Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This is happy Baylor....
....mad Baylor....
....flirty Baylor....
..and sad Baylor...
...and surprised Baylor.....

All of these were taken this morning when Baylor announced he wanted to take a bath and "shave" like Daddy does. He used a pumice stone as his razor and even checked himself out in the mirror periodically...just like Daddy. It was quite entertaining, I sat on the floor and read while he bathed for over 45 minutes!

.....oh really? Me too.
Let me translate: Licker in toddler = Licorice

But it was quite amusing hearing Baylor running around yelling, "I NEED LICKER!" this morning. Hope the neighbors didn't hear, they've already questioned our letting him run nude in the backyard as a potty training method. Hey, he peed on a leaf.....it's a start and much better than my hard wood floors. Another funny Baylorism is when he wants to snuggle with you he says, "lets go snug on the couch." Ohhh so cute. I will snug with him any day, but he prefers to snug with his daddy.

So I've managed to catch the boys cold this time. It must have been all the snot flinging, boog picking and sneezing in my face that broke the camel's back. I have avoided all their other illnesses, but this one finally caught up with me. It's probably the lack of sleep, freaking cold weather and stress over 15 minute naps that did me in. I, however, take it like a.....uh, woman (notice I didn't say man...because the man in my house doesn't take it so well) Mom's don't get the day off or a sick day, we just have to plow through the day, the laundry and scraping petrified beans off the kitchen floor while trying not to drip snot everywhere. Brody is still snotty and I sneakily switched his nine month appointment to tomorrow so he doesn't have to go in twice (because I'm sure he has an ear infection) and I don't have to pay a co-pay!!! I'm so stealth ...okay,cheap maybe.

Oh how could I forget. To an insult to injury.....we're feeling the pinch with my tooth thing and now the dishwasher goes satanic on us. It goes into these three hour wash cycles and doesn't move past the rinse phase. I looked online today for dishwashers....definitely not in our budget. It's not a MUST but it sure is a sanity saver. I'd much rather spend time with my kids than wash dishes. We don't actually use it that much, but it's good for sanitizing nipples and bottles. Someone gave us this one so we lucked out. All the appliances seem to be growing horns and saying, "revolt!"

A friend "dropped" in this morning while her and her daughter were on a walk. She says, "you look nice...." in a very sarcastic tone. Hey, if you drop in unannounced you risk the scary Keri. I was unbathed, hair sticking out all over, still in my P.J's, major zit party on my face, looking mighty scary Keri. I usually don't subject people to that sort of torture, but there was nothing I could do. So if you ever want to stop by.....don't be scared, just call first.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Is that snow?

YES!!!!!! (okay, flurries, but needless to say...SNOW!!! in late April!!)

Ummmm seriously. I was in shorts last week. NOW mittens, hats and space heaters all around. Poo. May is fast approaching, but we seem to be backtracking in the weather department. I will say it again...Global warming my butt.

I will make it short and snappy because the Bachelor is on soon....down to three ladies. If he picks the blond I'll cry, okay I won't really cry, I'm not that attached....c'mon man, she's totally using you for air time. Anyone who sprays on a tan and brings lip gloss skiing needs to be smacked. I just like to hear him speak...digging on the the British accent. Speaking of t.v...loving the AT&T go phone commercial..you know, the one with Meatloaf....hilarious. I guess you have to be a Meatloaf fan to appreciate it....

Still lots of snot here. Baylor is getting better, I'm sure he has an ear infection in the other ear now, but we'll wait it out until he gets fevers. Brody is so stuffed up and coughing now, but on the mend I hope. I lubed them up with GOOT and Vapo Rub. Baylor is really excelling in his vocabulary and speaking in general, he is such a hoot to listen too. I'll ask him questions just to hear him talk. Today he said he had to fix his hair for the girls, so he grabbed a mirror and a comb and started brushing. Then he started to brush my hair...."MOM! You're beautiful!" Oh, I love this kid!!!

So Chalk the Walk this weekend in Mount Vernon. I have decided on an original work by me and with inspiration from Lila (Thanks Lila!!!) she gave me a great idea....dedicated to Baylor. I'll keep you in suspense and show you photos later. I'm having a little trouble with the childcare situation, my mom is coming up, Lonnie is gone, but it's an all day thing. Don't want to burn her out too much! Our brass band is also playing on Sunday, so if you're bored come on down and look at the beautiful art and hear our wonderful music. It's supposed to rain, this might be a little tricky.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm not scared, I'm brave

This is Baylor's SAD face. Makes you want to give him some candy doesn't it? We've built up an immunity towards it, so it only works sometimes!! I'm not scared, I'm brave...it's okay dad, don't be scared....says Baylor as we are watching Chicken Little (yea, I know...REALLY scary :) Lonnie is laughing because it's a pretty amusing movie, but Baylor thinks he's scared so he's trying to comfort him....it's hilarious.
So today was fun. I stayed home this morning from church because Brody has conjunctivitis (aka pink eye) and a super duper amount of snot flowing from lots of crevices. I salined every thing from the neck up, put some GOOT on his feet (I'll explain later) and let him take his short nap. I think he's feeling a little better, still very congested. Can't figure out where we picked this junk up from since it's been so nice out and we haven't been anywhere but the park....ahhhhh the park, crawling with e-coli and viruses!!!
Okay, so GOOT. Garlic Olive Oil Treatment. A friend suggested this and swears by it for just about any ailment. I've tried it a few times and can really tell a difference in the severity and length of the colds. Here is a website: http://www.nacd.org/more_information/health/goot.html
Basically it's 3 T coconut oil, 3 T olive oil and 3 T heated and blended for 2 minutes then strained with cheese cloth or strainer. Put it in the fridge in a wide mouth jar. It makes you smell like garlic bread, but it's a yummy smell. I rub it on the boys' feet and mine (Lonnie thinks I'm nuts) If only it could make Brody sleep, then I'd do a little jig.
So it's off to plan two weeks of meals . Fun times.
Oh yea, it's suppossed to SNOW tonight! Yes, you heard me. Cruel cruel joke.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ladies, start your engines....

April showers bring....cranky and mud covered toddlers.
Looks like Brody has taken up a liking for track already. Nice strategically placed baton by mom. We can only hope and you can only wonder.
....lawn mower engines that is. That's right, it's mow time. I love mowing. Let me tell you why I love mowing. In the spirit of ongoing lists....

1. The smell of freshly cut grass...yum. That is until I start sneezing and rubbing my eyes. Three cheers for spring allergies.

2. The smell of gas sputtering out of the tank on to my hands...just kidding. However, I did that today right after I spilled oil on my shoe....the price I pay to take care of our lawn.

3. The sound of the mower, nothing sounds like summer or spring in this case, like a good ole push mower. None of that riding mower crap (although I secretly envy our friends with one) Side note: it's hilarious our 85 year old neighbor has a brand spankin new John Deere riding mower and the lawn the size of a postage stamp. It takes him more time getting the mower out of the garage then actually mowing, but it's a hoot to watch. He loves that mower.

4. Good exercise, nice cardio workout and extra calories burned for dodging dog doo and lifting the slide with one hand while mowing under it with another.

5. Alone time. YES! Lonnie knew it was a rough weekend when I practically threw myself in front of the door volunteering to mow today. Oh, let me let me!

