Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We've got a climber

This is the look and laughter of pure joy...Brody's first time in a swing...and loving every second!
Yes, those are stickers on his
I wondered where his food was going....I thought he was eating rather quickly, turns out he's a bit of a sneak.

It was glorious out today, much warmer and NO wind. I took full advantage of this weather by shutting Baylor outside. He was absolutely driving me crazy. Our yard is big, fenced, locked and pretty safe, so I have no problem sending him outside (and watching him through our enormous kitchen window) So I turned around to feed Brody and couldn't find Baylor....panic set in until I realized he was half way up the lilac bush. Looks like we have a climber. I knew he loved trees, he hugs them occasionally on walks. I asked him if he was okay and he yelled back, "yea mom! I'm just a squirrel!" Yea, you're nuts. He was SO naughty today...threw sand at the window, threw sand at me, pushed Brody and threw a large hard orange ball at his head after I said, "don't even think about it, if you throw that ball at Brody, I will spank you." and then he threw the ball at his head (he's got great aim though, maybe he'll be a pitcher) So inside we went and spankin he got. He found every button that he could possibly push with me and pushed it...twice. (I hate spanking by the way, but it works with Baylor and it's biblical so we do it when needed and I really don't have to explain myself, but it makes me feel better)

Last night was a bit rough, it started out with crying at 9:30...let him cry, went back to sleep. Cried at 12:30...not a little cry, but more of a "I'm in pain" high pitched shriek. Got him, fed him and put him back down. 3:30am cried, pulled himself up...let him cry...he actually put himself back down and had stopped crying...until Lonnie came in (he had a bad dream on the couch) great timing dear :) Then all hope was lost. Was up for AN HOUR!!!! and then finally fell asleep at 4:30. He did sleep until 8am though...that was nice. Tonight, I did our bedtime routine, bath, bottle, book, songs and then put him down awake...he fell right asleep! Now I keep telling myself I will not get him if he cries, but end up giving in after ten minutes of crying...looks like I'm the wussy. Maybe tonight will be different. One can only hope.

So it's sprinkling right now and I have to admit, one of my favorite smells in the world is......wet pavement. Seriously. I just stood outside and took a huge whiff of wet cement, bring it on spring. Some of my other favorite smells's cologne (makes the lady weak in the knees) pine trees, dryer sheets and clean baby.

On that note, I bid you Ado.


Janice said...

Oooh trying little booger today huh? I had 2 whiny little girls who wanted only candy. It was amusing! I like wet pavement smell too, unless it smells like worms, I dont like that so much.

Crazy Mom said...

Good for you for spanking! For whatever reason, discipline today has been deemed "Child abuse." A controlled spank is a better consequence than a time out sometimes.

You don't have to explain anything to anyone. You're a good mom, and we all have our limits. You're very brave to write about it!!