Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Window into the soul

I couldn't resist posting this photo of Brody. Dressed by me (can't you tell...conflicting stripes in awful colors...we dress for warmth, not success) We went to the park and he kept trying to crawl up the slide. It was hilarious and kept him busy for a while until he decided that eating leaves was much more entertaining. The boys and I had a blast and it was great to be outside...finally! I also tried to de-terd the backyard and gave up after ten minutes and one large bucket full of dog crap. I have never seen so much doggie poo, and I'm sure you love hearing about it too.

So they say that your eyes are a window into your soul. I agree, but also think that my enormous kitchen window gives the neighbors a glimpse into our souls too! Now that it's getting a tad warmer, I have to remember that people actually take walks at night and I need to tone down the crazy pj's and scary hair. I also have a tendency to break into song and dance in front of the window at will....gonna tone that down too :) I am no Patrick Swayze, but I can shake my butt with the best of them. Back to being serious as I read my friends blogs or random strangers blogs, I admire openness and transparency. You really put yourself out there when you reveal your inner workings, fears, greatest loves and passions....and what you're having for dinner. You all probably know more about me than you ever wanted to know and for that I apologize :) but I feel that honesty is the best policy. No one ever got anywhere faking it (at least not in the long run) I realize that people my cringe, laugh, get pissed or love me even more for that, so I will tell it like it is. Maybe my dreams of becoming an aspiring author will come true....I'll need to work on the spelling thing huh? Thank God for spellcheck!

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Crazy Mom said...

How bout I write and you illustrate! You're soooo talented! Thanks for the lovely comment, I'm actually in one other photo (December 26 of '07) and I'll politely disagree with you on the beautiful thing. I'm pasty, tired and just feeling ewww. But aren't we all?

You're boys are a Dora Bell. Chubbie bubbies couldn't get any cuter!

N Joy the weather!!!