6. It makes me feel clean and clear and under control (yes, I know that's a commercial tag line..but it's for zits, not grass) When the lawn looks good, I feel good.

7. We have a secret competition with the neighbors to see who's lawn gets mowed first. It was a tie...a duel of the mowers if you will. Me and the neighbor's grandson we're neck in neck until he shifted into warp speed and finished a hair ahead of me. BUT our lawn is bigger. Nothing like keeping up with the Jones's ....or Smith's.....or people we don't know their names still.

So it was mow time today....even if I mowed in a stocking cap and coat (where did spring go) it was nice. Poor Lonnie got home at 3am last night and was so exhausted (he's currently snoring on the couch..and it's only 8pm) The lawn looks nice, needs some work but that is grass Nazi's job.

Baylor spent the night at Gramma and Papa K's last night. The plan was to let Brody cry and work on putting himself back to sleep....ummm sleep training if you will. Baylor had a blast and was such a good boy. I never understood when parents would say, "oh, we don't go anywhere we miss our kids too much.." but now I do. I missed the little booger. My plan was foiled with Brody screaming five times, two of which I broke down and got him because it was so high pitched and painful to listen to. He has an awful cold now and so I'm anticipating a rough night again. I'm sure an ear infection will follow.

I'm designing a tattoo for a friend and it got me thinking. If I were to get a tattoo (which I've thought of, just not somewhere tacky or scary) what would I get and where would it be? I think my foot (can't make it any uglier) and it would be pretty darn cool, just not sure what it would be. On the other hand, our body is a temple and if God really wanted us to have inked anchors and naked ladies dancing on our forearms, he'd of made us with them. I still think it would be cool, but I'm a rule breaker remember?
Tomorrow is Sunday. Our Sunday tradition is mighty unhealthy, but pretty awesome. We get donuts from Casey's and the Sunday paper. I pull all of the Ad's out and spread them all over the floor, drink my coffee and eat my donut. Baylor eats his sprinkle donut, but only the frosting off, and then asks for another one. Brody cries because he wants to eat one too. Speaking of Brody crying....ALL DAY. He is in that stage where you can't put him down, leave the room or look at him funny or he'll break down. He is nothing like Baylor in that regard, Baylor was already playing by himself by this time. I had to step over him today as he tried to grab my ankles screaming. This is not a fun stage and neither is the not sleeping stage. I'm ready for them to be over with!!
Enjoy the day of rest tomorrow. Go worship the Lord and eat donuts!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Blog therapy

They're Baaaaacccckkk! The return of the thirty minute nap. I can't take it. I lost it when Baylor did it, but now it has osmosised (that's a word I swear) to his little brother. I'm really at the end of the rope and having on for dear life. I just need one or the other. I could handle thirty minute naps if he had an ear infection (which he does not...just Baylor) OR he slept through the night (which is most definitely does not) but when he's up two or three times a night PLUS two thirty minute naps....I begin to lose it. So I ask again, why in the name of all that's holy do MY CHILDREN NOT SLEEP? What did I do to deserve this? It was talk about Patrick Dempsy in a lustful sort of way wasn't it? Sorry!!!! Maybe it was when I told the lady in front of me that turn signals are used for precisely that....SIGNALING TO TURN. Sorry again.
To make this wonderful delightful day go even more spectacular......(I'm going to whine and complain here, so hear me out or just shield your eyes)....I really need to sorry.

1. Lonnie is gone
2. Baylor has an ear infection in the ear WITH tubes!!!! I want my money back now please.
3. Brody has a mysterious hivey rash thing on his face and Benedryl doesn't even knock him out!!!
4. I forewarned Baylor before we even stepped foot into the pharmacy that we were not getting a toy, but he could get one sucker. What happened...yes, you guessed it. Major "I have no bones" throwing myself on the floor screaming tantrum in front of the entire store...for ten minutes. THEN (wait, it gets better) after finally calming down we went to pay for the medicine and he spots a dinosaur key chain (seriously the kid has radar) and wants it badly....so I pry the thing away from his hands, trying to keep my cool and be a good mommy, but he grabs it back....and breaks it. SWEET!!!! Now I have to pay three dollars for a stinkin dinosaur that is broken and he got his way in the store. Shoot me now. The checkout lady smiles and yells, "Calgon" as we are leaving.... "yes, please take me away...now"
5. Brody is screaming right now because he has awoken from a power nap and I will not retrieve him yet. He was also up three times last night with the final hurrah in my bed.
6. I stink, haven't showered yet and quickly planted some plants before the second deluge. I also look like white trash or a biker chick with a bandanna and wife beater on (hey, it's my gardening outfit)
7. A river runs through it....that is our bedroom...forgot to shut the window this morning when we got a major amount of rain....soaked through the carpet to the ceiling below. Spectacular.

Wait, there's more.

8. Revenge of the dishwasher: Who says the dishes aren't clean now...after a three hour rinse cycle!!! Can't wait to see that water bill.
9. I stepped in a major pile of wet doggie poo on my way in from emptying the half full of water trash cans. Lovely.
10. There is no chocolate in the house...not even a bag of chocolate chips in which I frequently tear into.

Okay, I think I'm done. I do feel better, sorry to all of your happy perfect people who had to read that, but I'm sure it makes your day go even better :) Now, I will look at the positives of today (this is great therapy)

1. Lonnie will come home tonight....or tomorrow morning...at 2 a.m
2. I got my hostas in the ground and not in a bucket filling with rain water
3. My tooth probably doesn't need chocolate right now.
4. I got honked at when I was planting my flowers, probably by the eighty year old man that drives around, but hey...he thinks I have a nice rear. I'll take whatever I can get.
5. At least Baylor is sleeping.
6. I love my kids more than anything NO MATTER WHAT. And Baylor loves his new broken dinosaur key chain....AND he apologized for crying and breaking it (awwwwww)
7. A new magazine came in the mail today...even if it is ESPN, it's reading material with pictures.
8. I was good and had roasted veggies for lunch (minus a few chicken nuggets cut up on top)
9. No laundry....at least for now....for the 14.5 more minutes I have on the computer.
10. My friend brought us eggs!!!! I had eggs for breakfast and Baylor had them for lunch! Hurrah for eggs! Thank you egg bringer friend!!! :)
10.5 I only had about five run-on sentances and mispelled a few words (but ahhhhh and Dempsy don't count) There I go talking about Patrick again.
11. It's Friday...I think....and it's 65 degrees with a slight southeasterly breeze blowing my curtains...the birds are chirping...wind chimes are dinging.....ahhhh deep breath.

Now I feel better.
Thanks for enduring this.
Happy weekend...almost.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The mama knows

Where did everybody go?

