Saturday, April 19, 2008


Caught in the act. Busted.

I went upstairs to get Baylor this morning (after Brody woke up at the butt crack of dawn...6am) and left Brody downstairs playing with a mound of toys. He usually stays put and so I don't worry too much. I came downstairs and he was M.I.A. My first thought was to check the closet, he gets stuck in there sometimes....nothing. I heard a rustle in the kitchen so I started walking in there and was distracted by the little squirt in the bathroom........

What a smart little booger!
A smart booger who likes toilet paper. I think everyone at some point in time has a photo of themselves or their children surrounded by mounds of toilet paper. I'm pretty sure i have a few photos of Baylor in this same pose....and myself.

So we felt some of the earthquake that happened on Friday morning. It woke Lonnie up, but he thought he was dreaming so he went back to sleep but was surprised when he turned on the news that morning. Lonnie's parents live in Mt.Vernon Illinois and weren't far from the epicenter and they are all fine, just a little shaken (pun intended :) Speaking of Illinois, we're planning on taking a trip down south to visit family in late June (June 22-25thish) so mark your calendars!!! We might try driving at night so the boys can sleep and we can take our tiny car.....I'll have to control my packing, I tend to over-do it a tad. You can never be too prepared though!! Especially when my kids go through an average of three outfits a day!

I think spring is finally here. I swear the grass turned green and the trees started budding overnight. We've had about two inches of rain the last few days and that has helped move things along. I can always tell when the weather changes, for I am a human barometer. My spring allergies flare up, I get a migraine and my hair is unruly (but that happens just about everyday) No complaining...I will take this weather over cold and snow any day.


Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

Sorry, Keri. But, I think I got you beat on the unruly hair thing. I have a permanent curly, frizz ball from May-Oct (think really big 80s hair). I must confess summer is my least favorite season. I dream of fall leaves come steamy July.

Crazy Mom said...

OMG, that kid is darn cute! Love it! Good luck on the hair. Mine isn't better post traumatic stress baby disordered and unruly!