Friday, March 21, 2008

Stealth Beagle

Oh that sneaky little poo head. Nope, not talking about Baylor (although he is FINALLY taking a nap after one full week without one!!!!) I'm talking about one of our two obnoxious beagles. True, they may have won best in show at the Westminster Dog Show BUT as far as ours go, they are as dumb as rocks....sneaky yes, smart..heck no. Anyways, I had finally got Brody to fall asleep for his long overdue afternoon nap and about thirty minutes of crying while hanging on to the railing in his crib for dear life. I decided against the shower...who needs one, I'm pretty sure I can stick my hair up and it would stay there on it's own. I smell like flowers all the time anyways. Sooooo on the baby monitor I hear this shake and jingle (like a rabies collar being scratched) OH NO! I don't think I have ever ran up those stairs so fast. She had snuck around the baby gate which was not serving it's purpose because Brody made it to the fourth step today, and was hiding under our bed in the room where Brody STILL sleeps (that's another problem) She had come out from her hiding space and was scratching and making all sorts of noise...I was not going to let her spoil my only peace and quiet of the day. Needless to say, she is now outside in the blustery wind and flurries (yes flurries!) while I cool off.
So we let Brody cry last least one time. I was gone at band so I couldn't feel his pain and get him, Lonnie said he cried on and off for forty minutes BUT finally went back to sleep...until two...and then up for the day at 6am!! We have to stick with this, otherwise he'll get mixed messages, but it is SO hard to let him cry and SO hard because he is in our room (actually it's my room right now...Lonnie resides on the couch currently, not because he's been naughty, because he is a night owl, snores like a freight train and likes the couch) I simply cannot keep getting up twice a night with him!! I need sleep, he needs sleep and we need our room back. As soon as he starts sleeping through the night, we plan on moving him into Baylor's room..but our other problem is that it's a new crib, a new room and he'll probably get all freaked out again. I'm open to any and all suggestions at this point. I don't want him to wake Baylor up, because he'll never go back to sleep again and then we'll have two crying kids. How do people with more than one kid in a room do it!!!!

Did I mention that it's flurrying and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees...what happened to March? Spring? Ugh. and I'm sure I'm speaking for all the stuck in the house and going absolutely crazy mommies when I say....CAN SPRING PLEASE PLEASE GET HERE FAST! Temperatures are dropping while temperaments are raising. I am trying to be a good girl and control the need to pull my hair out and run around the house to set a good example and no scare the children :) Internally is another story. On a positive note, I do have Lonnie home Saturday (they cancelled a meet....c'mon spandex and 30 fun) so he is taking Baylor to Horton Hears a Who Saturday. This will be Baylor's very first movie theatre experience....we'll see how it goes. I'm totally jealous. He is only 2.5 but he does turn into a zombie when the idiot box is on (just like the other large male in the house) I will be baking for Easter and wishing that just thinking about being tan actually made you tan.

STALE PEEP UPDATE: In case you haven't figured out, the best snack in the world is stale Peeps. They're pretty amazing when you can throw them against a wall and leave a dent. I have a package opened (its on day five) and they are becoming marvelous crusty balls of sugar as we speak. Can't wait to eat them.

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Crazy Mom said...

Hmmmm...Okay, I have 3 ideas to 'fix' Brody.

#1 An all-inclusive 2 night stay at the Hotel Grandma. It may not correct his sleeping, but you'll get a good nap in.

#2 You get the couch, Lonnie sleeps in the room with him. Why is it that daddy's have no compunction when it comes to letting a wailing baby cry. Be sure to turn off the baby monitor. You won't hear him, so it won't bother you.

#3 Call the Super Nanny. Apparently the broad with the British Accent can fix it all. After you're done with her though, send her my way. I could use an extra pair of hands.