Monday, March 10, 2008

The maid is off duty and the new kitchen cabinets

That's right. The maid (aka known as the mama) is officially on strike, off duty, calling it quits, whatever. Yes, I know I am a stay at home mom and it's my job to clean, cook, launder, organize, sort, feed, distribute, fold, iron, discipline, love on, let out, take in, take out, make, chauffeur, cut, wipe, you name it BUT I cannot do this without the help of the only other adult in the house that can actually carry a load of laundry down the stairs or simply put the dishes in the dish washer. I think this other adult in the house, would be amazed when he came home if I decided not to do any of the chores listed above....pure chaos. You would think that three large over flowing baskets blocking the entrance to the stairs, so they would NOT be missed, would deter the other adult in this house whom shall remain nameless, or at least make him stop and bring on of them down to the laundry. Absolutely not. Instead, they were simply shoved to one side, in order to reclaim the path leading downstairs....until, with mouth full of toothpaste, I managed to yell and throw some dirty socks at him. On to the kitchen....I make nice ham and cheese omelets for breakfast (what a good mom) and while trying to suck the coffee out of the machine before it hits the pot because I'm so tired, I feed Brody, feed Baylor and feed the other adult in the house whom shall still remain nameless, let the dogs out, let the dogs in and start a load of laundry that has finally..yes, finally made it downstairs. You would think that after a nice breakfast or any meal for that matter, you could at least put the dishes in the sink or even better....two feet to the right, in the dishwasher....ummm nope. So, after much consideration and talking with my agents, I (the maid) am on strike. I am not complaining about my job, I just need a little help from the other adult in the house that will remain nameless but I'm pretty sure you can figure out who it is. I know he works hard and is tired, but I can't begin to explain the exhaustion from being woken up every three hours. I cannot do everything by myself...and when I say everything, I mean everything, including re-painting the kitchen cabinets in one myself. One of these days, I am going to take photos of everything this "adult" has left out or left open or not put away (i.e setting the roll of toilet paper ON the empty roll....seriously, it takes two seconds dude) and post them on this blog for everyone to laugh at and say, " I feel your pain!" Okay, venting done. On to much brighter the new cabinets!!! Yippee.

So I finished the cabinets...finally! After many trips to Ace Hardware and Menards, one quarter inch drill bit, 47 different screws, one can of paint, one can of primer, hardware and painters tape later....they look fabulous (or at least I think so) They really brighten up the kitchen and make it much more homey...since I spend 89% of my day in there. It's on to my next project...the mudroom aka known as the garage or catch-all. I would like to turn it into the "laundry" room or a crafting room, but it has no heat, so that is a major issue. Plus, we would have to have someone who can do plumbing, hook up the washer/dryer because Lonnie and I are simply retarded with that stuff.

Baylor and I are going to decorate Easter eggs today....I can't believe Easter is in a few weeks!! Looks like we'll be hunting for eggs in with snow shovels. We started a chart for Baylor aka known as the "no crying at bedtime chart," he has recently been sobbing at night when we leave him (for major attention) and it's getting old. So with the use of good ole bribery, we hope to nip this growing problem in the butt. Five stickers equals one small toy at Dollar General. I'm also making a chore chart for him, because he is old enough to at least be picking up toys and brushing his teeth, this way it can be very visual to him and maybe it will become more ingrained in his head. That is yet to be seen. I am also banning the word, "NO!" from his vocabulary and making him reply, "yes most wonderful and beautiful mother" Think that will work? Can you tell that I'm exhausted from Brody up THREE times a night again!! Make it stop....please!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh


MamaMiller said...

Cabinets look great! You should post a before picture so we can all say "OOOOOh, AAAAAAh"
Up for Chalk the Walk this year? Not sure how to tackle it this year, but the signs are up for artists - any ideas?

PhilD said...

Man, or should I say woman, don't you think you are a little hard on Baylor? Those seem to be rather high expectations for an "adult" his age. ;-) Nice Cabinets!!

Crazy Mom said...

SAWEET cabinets. How do you keep your kitchen so clean with 3 kids?

Trust me when I say your rant is a common issue of contention. Anything with a Y chromosome is just a little inept.

You go girl!

MamaMiller said...

You've been tagged on my blog :)