That's right. Never forget it. The mama knows. The daddy knows too...but only sometimes.
I KNOW Baylor has an ear infection. I can just tell. Call it maternal instinct, call it feminism (although I'd rather not) call it whatever, I just know. I don't even need to take him to the Dr...just give me the prescription over the phone!!!! I even have a sneaking suspicion that Brody has one too. Funny thing is (this always happens!) Lonnie is gone again this weekend for the Drake Relays. But this time there is little snot, but much crankiness and stuffy noses. Oh well, can't win em all. I knew that marrying a coach would be full of lonely weekends and long nights, but can I tell you how excited I am that track is almost over. We re-introduce ourselves to each other in June.
It's band night (sigh) and I'm home..(sniff sniff) I couldn't leave a stuffy kiddo with a fever with a sitter, the motherhood guilt would overtake me. I hate when my kids feel lousy, makes me feel lousy too. Major bonus though my mom came up bearing gifts (for the boys of course) and helped me bathe the stinkers and send them to bed(I wish it was that easy).....and I get to watch Grey's Anatomy! So naughty, full of premarital sex, lust and Patrick Dempsy...yum....wait, not the sex thing, just the Patrick Dempsy thing. Great, now I'm going to hell.
Rough night with Brody again. Not sure what's up..hoping it's ears...actually praying it's ears so I can at least blame something and get him some good antibiotics.
Alrighty, ice cream time.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fertilizer drama

Twas the nicest day so far of the spring, a delightful breeze, warm sun and very green grass....alas, all the drama. WE could not step foot on our wonderful fenced in backyard because Mister Grass Nazi decided to fertilize the grass this morning and man nor beast can step on it....ALL DAY LONG!!!! So we retreated to playing on the front sidewalk, front porch and went to the park...twice. This stuff better work sweet cheeks.

More cleaning today(but seriously, does that ever end?) and some painting of a coffee table in which I SWEAR Lonnie told me I could paint, but the expression, "what are you doing!!" and a cross look came over him when he walked on the porch....maybe it wasn't the table he was talking about? Hmmmmm ooops. It was part of his prized bachelor furniture and it has taken quite a beating from the little punk, thomas, dinos, Nascar dudes and Brody's teeth.

Thanks for all of your thoughts on my stinky tooth situation. I appreciate the suggestions and I will take them to heart...er, or tooth. You guys rock.

OPERATION SLEEP: Ummmm well, it was going okay (just okay) but Brody was up twice last night, the second time he screamed bloody murder until I got him (better one than two cranky kids) then at four, it was to bed...with me...someone needed sleep...okay, I really needed sleep. I hate starting bad habits, but it had to be done. Tonight it's all cry...you really think this dude would get it by now, um no. Part of it is my fault, I need to be consistent!!!
Peace out. It's bedtime.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pray for my teeth!!!

I have never been so happy and yet so upset to be sitting in a dentist chair as I was this morning. It's almost been 3 years since we actually had dental insurance and I had my teeth checked and cleaned. I'm a super tooth cleaning freak. Before I was married I was at the dentist every six months for check-ups and cleaning, I floss and I brush a lot....apparently not enough. I have lost two fillings but knew I couldn't get them fixed because of our financial situation right now. So Lonnie looked into dental insurance for our family and it is outrageous and we could either give up eating or have clean teeth...hmmmmm Which is a whole crazy side point in itself...dental insurance that is. So before I continue, I just want to say that I am so proud of Lonnie for working so hard and letting me stay home, I am truly blessed. Us not having extra money does not make him any less than a man. He is the master budget man, is very smart with money and takes amazing care of his family. We just don't have any extra moola hanging out at the moment.
Anyways, I was very tired of pain and chewing on one side of my mouth so I made an appointment (with permission from the keeper and maker of the money) I knew it wasn't going to be good news. So I was happy to be sitting down....in a comfy chair, alone....not so happy that I might have to have a root canal and crown put on my tooth. I was even more terrified to tell Lonnie about it and how much it will cost, than the whole procedure itself. So I go back in next week to see if the decay has gotten into the root of the tooth, if it hasn't then I can just get a filling...but if it has.....I will be selling my kidney on the black market. So please pray that it's just a cavity!!!! I'm just angry right now. Angry that it has to be so darn expensive to take care of your family and their teeth and angry that I have to be scared to tell my husband how much money we're going to have to shuck out for my tooth. I am so sorry, I feel so bad, but I did everything I could. This just sucks!!
I know God will provide, but it's so hard not to be angry. I am perfectly happy in our house and with having one car. Yes, it stinks sometimes, but I don't mind, I actually enjoy it. I'm tired or arguing about money and having Lonnie stress out about money. I know it's life, things like this happen, but every time we seem to be on the right track, something happens. It feels like we're treading water and just keeping our heads out of the water and then someone comes and dunks us under. Life happens I guess. I should be thankful for a roof over our head and food on our table and our health (besides my aching tooth) Okay, I'll stop now, it's just pissing me off typing about it. So sorry for complaining, it's one of those days. Maybe a walk will cool me off. *sighs* Enjoy the nice weather again!!! At least it's sunny outside, there's something positive today.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Nakedness all around

Man, I wish I had my camera with me today!! The weather was delightful....almost 80!!! Now that's more like it. So we went to the park, library and track all in one swoop. The way that I had to lure Baylor away from the park was to tell him he could play in the steeplechase water. For you non tracksters out there, the steeplechase is a long race with a water hazard and a large barrier (like a hurdle) in front of it. The water was still in there from the home meet two weeks ago...however it was looking might green with worms and leaves floating...but none of that matters to a two year old. He ran as fast as his little legs could carry him and quickly waded in even before I could get his pants off. So the shorts came off, then the shirt. The water was freezing but that didn't stop Baylor from splashing and jumping and "swimmin" He kept asking to take off his diaper, but I knew dad wouldn't want his son and his netherparts bouncing around the track. I turned around to check on Brody and out of the corner of my eye I see an unidentified flying white water logged object. Yup....diaper. Naked Baylor happy as clam. So he yells as loud as he can, 'daaaadddddy, I'm naked!!!!" So if you happened to drive by on first street in Mt.Vernon Iowa, you probably saw a very naked, but very happy boy jumping in cold water and loving it. I'm pretty sure he'd be naked most of his life if we let him.

I took the winter windows off the porch and hauled them down to the basement/cellar...all by myself...again...and lugged the screens up from the cellar.....all by myself....again. In case you can't sense the sarcasm here...I do this every year....all by myself. Not bitter at all. I scrubbed the porch off from top to bottom, said goodbye to a few project side tables (put them on the curb and they were gone in an hour) and weeded through some toys. Seriously, I think they breed at night. Lonnie casually says, "hey, we should paint the porch" which translates into, "Hey woman, you need to paint the porch....and I'll watch Cardinals baseball" My husband is a very talented man, but even he will admit he is missing the handyman jeans...or gene. Sure, dear...I'll get right on the porch painting. Right after I finish lugging the rest of the windows down to the cellar.....
We got a package from Grandma and Grandpa Speidel and Baylor quickly threw everything out of the package, trying to find toys...." I know there is toy in here!" So thank you Lala and Mike :)

Alrighty, I'm lettin him cry tonight. Need to buckle down and suck it up. He's fed, dry, and took a half hour nap this afternoon, so he's tired....he HAS TO SLEEP sometime!!

The licker

Let me re-create the scene for you.

Nap time. Baylor asks me to "sleep little bit" with him. I wasn't going to argue with that, so I laid down next to him. He was rustling around a little bit like he always does but then he got quiet so I figured he was drifting off. I was just about to enter sleepy land (not so much familiar with the territory) All of a sudden out of no where I feel this little slimy wet tongue slurping across my face from my chin all the way to my forehead. WHOA!! What was that!!!

"mom, you taste good."

I guess he wasn't sleeping was he?

I'd just like to give a shout out to all the white legs being shown off today....mine included. I know many of them haven't seen the light of day since October and it's been a looooong winter. So folks, don't be scared, don't run away....and please don't stare, they'll get tan soon...I hope. You might want some shades though.

