get to talk to other moms. It's fun! But it's also a cheap-o park district class, not beginning Mozart. (We do finger rhymes and a gross motor act.) Kiddos do learn some good things about a structured class setting and following a routine, but Baby Yoga and stuff like that, just to create "Super Kids". No thanks!

Side Note: I DO have to fess up, I take Nate to a little Pre/Pre-school class on Fridays without the other two. As a middle child it is a great hour and change for me to spend special alone time with him. We even got to finger paint with pudding last week, such a blast. But, well, lets just say he's not there to up his academics or anything crazy like that!

Mom101 said...

Haha, I was with you on the class thing until I actually had a 2 year old. Then I realized that she wasn't going to music class to "learn" about music, but to get to spend time with other kids, make friends, jump up and down, strum the (cute) teacher's guitar. Also mommy gets to make friends - always a nice benefit. And stare at the cute teacher.

Thanks so much for the Cool Mom Picks shout-out. Wishing you good luck with that lottery thing.

Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

Love those rain boots! Where did you get them? I bought Isabella funky pair and now have to find a pair for me.