Wednesday, March 12, 2008

There's an elephant on my chest

Since we don't wear big boy pants on our butt, why not put them on our head? Check out his orange nose....think we should lay off the sweet potatoes and carrots?
Baylor, showing me his big manly muscles.
I guess you could say I have a chest cold....strange feeling in my chest and times. I feel okay, a little tired, but that could be from chopping ice or chasing kids. I did go to bed last night at 7:30....I tried to stay awake for American Idol, but got bored and fell asleep. I was also drugged up with sleepy pills. More fun times. I tried to practice my cornet today and between the coughing and Baylor wanting to get my old trumpet out and play but then deciding to accompany me on the piano instead, there was no point. I think Baylor is going to be my music lover, which thrills me to death.
It was a glorious day. We went on TWO walks today!!! One in the morning, still a little breezy and I forgot to put the "snow tires" on the stroller so I ended up in the street, but it was worth it. Then this afternoon when both boys decided to boycott their naps, I put Brody in the stroller and Baylor licked his snowman for about 30 minutes, while I chopped the melting iceberg. I was okay with the licking as long it was white not yellow or brown snow. He kept insisting that it was a giant snow cone. The Lisbon snowplow drove by two times and waved....I would have waved back, but mine would be with one finger instead of five. (just kidding, I'm not advocating flipping anyone or anything off)
I told Baylor the t.v broke was one of those "mommy lies" that are okay for a little bit. He has been on a veggie tales kick and that is all he wants to do.....not cool. I'm all for a little educational t.v once in a while, but he has been demanding the t.v and that is the last thing I want. My mom also thinks that ADD and ADHD are linked to television and sensory issues, with so much going on so fast, it's hard for them to process. I agree with that, but I do think some t.v is good for interaction and learning, like Sesame street. I like to have the t.v on in the background simply for noise because I never watch it, but I've realized that even having the t.v on is adding to Baylor's addiction. I limited the t.v before, but we are going to limit it even more.
On a happy side note: It's 7:15 and both of my kids are sleeping!!! We'll see how long this lasts.
I was tagged on MamaMiller's blog. The "game of tag" is that you're supposed to write down 7 facts (fun and strange) about yourself and then tag seven more peoples blogs. I think all of my 7 people are already tagged, but I'll give you my seven facts :)
1. I had major back surgery when I was 11 and was in body cast for 6 months. The Dr's didn't think I'd walk again, but I proved them wrong and even played two sports in college. I have a huge scar down my back that my brother has lovingly dubbed the "extended butt crack."
2. I'm afraid of drains and the telephone. I HATE THEM. I won't swim over them in the swimming pool and I won't touch them in the shower. I also don't like the phone and didn't order my first pizza until I was in college because I was scared.
3. I'm passionate about music. I play the cornet (trumpet) and played the piano for 10 years. I've always wanted to learn to play the cello and I love the weirdest combination of music, just pop in one of my mix cd's, from rap to classical to country to blues.
4. My dream is to live on a farm, in a old farmhouse with lots of land and horses and an art studio. I want a pond so my boys can swim and play and learn to grow things and get super dirty, and I can watch the sun go down from my kitchen window.
5. I'm a huge tomboy with a girlie side. I love sports, fishing, wearing sweatpants, getting dirty, fixing things, hardware stores, but I also love getting dolled up, putting makeup on and wearing a dress (like that is ever going to happen again) That is why I'm thrilled with two boys.
6. I married my track coach (well, he was the men's coach) it's a long story, ask me about it sometime!
7. I went into college pre-med because I wanted to be a Dr. but up being an art teacher! I can't do math to save my soul, but I would have been a great Dr. but I absolutely love being a mom and all of the exhaustion, frustration and craziness that comes with it!!

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