Now that the weather is amazing, my posts are going to be shorter because I'll either be cleaning the house or playing outside!!! Don't fret, I will still amuse you and make you smile and/or piss you off. I might even surprise you with two posts in one day, what a cause for celebration.

Enjoy the sun!!!

For the record.....NO mispelled words today!!! hooo hah! Okay...I guess hooo hah isn't really a word..bug off.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Caught in the act. Busted.

I went upstairs to get Baylor this morning (after Brody woke up at the butt crack of dawn...6am) and left Brody downstairs playing with a mound of toys. He usually stays put and so I don't worry too much. I came downstairs and he was M.I.A. My first thought was to check the closet, he gets stuck in there sometimes....nothing. I heard a rustle in the kitchen so I started walking in there and was distracted by the little squirt in the bathroom........

What a smart little booger!
A smart booger who likes toilet paper. I think everyone at some point in time has a photo of themselves or their children surrounded by mounds of toilet paper. I'm pretty sure i have a few photos of Baylor in this same pose....and myself.

So we felt some of the earthquake that happened on Friday morning. It woke Lonnie up, but he thought he was dreaming so he went back to sleep but was surprised when he turned on the news that morning. Lonnie's parents live in Mt.Vernon Illinois and weren't far from the epicenter and they are all fine, just a little shaken (pun intended :) Speaking of Illinois, we're planning on taking a trip down south to visit family in late June (June 22-25thish) so mark your calendars!!! We might try driving at night so the boys can sleep and we can take our tiny car.....I'll have to control my packing, I tend to over-do it a tad. You can never be too prepared though!! Especially when my kids go through an average of three outfits a day!

I think spring is finally here. I swear the grass turned green and the trees started budding overnight. We've had about two inches of rain the last few days and that has helped move things along. I can always tell when the weather changes, for I am a human barometer. My spring allergies flare up, I get a migraine and my hair is unruly (but that happens just about everyday) No complaining...I will take this weather over cold and snow any day.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

...the world wide web of too much personal information?

Yes, this is my second post today. Right now....the house is amazingly silent. No, I didn't sell the kids on eBay (although the thought has crossed my mind a few times) They are with a brave friend for a few hours while I clean, bathe and fix dinner...alone!!! She rocks big time.

Today a few things got my mind a racing. 1. I was watching Rachel Ray and they had a guest on about Internet stalking, slander and predators. 2. A friend and I had a conversation about our blogs and the privacy issue. I guess it never really occurred to me and my small wrinkled but very creative brain that anyone can read this blog. True, the reason for the ramblings is for my family to get to see what we're up to each day, laugh at my stupidity, see adorable photos of my babes and sanity. Then I had a freak out. ANYONE can see photos of my precious children....they can know when I decide to shave my legs and why I decided to paint my kitchen cabinets. So the question I pose to you (all of you..friends, scary strangers and family) should I make my blog invite only? Am I being so candid as to reveal too much information into our lives? Even though I have nothing to hide (except my flabby rear) it kind of freaked me out today thinking about it. I know God will protect me and my family but if I'm being stupid about this, I would like to know.

....and in the spirit of revealing too much information... I will shower now...singing loudly and praying for my sons future wives (I kid you not) They better be as cool as I am.

Ta ta.

The the games begin

Alright folks, start your engines. It's garage sale season. I went to my first garage sale of the season and it turned out to be a huge disappointment....well, not totally, I did find this awesome vintage step stool and a roaring dinosaur. I thought there would be kid clothes, but I was sadly disappointed when I walked into a sea of gray hair. It was fun though, I took Baylor because when mom says, "I'm going to a garage sale" that usually means, " sweet, mom is going to bring me back a toy. " He was a good boy and I'm finding it so much fun to take him places because he actually can carry on a conversation with me, is obeying better and we have fun! It makes me add one on one time to the list of con's for having another bambino (as in you won't get a lot of it) Because when you add another it goes from one on one to zone defense....and I sucked at basketball. However, I could be wrong on this....I'll ask my resident crazy mom with three kiddos and see how she does it...or the mama with five (major props to all of you!)

Okay, so I was also thinking today about how I've managed to weigh less than I did before I had kids and a few things came to mind. Keep in mind that I am bragging here...totally trying to boost my self esteem. 1. No time to eat big meals, chasing kids, grabbing fruit and nuts instead of cake and pie (not really, I still like sweets) 2. No more man muscles. College sports made me into super buff woman (I still have man arms though) but the ghetto sprinter booty has flattened considerably....and muscles weigh more than fat. 3. No money for going out to eat, so no Wendy's fries dipped in frosty (try it, it's awesome) 4. Metabolism and genetics (thanks dad) I am still in my 20's and I'm sure when I enter my 30's it will be all downhill from there. 5. Abs during Sesame street and running after bedtime. I may not have a few hours at a time to spend exercising, but if I break it up during the day, I can burn some extra calories. 6. My favorite free calorie burner...breastfeeding. I'm almost done with Brody....let's just say he has eight teeth and I would like to keep all body parts in tact. Okay, I am done with the self flattery.

Band night!!! Oh yes, for all of your locals...we have our spring subscription concert on Saturday night at 7:30pm at the Mt.Vernon District Auditorium. TUBAPALOOZA. I have two extra tickets if you want them, (a $20 value) just comment me or give me a holla by phone or yelling from your car. Fun for all, great music and you can laugh because we have to wear these ridiculous costumes from the 1900's...hate them with a passion. I look like a farmer's wife. (speaking of costumes, if anyone has a vintage turn of the century dress they want to get rid of, send it my way....not like you have that laying around) www.eibb.org Okay, now I'm done with the public service announcement.

Oh! How could I forget this amazing news on the bedroom sharing!!! Last night Brody slept through the night in the same room with Baylor!! He whined a few times, but no big cries!! Praise Jesus. I can't get too excited, for it might be a fluke...BUT it's hard to contain myself. This has been a long time coming. I slept from 10:30 to 6:30.....EIGHT FULL freaking hours....hooray.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CPR...ummm, tickling....ummmm

First of all I'd like to apologize to the parents of this beautiful little girl named Ellie whom my wonderful son decided to "tickle" but obviously ended up getting a handful of something. We'll just say he was practicing CPR....or something. We'll be having a little chat later, but it looks like he's taken after his father already :) Anyhoo....Baylor had Ellie over to play this morning, which was a blast, all THREE kiddos outside in the sun. As I stared at them playing, the word BIRTH CONTROL just came over me....it would be a blessing to add another, but I'm diggin the two right now. Baylor was his typical boy self and Ellie left with dirt on her face and sand in her hair, but she had a blast.
It was gorgeous today! About 75 and about friggin time. After Brody's 15 minutes afternoon nap and Baylor waking up dripping in sweat because he was "hiding" from dad during his nap, we headed on over to the elementary school playground. I must be failing in the socialization of my child because as soon as Baylor set foot on the playground he froze like a deer in headlights. Oh no....it was....KIDS! Those strange creatures crawling with cooties and germs, running and screaming in the sun. Man, I have to get this kid out more. After he realized they weren't going to bite his head off, he warmed up to a few girls....way to go son.

