Monday, March 3, 2008

When Michael Jackson's Beat it calms the baby....

Yea. Let me set the scene for the baby drama. Driving in car. SCREAMING baby. Rocking car-seat, throwing toys at him, making Baylor make faces at him....NOTHING is working. Turn on radio....classical music, that's calming right? Wrong. Makes crying worse. Put in mix cd....push play....Michael Jackson's Beat it comes on....Brody stops crying and I start laughing. Too bad Mike's in jail or Abudabi or getting some more plastic surgery, I like his music anyways.

Well, let's see here. Yet another Iowa snow/ice/sleet/rain storm last night. It started out as 55 degrees, then came the thunderstorm with rain (love thunderstorms) and then the temp dropped to 20 degrees, freezing rain and snow. Iowa is bipolar when it comes to weather. Looking on the bright side, Easter is in a few weeks and that means lots of chocolate eggs. Hooray for chocolate. Maybe this year it will be warm and we can actually hide the eggs outside. It's very early this year, but I'm at least hoping for green grass. My favorite Easter treat are stale have to open the package, leave them out a few days and then they're in perfect eating condition.

I had an follow-up ultrasound on my breast this morning to make sure everything was still benign, and it was. They gave me the option of having the mass removed later, but I'm perfectly fine without being sliced open thank you....unless they can give my post nursing boobs a little lift and then I'm all over that. I'm pretty sure that was too much information....sorry. My mom went with me (she's such a good mom!) and then came to our house for lunch and entertainment provided by Baylor. I'm not sure what it is, but whenever Lonnie puts Brody down for a nap, he sleeps two hours....then I put him down....45 minutes!!! What is up with that. I'm taking Baylor to the track today to run run run run and more running, hopefully burning off some of his pent up aggrestion towards his newly mobile brother. I also got my haircut on Saturday....very short. The lady told me I looked 12....great, that was not the intent. It's very easy (that was the intent) and fun and good for summer, we'll see how long it lasts.

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Crazy Mom said...

Glad to hear you're healthy.
PS (Of course mommies can't keep score over daddies. We ARE always doing more!):-)