Saturday, March 22, 2008


This is what happened when dad watches the boys. Yup, that's a pickle.
Yea Brody, that's how I feel sometimes too!!!
Who knew a big blue toy crate could be so entertaining.
Trying to escape from the bath turtle....this was before he could crawl, now he tries to crawl out of the tub. What a nice little tush...must take after dad.
Someday you're going to get in big trouble for sticking your tongue out...but it's super cute right now.

In case you were wondering.....I escaped from the house this afternoon while all three Speidel boys napped. I found me some fast and free wireless Internet and thought I'd take advantage of the high speed (since we are still living like cavemen at home with dial-up) Hooray for fast Internet!!! and double hooray for alone time with caffeine.

This is the pose that anytime we say, "hey Baylor, hug your brother!" happens...poor Brody. Someday he'll get big and beat up on Baylor, now he just drools on him.

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