Last night was try #2 with boys in same room...ummmmm sucked. Brody was up FOUR times and the fourth he wouldn't go back to sleep and just wailed. I was plum out of milk (trying to wean soon) so I had to trek downstairs at four in the morning to make a bottle. At that point in time I was thankful for boobs, even though mine were currently empty. We're trying it again tonight...he has to get it sometime. Sooner would be nicer than later. For my sanity. So, needless to say I'm beat. G'night folks.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Archie, Bob, Laura, Jr and the French Peas

...are all staring me down right now. They are staring at me because I am eating ice cream....watching the Biggest Loser finale and stretching because I just ran!!! All kind of ironic...the ice cream eating and stretching and watching a show about losing weight. I laugh. Ha. I will not give up my ice cream. I swear Bob just laughed at me. Take that Bob, you're a huge red tomato, it looks like you could do some running of your own.

Today I did windows. That is part of my job description...here, let me check in my contract..um, yea...right there next to floors and laundry. It made me feel all clean and springy. I even opened the windows until a gust of April wind came in and knocked my flower vase down and I think Baylor was jolted too. Maybe tomorrow. I also ran, which was great. I ran farther than last time and I'm pretty sure that I was breathing quite loudly but I couldn't hear myself because I can't run without music. I love running in the evening just as the sun is setting, it makes the day feel complete, but I also like to run early in the morning when the sun in rising to start the day off. I'm just happy to get to run at all!! My tootsies went numb again, kind of weird, have new shoes thanks to my wonderful hubby, but they fit great. Hmmmmm.

It's try #2 for boys in the same room. Brody has been only waking once and I let him fuss and he usually puts himself back to sleep. I told Baylor that Brody might cry, but he's okay and not to worry. Baylor says, "oh, okay..I'll just plug my ears like this.." (put his hands over his ears) Good kid. That's what I do too sometimes when I hear the voices......
Anyhoo, hope it goes well, I like having our bedroom back and being able to watch t.v and read in there. Nighty night.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The snakes are "wrestling"

Now I'm not scared of mice, spiders, bugs, blood, heights or bats BUT I hate snakes with a passion. Nothing makes me cringe and run the other way than a squirmy...eewwww can't even type it. So Baylor and I went on a hike through the woods today and went down by the lake to throw rocks in (mucho fun for a two year old) I heard something rustling in the leaves nearby....hello mating snakes. All rolling around and twisted in a ball grody gross gross. I wanted to run for my dear life (they were just Gardner snakes but that made no difference to me) but I was a good mom and showed Baylor until he asked what they were doing. They're wrestling son....and then we high tailed it out of there. I think I might be instilling my fear of snakes in Baylor because he kept asking why we were running through the woods. We had a fun day at the grandparents house, Baylor got to Kayak with Papa and Brody was just Brody. Both boys were beat by the end of the day. We still had to make it to bible study in one piece. Lonnie had their meet today because it was less chilly, windy and not snowing!! Seriously....Spring please!!! Baylor zonked in the car ride home and I shot a photo of him.....while driving...sorry...it was too cute and I stayed on the road :) I know, I know,Lonnie already gave me a stern talking to.
Here is the little dude in the car...trying to escape! It was a tad on the windy side so we hid in the car while Baylor battled the wind on the lake.
Oh yea, that most definitely is fire engine red nail polish on my very boy little boy. HE is the one who wanted to paint them, and maybe, just maybe it was because I was painting mine that very color. Hey, he's got my ugly feet, we have to make them purdy somehow!! He is thrilled. Dad not so much.
Happy Monday...almost.

Fun at Gramma K's

Mom and Brody at Lake McBride catching some rays of sunshine while big brother was in the Kyak with papa K.

What a cute baby (not so much the mommy)

Poor Grandma. Attacked from all sides.

This is the sexy toddler pose. We have high hopes for his modeling career.

Taking full advantage of Grandma's high speed internet

So innocent....or not.

papa K and baylor on a blustery day! That is baylor waving and hanging on for dear life.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fun with a box

What? You needed that page? Tastes like chicken.

Fun with box. Fun with phonebook. No new toys...ever....it's boxes and phonebooks all around.
I could apologize, I could...but I won't....for I have done nothing wrong. I've been told I am "too negative" in this blog. I laugh. THIS is real life folks...this is not pretend. Real life is not always daisies, fluffy clouds and candy. Real life of a stay at home mom who adores her children, thinks they're hilarious and is trying to raise them according to God's standards. BUT Poo happens. Usually the most amusing things to write about happen to be of the negative nature. I AM HAPPY. I LOVE MY CHILDREN!!!! There is absolutely NO question about that. I haven't fallen of my rocker, I just tell it like it is. Sorry, no apologies. I love you, but no "say sorry"
So it's April....and it's snowing. Lonnie had a home meet today but they had to move it to Sunday because it was going to be so cold and the windchill was going to be in the teens. Who doesn't like running like the wind....or against the wind...in tight spandex...in snow? Now that is what I call fun. So I have Lonnie home on a Saturday!!! well, kind of..he's at work right now, but he shall return. Baylor and I have been playing in his fort aka known as the Brody's new car seat box. I had to get him a new one because he is too long for the baby seat and we'll need one soon when we move him to front facing. I was going to get one at a garage sale, but my gut is to buy it new for safety reasons. It wasn't that expensive and it's worth it to me.
I'm going to do Chalk the Walk again this year (sweet sidewalk/street chalk festival in MV) I helped Diane last year (she did most of the work!) but was five and a half months pregnant and crawling around on the asphalt wasn't the most comfortable. This year the band is my "sponsor" and I will have to do it all by myself. It takes a long time and it's not the most comfy, but it's so much fun!! In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, Chalk the Walk is this great street chalk festival where artists from all over get a huge square on the street in Downtown Mt.Vernon. We re-create famous art or do an original work of art in your huge square. Here is a photo of our art from last year. I need some ideas for this year. I want to do an original work of art and incorporate some musical theme in it or do something crazy like cartoon dinosaurs (for the kiddos) So I'm open to any ideas. I probably need a plan, but I'm the "queen of winging it" says Lonnie.

THE TRACTOR: Okay, so we looked online to see how much the tractor is worth that Baylor won (and was excited for about one day) and can't move because it's meant for display and not play. Much to our surprise it's value is around $250!!! Cha Ching. Looks like eBay may have a new listing. Sorry Baylor, we'll buy you a tractor you can actually use. Anyone interested in a brand spankin new Die Cast 8530 Prestige John Deere Pedal Tractor? You know you are.
Enjoy the weekend!!! Just think....70 degrees on Wednesday!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Brain farts

Once again.....story of my life. So I found a website that shares other mom's blogs from around the world....So I have been reading other mommy blogs because they amuse me. I read one yesterday and this mom posted a photo of the diaper her son had exploded out of...it was awesome....totally real, props to her for putting that on the world wide web. And then they is the mom who has El Perfecto family..you all know who I'm talking about..."that" mom. Kid's are perfect, life is prefect...she's married to Mr.Perfect (by the way I am too!) and nothing ever seems to go wrong...riiiiight, quit living the lie sister...we all know you get pissy once in a while, you are wearing the same underwear as yesterday and you took your kid to McDonald's (shriek!!!) Own the pain....own the pissy. It is funny how much we mom's have in common though. We all go through the same things and have a lot of the same joys and sorrows. We all get annoyed when our husbands leave their dirty socks on top of the hamper rather than taking the extra three seconds to throw them IN the hamper. We all get all mushy inside when we see our kiddos playing nicely together rather than beating each other over the head with wood spoons or dirty shoes (ahem! Baylor) Some of us choose to be real and transparent and others choose to make everyone think they're perfect, which is fine (but this mama ain't buying it) I appreciate the open and honest mamas even if they're life is perfect, mine sure isn't and I like it that way.

