Monday, April 7, 2008

Arrrrgh defendin the ladies

Baylor with his new manly weapon. Leaping from the couch (a Speidel house no no) but apparently that doesn't matter when you have a sword in your hand. Lookin a tad on the shaggy side, he won't let me come near him with the clippers anymore. Looks like we'll be calling Barber John.
That's right. We bought Baylor a sword. Hooray for manly weapons. It was foam, but he thinks it's the coolest thing in the world. We laid the ground rules before we gave it to him 1. will not be used for poking, hitting, jabbing, slapping, bonking or spanking his little brother 2. Is used for defending the ladies and you have to use your pirate voice when you use it. He even thanked God for his new sword when we were praying at bedtime.

Brody was a little terd today. Slept 15 minutes this afternoon for his nap. Not my idea of peaceful alone time with a screaming child in the background. Hopefully tonight will go better. I might hit the couch and have Lonnie sleep upstairs with him, but you can hear him anyways since our house is mighty small. Did I mention how sick I was of waking up many many times at night? Well, I am :) Baylor on the other hand, took the longest nap he has ever taken. I had to wake him up at 5:30 because I was afraid he'd never go to bed. He was very worn out from thinking he could give up naps..I think not my little boy, naps aren't just for babies!! He was wired until 9pm when we finally put him to bed. Dreaming of pirates maybe....

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Crazy Mom said...

Good luck on the "don't hit your brother rule." Then, good luck when Brody begins wielding weaponry as well. And, you don't need to buy weapons. EVERYTHING they touch has potential. I mean that (not from experience or anything....)

Right down to biting their breakfast toast into gun shapes to shoot each other with...