Monday, March 31, 2008

A taste of summer....

One of my most favorite things in the world is waking up to thunder. It would be even better if it was after a full night's sleep, but who am I kidding!!! We had some thunderstorms this morning and they were wonderful and hopefully will give our brown grass a jump start to green. The weather quickly turned amazingly warm, in the 60's and humid. Perfect thunderstorm weather. I took a walk with the boys in our rain boots as we sought out large puddles to jump in. Brody wanted to jump so badly, he just about launched himself out of the stroller. I think being outside made them happy...for at least five minutes. No naps in this house...for anyone (grrrrr)

I need spring. I loathe winter grossness and cold weather. I need to get out of this house for fear of losing all sanity. I need to smell the wet cement and flowers. I need to bust out my short and Capri's and show off my extremely white legs and ugly toes. I need a heating bill that does not cost a small fortune. I need mud instead of salt on my shoes. I need more than four hours of sleep. I cut Lonnie's hair..he's beckoning right now.

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