So OPERATION POTTY. Failing miserably. Baylor hates anything to do with the potty...potty chair...big boy pants...you name it. He loathes talking about it and would sit in a dirty diaper all day if I let him. I know boys are harder and I don't want to push it, but when do I put my foot down and make him start trying? (this is where some comments would be nice)

Lastly, but certainly not least is an ode to my favorite beautiful college student Berkley. She rocks my face off. Baylor is in love with her and talks about the next time she'll come to visit. She is going to be a nurse and will be excellent at taking care of people, because she already takes care of me!! I love her like a sister and we have so much fun together...almost too much obnoxiously loud fun. Here is a photo of Berk with Brody. She is probably one of the most, if not the most generous and mature college kids I know (and believe me college kids aren't generous) She always brings me ice cream and coffee when she comes to visit....love her!!!
Oh yes, boys...she's single...and quite the keeper!!! Don't let this one get away.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Raining and pouring and rearranging

It seems like every time it rains, I move furniture. It might be that I'm stuck inside and the gloomy weather makes for creative thinking. Today was a big move. We've been talking about moving our computer desk out of the kitchen because it's always just in the way and kind of cluttery (I hate clutter!) into the living room/toy room/t.v room/guest room/ you name it room. Since we live like dinosaurs and still have dial-up we had to find a phone jack and run a cord...which kind of stunk, but it will keep me from checking my mail, running to check on the boys and dinner all at the same time. We'll see how long it takes for Brody to get into the cords or the desk. My guess is not long. I threw away a bunch of junk and started a pile for a garage sale. The only problem is that we don't have any space to put the stuff for the garage sale...heck, we don't even have a garage! Looks like the front porch just became a garage for now. I love purging and getting rid of "stuff" it makes me feel lighter, skinnier, cleaner and more organized. I also love giving it away if I can, it takes too much effort to sell and it's not worth it in the end. So anyhoo...the kitchen feels cleaner because the desk is out of the way. I had to remove a shelf (That obviously wasn't meant to be moved) and now have large holes in the wall and one huge blood blister on my finger. I spent the morning patching the holes with spackling...fun times.

Both boys are crying....no, I take that back, Baylor is singing. This is not fair. One hour for a nap is not fair. Why? I need a little longer...C'mon...please please. I just got out of the shower and dry and threw a load of laundry in...sat down at the computer...BAM...wahhhhhhhhh. BUT tonight is band night....and there was much rejoicing...yea. It is however, a very bad hair day. Why can't we all just be bald?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Puppy love

Check out those sad sad give me food please eyes? Chloe is such a beggar, with her sweet little beagle ears and nose on the table. Baylor is obviously oblivious to her while he shoves the entire piece of apple in his mouth. It's no wonder my kids haven't choked on food yet (sort of paranoid about that one) the way they shove food in like there's no tomorrow. At least he's eating in the photo. Dinner the last few days has been nothing but cereal. I'm still amazed that he actually gains weight.

My good friend Laura came to visit me today! She's marvelous, but now lives in California with her hubby and soon will be moving to Turkey where he'll be stationed for Air Force. She planned my whole wedding and I like to call her the organizing guru. She came with a month of meals planned out for me, including the grocery lists....amazing. We went to the Lincoln Cafe, a local cafe that serves yummy home grown Iowa food. Not the most kid friendly, but my kiddos were awesome! It helps to have another set of hands. I had a blue cheese burger that was the size of my head....and was very rare....just the way I like it. I'm a rare meat and raw egg kind of person...I like my steak almost mooing and my eggs very runny...totally grosses Lonnie out. He's the complete opposite...well well well done. I'm usually done eating my steak (can't remember the last time I actually ate a steak) by the time his is done on the grill. I am the grill master by the way....just ask Lonnie, he lets me do all the grilling, which I love! He is the breakfast master...great with bacon and eggs and pancakes. I can't wait to bust out the grill....last time I checked there were two army guys, a tractor and shovel inside....and it was snowing.....darn Iowa.
OPERATION SLEEP: Well, I think he might be getting the hang of this sleeping bit...BUT the last time I said that (knock on wood) he totally reverted back to his old evil ways. He cried/whimpered twice last night, very light and very little, then went back to sleep. He started to cry around 5:30 so I fed him thinking he wanted to get up...not on my watch kid. I still had an hour of sleep to be had. Now it's me that needs help with the sleep. It took me two hours to fall asleep last night, I have problems winding down (lots of mom stuff goes through my head constantly and art projects that I want to get done...all of course at midnight) Looks like I'll be knocking a few back before bedtime...just kidding...no, not really....time to bust out the wine.
Lonnie made a play date for Baylor today. I'm glad he did BUT he made it at the worst possible time. We are total...okay, I am a total routine junkie and if night routines are thrown off, I'm thrown off!!! If Baylor doesn't sleep today...he NEEDS to go to bed at 7pm or he'll wake up during the night from being overtired (happens EVERY time) So my loving and thoughtful husband scheduled this play date for 6:30-7:30!!!! My world has been thrown into mad chaos. I may be lax about cookies and Chinese plastic toys, but bedtimes are sacred to me! So I'm praying he will take a good nap so he can play with his buddy until 7:30. I feel like I should return the favor to this kid, but honestly, he'd be bored out of his mind here. They have a huge playroom, tons of toys, a enormous backyard with more toys and a gigantic house. I have a feeling coming to our house might be punishment. Maybe not? Do I need to return the favor? (thoughts please) Plus, we don't know them that well (his dad works with Lonnie) and I'd feel weird, but maybe I should get over that....they're just kids and they'll just play. I do need to get Baylor "out more" (says Lonnie) Sure, honey...get me a car and we'll go out all the time :)
Baylor has a new favorite toy. Harmonica!!!! We are now kicking ourselves in the head for investing in that one. It's cute though...makes me think I should be eating pork and beans down by the river...barefoot.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Today is a good day

Why? I will tell you.

1. Brody "technically" slept through the night, even though I let him cry ...twice, but went back to sleep...hoooray! I'm praying this will catch on.
2. Both boys are taking good long naps right now and the house is amazingly quiet.
3. All of the laundry is done (for today at least) and out of sight (which doesn't mean put away, just out of sight)
4. I made cookies that I like, not that anyone else wanted
5. Dinner is already made and in the crock-pot (hooray for slow cookers!)
6. It's raining, but is a peaceful slow rain...hopefully washing away what's left of winter
7. My new Country Living magazine came in the mail
8. I took a long hot bath, read a girlie magazine (and feel completely shallow for reading it, but it was fun) and ate a cookie
9. There is absolutely nothing on my calendar for today!
10. I finished planning a baby shower, making brass band tickets, working on library summer reading decorations and cleaning the kitchen all withing this "napping" time frame
11. I put my pajamas back on
12. I got to have a little quiet time with God (which should be my #1)
13. I'm finally not as sore as I was on Monday from running...hello quads!
14. When I spell checked this blog, I only spelled ONE word wrong...and it wasn't technically a word. (hooray!)

