Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh, llama llama library drama

So I tried to upload a video of Brody sitting on Baylor's trike and laughing like a fool, but obviously it failed. Funny story though...we got the trike last year second hand from my aunt and hid it in the shed over the winter because Baylor's feet couldn't reach. I dug it out in desperation, trying to find entertainment while Iowa makes up it's mind on the weather situation. Baylor had seen it last year and loved it but apparently forgot it was his and when I brought it in he yells, " oh wow! a present for me!! thanks mom!" That's right buddy, all yours. Looks like I'll be hiding toys more often and wrapping up some of his less used toys for his birthday. Anyways, the second this video stops, Brody tipped over and slid off. He's fine and as always he thinks he can fly.

So I look forward to life's little adventures and any excuse to get out of my house. With one car, it's been quite a challenge and I end up walking blocks in wind, rain and snow. So I was super excited about visiting the library this morning after Brody's power nap (seriously child, these are getting old fast) so I bundled the boys up, strapped on the backpack with Brody and held crazy man's hand. We walked two blocks to our library and Baylor talked the entire time about getting a new Veggie Tales video (we let him get one video a week and we have seen NOTHING BUT Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber!!) We round the corner and see a sign on the door that the library is closed ALL THIS WEEK for repairs!!! Nooooooooooo, drama on the street. We managed to make it home and call dad to come get us with the car and drop us off at the Cornell library. Hey, at least I got to leave my street.

Today it's a little nicer, around 45 (which I'll take over sub zero temps any day) and I'm going to clean out the car. Like I said before, having one car with two kids means absolutely no room what so ever in the backseat except for car seats, books, toys and an ice scraper. I think there is something hiding in the cracks though...there is a stale french fry odor mixed with sour milk or something I can't quite put my finger on. I'm pretty sure there is enough sand in there to fill Baylor's sandbox. We don't have a garage either so the trunk is filled with strollers, lawn chairs, blankets, first aid kit, jumper cables and who knows what. Someday though we'll get another vehicle. I have to admit I'm very anti mini-van. (sorry mini-van driving friends, that's your choice...we can still be friends) I want a huge station wagon...a woody (you know, giant wood panel on the side...who the heck puts wood on a car anyways?) very old school, or a cross-over SUV (like that is ever going to happen in the next ten years) but I swore to Lonnie and myself that I would never drive a mini-van. I will be a soccer mom, just not one in a min-van. BUT if we decide to add to the brood, it might be our only option...grrrrrr. Then again, I could always get a truck (my dream car) and strap Baylor in the back :) I think mini-vans are giant marshmallows on wheels that mom's use as weapons!! I understand that people need them with lots of kiddos and old people like them for God knows why. Maybe I'll get that motorcycle I've always wanted with a little side car? Now there's the picture of safety. I love my 35 mpg Corolla, but it is small and now that everyone and their mama drives a mini-van or SUV, I feel so unsafe and I do not skimp on safety when it comes to cars/car seats/driving/helmets. I'm sure I'll be writing in a few years bragging about my new mini-van :)

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Crazy Mom said...

I fought the mini-van fight. (Hubby really wanted one, God knows why.)I did. But now that I have it I LOVE it! I thought I'd have to go to McDonald's everyday and get fat and waddle to soccer practice and love suburbia, but I haven't done any of that yet! So, come to the dark side.

You know you want to....