Friday, March 14, 2008

One block = half an hour

....and that is moving at "toddler" speed. Baylor insists on walking instead of riding in the stroller, which is fine because we don't have a double stroller, he just sits behind Brody in the "ghetto stroller" as we like to call it. We went on our morning walk this morning, got everyone all bundled up, rain boots on, grubby mud puddle splashing pants on, snacks and trucks in hand and headed off to meet dad half way to do our daily car drop off pick up. We live about 3 miles from Cornell and so I decided to start walking and meet Lonnie wherever we ended up. Ummmmm a block away, and it seriously took about a half hour. I think we have entered the totally distracted by flying fuzz, puddles, cracks on the sidewalk, passing short buses and pretty much anything that moves stage. He was moving slower than molasses in January or march. We splashed in a few puddles and then went to the track to burn off some energy. Oh, how thankful I am for a large enclosed area for him to run around in. The long jump pit serves as a wonderfully large sandbox and the exercise equipment makes a nice jungle gym, even if grumpy guy in tight sweatpants gave us ugly looks. This kid needed to get outside and run around. He's been cooped up all winter and it does his little soul good to run free....and it does my soul good too! We had a "picnic" with dad and the headed home for naps...hooray for naps!! It breaks up our day, which makes me VERY happy, sometimes the days can get so long and I begin to count the minutes until Lonnie gets home. It's Friday (which means nothing to a stay at home mom) BUT Lonnie is home this weekend, probably the only weekend until June. I will be taking full advantage of him in many ways (not that way! although he probably wishes it was that way) Got to go finish my iceberg chopping, it's almost gone!!

Happy Friday.

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Janice said...

Wave to the short bus, it probably has Jarrett on it! :) Gretchen found what she thought was a mud puddle yesterday, sank to mid shin, in her good shoes! FUN FUN FUN. Next time your by this way check out our redneck bridge, very white trashy.