I hope you all are having a good day too! Enjoy the rain (or snow if you're up north) and go have a cookie...or two!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Arrrrgh defendin the ladies

Baylor with his new manly weapon. Leaping from the couch (a Speidel house no no) but apparently that doesn't matter when you have a sword in your hand. Lookin a tad on the shaggy side, he won't let me come near him with the clippers anymore. Looks like we'll be calling Barber John.
That's right. We bought Baylor a sword. Hooray for manly weapons. It was foam, but he thinks it's the coolest thing in the world. We laid the ground rules before we gave it to him 1. will not be used for poking, hitting, jabbing, slapping, bonking or spanking his little brother 2. Is used for defending the ladies and you have to use your pirate voice when you use it. He even thanked God for his new sword when we were praying at bedtime.

Brody was a little terd today. Slept 15 minutes this afternoon for his nap. Not my idea of peaceful alone time with a screaming child in the background. Hopefully tonight will go better. I might hit the couch and have Lonnie sleep upstairs with him, but you can hear him anyways since our house is mighty small. Did I mention how sick I was of waking up many many times at night? Well, I am :) Baylor on the other hand, took the longest nap he has ever taken. I had to wake him up at 5:30 because I was afraid he'd never go to bed. He was very worn out from thinking he could give up naps..I think not my little boy, naps aren't just for babies!! He was wired until 9pm when we finally put him to bed. Dreaming of pirates maybe....

Sunday, April 6, 2008

You need acceptance


These were the words coming out of the very loud and automated computer lady at the self check-out at Wally world. Sure, don't we all need acceptance? Why do you have to yell so loud.....people are staring......hello?! All I want is the 2.10 bottle of spray paint....please stop yelling at me. Someone help. (my thoughts exactly) So after ten minutes of being faced with the fact that I too, need acceptance, I got out of there with my spray paint...and I was accepted!!!
I then gathered all of the quarters and dimes in the bottom of my purse and splurged for a $2.43 LARGE iced coffee at McDonald's. I was completely oblivious to the fact that 1. It was 2:30 in the afternoon 2. The large was really an enormous half gallon jug rather than a drinking cup. Bouncing off the walls was I....but I was alone and that was all that mattered. I really do love my kids but two weekends in a row alone with the boys really wears on you. I have a love/hate relationship with shopping for clothes. The positive is that I need new clothes because my summer stuff is too big (which translates into I'm smaller!....hooray) and it's new clothes! Negatives are I hate trying things on and looking in full length mirrors, I can never find jeans that fit because my nickname is stumpy and I'm considered a miss junior and they don't have that department. I think I'll just stick to Goodwill. I ended up with two plain t-shirts for a grand total of $11.35 (what a deal) and very cute.
It is great to have Lonnie home. I subconsciously always treat him with resentment and anger when he returns because I'm jealous that he got to leave and he left me here....with two boys...alone. I don't even know that I do it, but it's not good and he didn't do anything wrong, I just need a time out. So time out it is.....except I will be taking my time out in bed.

I think I'm going to start a support group for people who listen to car commercial songs and then rush to their computers to find out what that song was!!! I'll hear a song and Lonnie always turns to me and says, "you're going to download that now aren't you?" Why yes I am.

Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays. I don't do Mondays...well, I guess I have to huh? It's laundry, sheets, floors and upstairs bathroom on the agenda for tomorrow along with playing outside, reading my girlie magazine from the library and sunning my white toes. Hopefully Brody will take some good naps....but probably not.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Smell my lips

What's that smell?

Smells like.....grapes!

Mom, can I smell you lips? (picture Baylor grabbing my face and putting his snotty nose right on my lips so he could smell my grape chapstick)


What a kid. Makes me laugh.

So today was glorious!!! 66 degrees and a little breezy but the sun was bright and warm....it's about time!! There are little bits of green poking through the deadness and some of my hostas are starting to peek through (the only plant that I haven't killed yet) I took the boys down to my mom and dad's house and we went hiking to the lake. What a workout. I put Brody in the backpack (note to self: cut that kid's nails before you give him access to your neck) and Baylor was in heaven. We hiked through the woods and threw rocks in the lake and played on the dock. Hiking back up the hill was another story. My gluteus maximus is a tad on the sore side, but since I didn't get to run, it was a great workout! We played outside all morning and I had to bribe Baylor to come in to take a nap (which he actually did) and then back to our house for more outside fun, but a little more cranky. Baylor got mad at me so he trucked out to the middle of the yard, sat down, frowned and crossed his arms..........and thus begins the pouting stage. I'd never seen him pout yet, but I had seen his "ugly" face. He brings that out when he really really wants something and says it in his "T-Rex" voice....which is even scarier. Quite a day, lots of outside. I miss my husband, but he'll be home soon...

We had a breakthrough with operation sleep last night. I mentally prepared myself to let Brody cry and NOT get him, so when he cried twice, I just let him cry...and he only cried for about five minutes tops!! Then back to sleep until 7am! Glorious sleep. I don't think my body knew what to do with all of that sleep, except make me more tired. We'll see how tonight goes. This could be the start of something beautiful.

My new Chacos came.....and then they were too big. I think my feet shrunk. I was so excited to have sandals, but now they sit all lonely in a box by the door, ready to go back to backcountry.com. Let me tell you a little bit about the Koser (my maiden name)feet. We are blessed with many nice body parts and feet is NOT one of them. They are short and fat, kind of square like and my toes are so crooked...they resemble ball of play dough that a two year old stuck on. I try to paint them to make them a tad cuter...but that does no good. I even wear a toe ring...that doesn't seem to help either. My mom has ugly feet and so do I and we joke about our ugly feet. So Hooray for ugly feet....who really looks at your feet anyways?

Friday, April 4, 2008

My mind is a blank

I had great visions for this post all day....kept thinking of funny and of course witty things I could share and our adventures of the day....and now they're gone. My momnesia has kicked in again. I have a serious case or I had a stroke because I lost the connection between my mouth and my brain. Mush comes out...even when I'm typing. I sit here staring blankly at the pulsating little line waiting for my next comment.....got nothing. So I will retrace my day for you because it was pretty sweet....well until Baylor decided that napping was not for him.

Lonnie was home with his dreadful death of cold but had to get on the road to recruit so he let me get groceries by myself!!! I made my super duper organized by meal grocery list and headed to the evil empire of Wally World. I stayed exactly on budget for the trip and bought new underwear (in case you all wanted to know that) it was a long time coming...trust me. When I came home...to my surprise, the floor was vacuumed and the laundry had been started. I would have been even more surprise, hadn't I told him that it might be nice if he did that for me before I left :) I got Baylor this sweet bug catching and holding contraption with a flashlight and magnifying glass and he hunted for bugs in our house all day long. (who knew there could be so many dead ladybugs in one house) We ate lunch, tried to take naps (which failed miserably) and then headed outside to play all afternoon. Baylor got to play with Josiah, his younger guy buddy, and was trying so hard to be gentle and help, but ended up just making him mad. Josiah got to play miss the doggie bomb game, but I think there might have been some evidence on his shoe when he left. (sorry! I tried) So he retreated to playing in the compost pile searching for more bugs. Lonnie is gone once again this weekend and so my mom came up and helped me with the boys tonight...thank you thank you!!! They went down without a cry at 7pm on the dot. And here I am.....ready to sleep or maybe read a little...no, sleep sounds much better.

