Friday, April 25, 2008

Blog therapy

They're Baaaaacccckkk! The return of the thirty minute nap. I can't take it. I lost it when Baylor did it, but now it has osmosised (that's a word I swear) to his little brother. I'm really at the end of the rope and having on for dear life. I just need one or the other. I could handle thirty minute naps if he had an ear infection (which he does not...just Baylor) OR he slept through the night (which is most definitely does not) but when he's up two or three times a night PLUS two thirty minute naps....I begin to lose it. So I ask again, why in the name of all that's holy do MY CHILDREN NOT SLEEP? What did I do to deserve this? It was talk about Patrick Dempsy in a lustful sort of way wasn't it? Sorry!!!! Maybe it was when I told the lady in front of me that turn signals are used for precisely that....SIGNALING TO TURN. Sorry again.
To make this wonderful delightful day go even more spectacular......(I'm going to whine and complain here, so hear me out or just shield your eyes)....I really need to sorry.

1. Lonnie is gone
2. Baylor has an ear infection in the ear WITH tubes!!!! I want my money back now please.
3. Brody has a mysterious hivey rash thing on his face and Benedryl doesn't even knock him out!!!
4. I forewarned Baylor before we even stepped foot into the pharmacy that we were not getting a toy, but he could get one sucker. What happened...yes, you guessed it. Major "I have no bones" throwing myself on the floor screaming tantrum in front of the entire store...for ten minutes. THEN (wait, it gets better) after finally calming down we went to pay for the medicine and he spots a dinosaur key chain (seriously the kid has radar) and wants it I pry the thing away from his hands, trying to keep my cool and be a good mommy, but he grabs it back....and breaks it. SWEET!!!! Now I have to pay three dollars for a stinkin dinosaur that is broken and he got his way in the store. Shoot me now. The checkout lady smiles and yells, "Calgon" as we are leaving.... "yes, please take me"
5. Brody is screaming right now because he has awoken from a power nap and I will not retrieve him yet. He was also up three times last night with the final hurrah in my bed.
6. I stink, haven't showered yet and quickly planted some plants before the second deluge. I also look like white trash or a biker chick with a bandanna and wife beater on (hey, it's my gardening outfit)
7. A river runs through it....that is our bedroom...forgot to shut the window this morning when we got a major amount of rain....soaked through the carpet to the ceiling below. Spectacular.

Wait, there's more.

8. Revenge of the dishwasher: Who says the dishes aren't clean now...after a three hour rinse cycle!!! Can't wait to see that water bill.
9. I stepped in a major pile of wet doggie poo on my way in from emptying the half full of water trash cans. Lovely.
10. There is no chocolate in the house...not even a bag of chocolate chips in which I frequently tear into.

Okay, I think I'm done. I do feel better, sorry to all of your happy perfect people who had to read that, but I'm sure it makes your day go even better :) Now, I will look at the positives of today (this is great therapy)

1. Lonnie will come home tonight....or tomorrow 2 a.m
2. I got my hostas in the ground and not in a bucket filling with rain water
3. My tooth probably doesn't need chocolate right now.
4. I got honked at when I was planting my flowers, probably by the eighty year old man that drives around, but hey...he thinks I have a nice rear. I'll take whatever I can get.
5. At least Baylor is sleeping.
6. I love my kids more than anything NO MATTER WHAT. And Baylor loves his new broken dinosaur key chain....AND he apologized for crying and breaking it (awwwwww)
7. A new magazine came in the mail today...even if it is ESPN, it's reading material with pictures.
8. I was good and had roasted veggies for lunch (minus a few chicken nuggets cut up on top)
9. No least for now....for the 14.5 more minutes I have on the computer.
10. My friend brought us eggs!!!! I had eggs for breakfast and Baylor had them for lunch! Hurrah for eggs! Thank you egg bringer friend!!! :)
10.5 I only had about five run-on sentances and mispelled a few words (but ahhhhh and Dempsy don't count) There I go talking about Patrick again.
11. It's Friday...I think....and it's 65 degrees with a slight southeasterly breeze blowing my curtains...the birds are chirping...wind chimes are dinging.....ahhhh deep breath.

Now I feel better.
Thanks for enduring this.
Happy weekend...almost.

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Miranda said...

Holy buckets lady! That was a very jammed packed entry! It's Sunday now and I am sure you're having a much better day, I hope!
I was totally giggling about the broken dino key chain, though. Sorry...but that is too darn cute that he is just as content with it.