Friday, April 11, 2008

Brain farts

Once again.....story of my life. So I found a website that shares other mom's blogs from around the world....So I have been reading other mommy blogs because they amuse me. I read one yesterday and this mom posted a photo of the diaper her son had exploded out was awesome....totally real, props to her for putting that on the world wide web. And then they is the mom who has El Perfecto all know who I'm talking about..."that" mom. Kid's are perfect, life is prefect...she's married to Mr.Perfect (by the way I am too!) and nothing ever seems to go wrong...riiiiight, quit living the lie sister...we all know you get pissy once in a while, you are wearing the same underwear as yesterday and you took your kid to McDonald's (shriek!!!) Own the pain....own the pissy. It is funny how much we mom's have in common though. We all go through the same things and have a lot of the same joys and sorrows. We all get annoyed when our husbands leave their dirty socks on top of the hamper rather than taking the extra three seconds to throw them IN the hamper. We all get all mushy inside when we see our kiddos playing nicely together rather than beating each other over the head with wood spoons or dirty shoes (ahem! Baylor) Some of us choose to be real and transparent and others choose to make everyone think they're perfect, which is fine (but this mama ain't buying it) I appreciate the open and honest mamas even if they're life is perfect, mine sure isn't and I like it that way.

So OPERATION POTTY. Failing miserably. Baylor hates anything to do with the potty...potty chair...big boy name it. He loathes talking about it and would sit in a dirty diaper all day if I let him. I know boys are harder and I don't want to push it, but when do I put my foot down and make him start trying? (this is where some comments would be nice)

Lastly, but certainly not least is an ode to my favorite beautiful college student Berkley. She rocks my face off. Baylor is in love with her and talks about the next time she'll come to visit. She is going to be a nurse and will be excellent at taking care of people, because she already takes care of me!! I love her like a sister and we have so much fun together...almost too much obnoxiously loud fun. Here is a photo of Berk with Brody. She is probably one of the most, if not the most generous and mature college kids I know (and believe me college kids aren't generous) She always brings me ice cream and coffee when she comes to her!!!
Oh yes, boys...she's single...and quite the keeper!!! Don't let this one get away.

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