Happy Saturday.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Father of all colds and the tractor

Why is it when mom's get sick, no one really notices or maybe they just tune us out, but when Dad's get sick...the world comes to a halt. You guessed it. Lonnie caught the boys' cold and all life as we know it is ending. I now have three children to care for instead of two. I don't mind taking care of Lonnie, I love it, but when he refuses to take medicine and then proceeds to whine about how stuffed his little nose is....that is one sympathy card I refuse to validate. Brody still has a slight fever which makes me think that the antibiotics aren't working...but could be teeth....at this point, who knows. I love you sweet cheeks, but you need to suck it up.

We're back to square one on the sleeping. Last night was a disaster. Brody is back in our room. I'm just giving it to God which should have been done a llooooong time ago. I'm so jacked up on a double shot hazelnut espresso (the real deal, no wimpy gas station poo) and Sudafed that the morning is a bit of a blur. I got a lot done though...went through the house like a mad woman cleaning then outside to rake leaves, pick up dog poo and play hide and seek with Baylor....all of this within an hour...I think, kind of unclear at this point. Then got the mail....and in the mail was a card from Hills Bank (the local bank) telling us that Baylor had won this enormous cast iron John Deere pedal tractor. I think I was more excited that anyone. This thing is amazing...very heavy and smells like grease, but amazing!!! I didn't even put his name in...my friend did...we never win anything....but this rocks my socks off. Baylor has been in pure John Deere tractor heaven all morning. I think he'd probably sleep with it if we can figure out how to move it. I don't know how the expect a two year old to pedal that thing, I could barely get it in the house. That's okay though, Baylor still hasn't figured out the pedal thing on his trike yet. All in all, a very unexpected blessing!

I've also been thinking about friendships lately. I'm a bit of a loner, which is fine by me, I've got my boys. I'm also bad at friendship "maintenance" if you will. I hate calling people and get wrapped up in my life that I forget that there are people who actually think I'm cool. I've been through rough friend stuff in the past, so I set my walls pretty high. My best friend is by far my mother and I've never really had that really close friend or confidant that you can call at midnight asking to borrow flour or tell her how excited you are to buy new underwear (believe me, that is a cause for huge celebration) and she knows your jean size that fluctuates each month. I guess what I'm saying is that we all need friends, no matter how close they are, it's simply the female need for companionship and emotional stability. May be emotional but stability is another story! We need quality friends too....I will not go into that definition, I'll let you define that on your own. Some friends come and go like the style of shoes we wear, but that is life too and the way God planned it. They may no be the ones that you pour your deepest darkest secrets out to, but they will be the ones that bring you chocolate when you're pissy and think you still look good in your P.J's with no makeup on when they deliver it. My goal is to work harder on friendships because I have some pretty awesome gal pals. Alrighty, enough with the mush. I might go sit on that tractor because it's THAT COOL!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's gonna be rough

Sleep (or lack thereof) update. So last night was the first night of sharing a room for the boys. I was very anxious and had to do bedtime alone because Lonnie was recruiting. Everything went smooth from baths to books and even putting them both down. Baylor jumped in his bed and I rocked Brody after he ate and we sang some songs. Then I put Brody down in the crib awake, he fussed a tiny bit but then both of them went right to sleep....no crying. That in itself is a minor miracle. Now we move on to night wakings. Brody usually gets up twice a night at 11:oopm and 2:30am and then up for the day at around 6:30am. So he's on a four hour sleep cycle that involves me nursing him or he will cry. He will be eight months old tomorrow and is healthy and does not need to eat in the middle of the night. Now I'm stuck with the dilemma of letting him cry, which we finally did with Baylor and it worked. If I let him cry, he wakes Baylor up and then I have two crying kids which makes for not so much fun nights. So we know he can put himself to sleep, he does it for naps and when he goes to bed, it's just the waking up in the middle of the night and getting himself back to sleep part (without a boob). He was up last night twice, the first time he woke Baylor up (Baylor just covered his ears and went back to sleep though) the second time he didn't wake because I flew like a bat out of hell to get Brody before he got all riled up. My third sleep destroyer is my wonderful husband who actually slept in the same bed with me last night. Hello chainsaw. So between the snoring, night wakings and early rising, I probably got about three hours of good sleep. In case you haven't figured out yet, I really like sleep. I'm not talking five hours, I need a good 7-8 hours of straight sleep to feel alive, well, happy and rested. A sleep snob if you will. So the plan for tonight is to have Baylor and Chainsaw sleep together in our bed (it will be a fun reward for Baylor, like a slumber party!!) and I'll sleep in Baylor's bed with Brody in the crib, hopefully my will power can hold out on his awful cries (because I absolutely HATE letting him cry!!!) Once again, I know this is only a season in my life but I need more control over my children's sleep that what I have now. Control freak, no, sleep deprived, yes. I've read every freakin book, watched DVDs, talked to Dr's and other mamas and can't seem to fix this situation that is controlling my life as we speak. I'm not asking for much, just sleep, and maybe that's being too selfish, but to be a fully functioning stay at home goddess, I must get my beauty sleep :) Actually, I'm more concerned about my children's growth and development and sleep deprivation.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some photos

Up the stairs in a flash. Check out the sexy baby rolls.

Stripes look good on you Baylor.
Yum. Bills. Why yes, he is sitting on the kitchen table. We try to start bad manners early :)

Once again, Baylor insisted that he hold the egg.....and then it "hatched" on the floor. Yum. Salmonella.

It's go time

OPERATION SLEEP: I've put my foot down. I have to buck up and move Brody into Baylor's room. I wanted to wait until he was sleeping through the night but since that won't happen until he's in high school....
The plan is to put him in the crib in his new room (Baylor's room) and let Baylor sleep with Lonnie in our bed for a few nights (this could be playing with fire as well) until Brody gets the hang of it and I let him cry a little. He is perfectly capable of sleeping through the night (since he did it for a week straight a while ago) and is healthy now, minus a few snot bubbles here and there and isn't getting teeth at the moment. Even if he wakes one time, I think Baylor might sleep through it. I moved everything over there including the rocking chair, so there's no turning back now. Honestly, I'm kind of sad, I really liked having him in the same room as me except for the fact that he wakes up every freakin three hours like a newborn!!! This craziness has gone on for far too long and has to come to an end before I turn into a sleepless zombie. I'm sure it will be a few crazy nights, but in the long run it will be worth having both boys share a room and FINALLY getting our room back!! I won't have to army crawl out of the room in fear of waking him and there will be NO BABY TOYS in sight...just pure a peaceful mommy and daddy sleeping area....that is until Lonnie starts sawing logs. I am prepared for that however, I purchased some nose strips that are supposed to help with snoring...we'll see about that one. I'm kind of getting spoiled when it comes to sleeping in a big bed by myself though...lots of leg room and lots of pillows :)

I can't let a good post go by without talking about the weather.....which is nasty cold today...for APRIL!!! The windchill is in the 20's brrrrrr. The end is in sight though, it's supposed to be 60's on Sunday and that makes me happy. I pulled out my shorts and capri's and ordered a new pair of sandals in high hopes for being able to actually wear these items very very soon!!!