Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CPR...ummm, tickling....ummmm

First of all I'd like to apologize to the parents of this beautiful little girl named Ellie whom my wonderful son decided to "tickle" but obviously ended up getting a handful of something. We'll just say he was practicing CPR....or something. We'll be having a little chat later, but it looks like he's taken after his father already :) Anyhoo....Baylor had Ellie over to play this morning, which was a blast, all THREE kiddos outside in the sun. As I stared at them playing, the word BIRTH CONTROL just came over would be a blessing to add another, but I'm diggin the two right now. Baylor was his typical boy self and Ellie left with dirt on her face and sand in her hair, but she had a blast.
It was gorgeous today! About 75 and about friggin time. After Brody's 15 minutes afternoon nap and Baylor waking up dripping in sweat because he was "hiding" from dad during his nap, we headed on over to the elementary school playground. I must be failing in the socialization of my child because as soon as Baylor set foot on the playground he froze like a deer in headlights. Oh was....KIDS! Those strange creatures crawling with cooties and germs, running and screaming in the sun. Man, I have to get this kid out more. After he realized they weren't going to bite his head off, he warmed up to a few girls....way to go son.

Last night was try #2 with boys in same room...ummmmm sucked. Brody was up FOUR times and the fourth he wouldn't go back to sleep and just wailed. I was plum out of milk (trying to wean soon) so I had to trek downstairs at four in the morning to make a bottle. At that point in time I was thankful for boobs, even though mine were currently empty. We're trying it again tonight...he has to get it sometime. Sooner would be nicer than later. For my sanity. So, needless to say I'm beat. G'night folks.

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A&E said...

that is way to funny...looks like it should be in a funny email forward or something lol.
I also like your new header!
enjoy the sun:)
~ abby