Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Watch out Eli Manning

Well, I guess we can say he dresses like his father now :) He wanted to be a football player this morning and needed his "football" helmet (formerly known as a bike helmet) He ran up and down the hallway with a football in one hand and a brownie in another, with both dogs chasing him. One wanted the brownie and the other wanted the football. We started some major spring cleaning today and I still can't believe how much "stuff" we have. I started with the laundry closet, went through the cabinets, vacuumed behind and inside the dryer (a must for preventing fires in your lint trap) Organized the laundry soaps etc. Then it was on to the shoes and then went through just two of the many many Tupperware containers of clothes. I can't believe how many clothes these kids have, and so many that they never got to wear because they grew out of them faster than I could get them in their closets. I'll save most of the clothes until we are sure we're not adding to the Speidel brood, but we don't know what is in our fruitfully multiplying future is yet.

So Brody's last week amazing sleeping at night adventure has ended with an abrupt screech. He is up two or three times a night again and taking half hour naps....what is wrong with my children? Why don't they sleep? Both boys were up this morning screaming....at 5am. I grabbed Baylor (still not sure why he was crying) threw him in our bed, then nursed Brody back to sleep (he totally didn't need food though) and tried to get another hour of sleep. Brody screamed for his afternoon nap before falling asleep for a half hour...just enough time for me to shower, dry my hair, start another load of laundry and finish the dishes. That is not what I planned on doing for my peace and quiet time. I just want to cry or punch a wall, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Okay, deep breath.

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