Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No rest for the weary

Hey, it's spring! Get your umbrella!
...and that is what I am...weary. Not getting more than a few hours of sleep at a time makes you a zombie. Yes, he did give me ONE week of pure heavenly bliss, but I'm not sure what got into him (but I'd sure like to know so I can re-create the perfection) I'm trying not to let sleep or lack thereof control my life, but when your kids don't sleep or nap or doze or rest, it affects every single aspect of your life.
Okay, it was gorgeous today (a little on the windy side, but that's spring....and it has officially arrived now) so we decided to take the ghetto stroller on a walk so mom wouldn't implode. First, let me tell you a little about the ghetto stroller. It is exactly that...ghetto. I'm thinking it is from the 80's, nice navy teddy bear and heart fabric and missing some plastic here and there...and steers not like a dream, more like a nightmare. I have been known to slam into displays and sales associates shins when shopping with it... BUT it works and I am thankful for a stroller. Okay, so we walked a few blocks ( I had to stick Baylor in the stroller with Brody or we'd still be walking) walked to Casey's and got suckers and then hit the park. I'm pretty sure we were the first people to use the park since summer...minus the middle schoolers making out in the tunnel. Baylor sprinted up to the gigantic slide and after one slide, he was covered in snow, ice, mud and shavings as he was catapulted into a massive puddle at the end of the slide. He stood there with arms wide flailing, not quite sure what to do....and that ended our trip to the park. Good thing the park is a block from our house because I had to carry a screaming toddler with one arm and try to steer the ghetto stroller (which doesn't steer) with the other. Brody was also in rare form and wouldn't let me put him down...ALL DAY. Now, I love my kids and love snuggling and lovin but this was ridiculous. He cried, whined and whimpered all day, wouldn't eat and wouldn't drink. I'm thinking something isn't right, but I can't figure it out. No fever, no snot, maybe a tooth (but the others haven't affected him so far) a little loose in the stool department...wish he could just tell me what was wrong. Yo mom...I have a sore throat, I'm not hungry and I just want you to hold me. If only it were that easy. So now, one of my biceps is abnormally ripped from holding the 18lb weight (yes, he's a solid one) Tomorrow is another day....I'm praying a much happier and less baby holding day.
Brody is bound and determined to walk before this month is over. He won't sit still for anything and is pulling himself up to everything. He even found the walker/pusher toy thingy and was walking around the floor with it, that is until it went faster than his fat little feet would take him. He kind of drags his right foot and it's pointed to the right, but I think it's because he is only 7 month old and technically his feet haven't caught up with the rest of him. We'll just have to wait and see on that one. We'll just call him step-and-a-half (that was my nickname when I was in my body cast because I walked with a little limp, yea it was sad)

Operation Potty: has been put on hold until Baylor becomes even remotely interested. Right now there is complete and utter defiance and I'm sure he'd sit in poo before he'd pee standing up.

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