Saturday, March 8, 2008

Take that Menards!

I think it's time we invested in a baby bra for this dude, don't you? Nice rack Brody.
Seriously. If I have to go back to that store (as much as I love hardware stores) I might throw a Baylor tantrum in the kitchen and bath isle. Once again (this would be trip #3) back to find me some nice cabinet hardware for my newly painted cabinets (looking sharp I might add, I put up a photo when they're all done) Found the ones I wanted and on sale too! Bonus. Bonus #2 would be that my mom came with so we could have one on one vs. zone defense on the midgets. So I got them home and they don't fit, apparently my old hardware was from the 70's and the newer stuff doesn't quite fit right with the holes in our drawers. Oh, so frustrated. Looks like another field trip to saving "Big" money at Menards. (In case you non-iowans are like, what the heck is Menards? Think Home Depot, Lowes but blue collar and slightly redneck at times and the only place you can buy 14 4x4's, a cordless power drill and milk in the same store)
WINGING IT. If I write a book on parenting, I think that might be my title. It's amazing to me that my kids are still alive, only one trip to the ER (with many more to come) teeth are in tact and they still love me. I seem to have misplaced my Compete Handbook to Raising Two Boys, have you seen it? Granted, the Bible is my #1 choice for all your parenting advice, but my handbook had nice pictures :) Remember I don't read, I look and draw pretty things.
I learn so much every day from these kiddos and suffer from a severe case of Momnesia once in a while ....okay, most of the time(while you laugh, that is a seriously real term!) I can't imagine a better job than being a mama.
OPERATION POTTY: I think I'm turning this one over to my mom. She got Baylor to go when I was at the store. In fact, she can get him to do just about anything, what's up with that? I just hope I can do as good of job as she did with us, with my boys. I think I turned out okay, a little nuts at times, but birthing children will do that to you.


Crazy Mom said...

Thanks for diagnosing Momnesia. I knew it was called something, but I forgot...:-)

We totally have Menards. I don't go there because the Menards guy in the commercials looks too much like a pedophile.

Only 1 trip to the ER? Well, now, aside from many many poopy diapers a day, I MAY have you beat here too...although my oldest IS 4, so you still have time. My girlfriend and I are totally going to write the book "1,000 Ways I almost Killed the Baby but Didn't", chapters titled such as "Bouncy Chairs CAN bounce off the table top", "Licking Outlets, everyone's Doing it", and "Is it considered Toxic in Small amounts?" You can contribute an entry too if you like!!

Thanks for the color advice. Will be in touch soon!


Crazy Mom said...

PS: I can totally think of a better job than being a mom. Being a dad. When I get reincarnated, I will ask to be a man. I don't care who, they all have it pretty easy!