Saturday, March 29, 2008

No rest for the weary

Oh what a night...or weekend rather. Our adventures began on Thursday with some snot and then some fevers and coughing and more fun in the snot department. I bought another nasal aspirator (aka the booger sucker) one for upstairs and one for downstairs. I was up every two hours with Brody crying and so I took both boys to the Dr this morning. Ear infections for both kids!!! (can I get a refund for those tubes now?) I'm glad I went though, now they are both on fancy medicine and on the mend....or we can only hope. To make matters worse, Lonnie was out of town at a track meet. Luckily, mama K came up and helped me or I probably wouldn't be around to show Lonnie his sick kids when he returned. I looked like I'd been hit by a mac truck, snot smeared on my shoulders, pink penicillin dripped down my shirt and bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep. Isn't motherhood wonderful? :) I didn't need to say anything when Lonnie walked in the door, I was nearly passed out in the rocking chair and just gave him a, "help me now" look. He's gotten to know that look very well. Needless to say, I am very thankful for his return and thankful for Tylenol, ibuprofen, ear numbing drops, booger suckers, saline nose spray, Vick's vapor rub, humidifiers, coffee and friends who bring me coupons for free pizza (my friends rock) Tomorrow is another day and tonight is...well, tonight. I'm off to catch a few hours of zzz's before Brody wakes...again.

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