Monday, March 17, 2008

Would you like some cheese with your whine

That is one of my biggest pet peeves..whining, and both boys were on the verge of being put on ebay today (once again, just joking) From the moment they both got 6am! It was a high pitched whine fest in the Speidel house. I thought I'd let Baylor know what it sounded like when he whined to me so I did it right back. He just stared and actually stopped....I guess I should whine more often :)

I made one ginormous list of things to do today and didn't accomplish near what I wanted. In case I haven't said it before, I'm stinkin ready for Spring. Ready to open my windows, air the house out, hand laundry on the line (if I had a line) sweep the salt and sand out the door and let Baylor be the crazy boy that he is (outside) He is SOOOOO ready to be outside and run around, get dirty, eat dog poo, play with dangerous sticks and throw rocks.....and I'm ready to let him. I'm trying not to put a damper on his boy behaviors, because it's only natural for him to want to run around naked, wrestle and growl at me. Our society is too focused on smothering the boy right out of him....let them be boys!!! They need to be free, be wild ,but be respectful and polite.

I had quite the day with both boys, they were in rare form. I got my bath water all ready, got my book, got my face mask (last time I tried to do it with Brody in the tub and scared the crap out of him, but who wouldn't be scared of a lady with green slime on her face? ) Got a glass of wine and put one foot in...."Wahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" "Moooommmmmmyyy!!!!" I pretended that I had lost all hearing for those few minutes and the crying actually stopped. I got to enjoy 15 minutes of pure bliss....and as Baylor says if he's in the bath too long, "I gots all pruney!!"

Happy St.Patrick's day!


Janice said...

Hmmm... must have been in the air. I was thinking curb and free to a good home sign. Ebay would be much more profitable :)

Crazy Mom said...

What food group would you put dog poo in? Hmmm...